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EDHEC Business School

Since 1906, EDHEC Business School is a well-known and a forerunner of the modern age in business education where tradition blends with abilities.

Founded Year: 1906
Institution Type: Private

24 Av. Gustave Delory, 59100 Roubaix, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose EDHEC Business School

A Multi-Campus Experience

With the headquarters at the most business-oriented cities of Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, EDHEC provides an international orientation to students to create world-wide connections.

World-Class Education

EDHEC stand out with a broad range of leadership programs custom-designed to fit the students destined for top management. The EDHEC IBBA, MiM, and MSc programs are held both in-person and online, to provide students with an opportunity to choose a comfortable learning option that caters to their needs.

Dedication to Community and Future Generations

The idea of EDHEC is to do service to the society through the active campaign plan called “Impact Future Generations 2025 for 2020-2025”. This program trains the students and graduates who are interested to take social responsibilities actively with a prominent global transition.

Bringing New Breath of Life to Business of Tomorrow

EDHEC is dedicated to conducting significant researches in the revolutionary digital trend and developing into a smart knowledge-transfer platform. With this EDHEC strongly asserts its determination to be a change agent in transforming business around the globe in a better way.

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EDHEC Business School Accreditations

Over 20 years or more, EDHEC invested into academic evaluation as a recognized school nationally and also internationally for its accredited teaching programs.

The Accreditations are the trophies of academic excellence granted by well regarded entities, like the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Elite Triple Crown Accreditations

The EDHEC’s dedication to impart quality education has made it one of the less than 1% of such schools across the globe renowned triple crown of EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA accreditations.

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System): While renewing EDHEC’s EQUIS accreditation in October 2020, it has been extended its uninterrupted status for 20-year-long streak.

AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business): By attaining an AACSB accreditation, EDHEC is recognized with the high quality educational level, with selective student group and strong teaching methods.

AMBA (Association of MBAs): Accreditation by AMBA reassures and reviews the organization’s effectiveness, program content, faculty, students, graduates’ success rate, and contribution in the educational market.

EDHEC Business School Scholarships

The dynamic education of EDHEC is constituted with numerous scholarship schemes to provide the quality education more conveniently by promoting more diverse society.

CROUS Scholarship

These scholarships grant up to 20% – 75% reduction in the original fee at EDHEC. They offer 10% reduction in all the tuition fees except for administration fees and student service fees.

National Economic Disruption & Technology Grant

This scholarship grants the applicants up to €10,000 based on social criteria.

Other Scholarships

Mermoz International Mobility Grant: For students who attend the Hauts-de-France school district.

Lille Foundation: This provides scholarships depending on economic and social considerations.

Areli Scholarship: Granted for the students in poverty in Grand Nord.

Funding for the Ile-de-France region

Erasmus+: Provides some mobility aid in Europe

EDHEC Giving Switzerland: Provides scholarships tothe deserving students regardless of their background and academic history.

EDHEC Business School Placements

EDHEC Business School offers a top-level of professional career to every student with the career development starting from the first job or internship.

EDHEC’s Unique Career Booster

EDHEC career center promotes the development of the career roadmap for the student to define and pursue their career goals. This is aimed at providing students with individualized professional development training to tune their particular needs to adapt to present-day labor market requirements.

Employability Self-Assessment is offered to appraise the student’s own nature and instincts to use the below major outlooks:

  • 360 degree assessment for improvement scope
  • Advisors, experts and external coaches, available campus and remotely, and all year round consultancy services
  • Comprehensive Career Training that includes applicants, networking, interviews, assessment centers, and video interviews
  • Simulated job interviews from a technical problem solving to a case study
  • More than 200 employee’s training sessions every year

Enriched Career Opportunities

EDHEC is organized with more than 120 mandatory and voluntary career events with the concerning industries, job positions, current market trends, or base on successful experiences.

Other benefits include:

EDHEC career site provides stakeholders and students to access essential job portals to get internships or jobs abroad.

CareerSMART  Program

The innovative MBA CareerSMART with EDHEC, provides business assistance with the career development program. Here students can acquire knowledge of multiple industries and their positions which makes them more confident and capable.

Entrepreneurs & Incubators

EDHEC students involved in the EDHEC entrepreneurship are dedicated to strategic project monitoring ranging from the inception to achievement of the business.

Student Services Offered by EDHEC Business School

Services including wellness and academic support at EDHEC School are available to help students to achieve academic success, health and well-being of the students.

Health Support and Prevention

EDHEC places utmost importance on student health by providing a broad range of services:

  • Physical testing is done at the first semester of training.
  • Healthy living tips, such as quitting smoking and nutritional interventions for the diabetic students.
  • Education and sensitization campaigns to focus on HIV testing, and the dangers of abuse.
  • A Psychologist in the campus as well as online available round the clock.
  • General Physician and Gynecologist
  • Sophrology sessions and meditative moments.

On-Campus Care

To provide student an even better experience, EDHEC equipped its campus with medical facilities. Alongside the school has Polyvalent University Health Center (CPSU) where students can take advantage of general medicine, gynecology services, nursing care, and psychological assistance.


To provide easy and secured accommodation, EDHEC focuses on on-campus housing prioritizing to host the international students first, and the students with disabilities.

Besides the in-house options, EDHEC cooperates with externals organization of housing assistance CROUS and ALL service of the Catholic University of Lille, meant to be broad and multifaceted considering the welfare and academic success in a comprehensive approach.

Student Life at EDHEC Business School

EDHEC is the hot spot for innovation and out-of-the-box pedagogy. Being in the middle of tech parks it offers an advantageous position to its students to be fortunate enough to enjoy.

Customized Student Experience

EDHEC strongly believes in the core factor of personalized and flexible guidance for its students. This provides the transformation of the multifaceted mix of different student communities to offer a community learning experience which is also personalized to the nature of the society.

Social Events & Team Development

The EDHEC life is not only academic but also includes a solid network of community and clubs, with an impressive list of more than 100 clubs. These strengthen the soul of the students by giving them life skills such as self-esteem, adaptability, and community spirit.

Sport as an Instrument that Unites and goes beyond

Sports at EDHEC, take the essence of teamwork, dedication, sincerity, and social responsibility focusing on physical as well as mental balance for better concentration and stress management. The school offers a variety of sport programs to promote unity and provides individual balance.

Diversity and Inclusion

EDHEC Group promotes gender equality, diversity, and equity in teaching, research as well as at its foundation. It includes all the planned activities to increase of youth reception and admissions, starting high school students to the aspiring individuals to get education in EDHEC.

Respect for All

EDHEC follows the harassment policy of strings “zero tolerance” accordingly to stress out the respect required for the student’s community, its programs, and research.

EDHEC Business School Rankings

EDHEC Business School stands out among the French and world top educational institutions starting at undergraduate level and to postgraduate level and executive course programs.

Consistent Excellence

EDHEC continuously reaffirms its results by ranking in top 10 Business Schools in Europe by the Financial Times.

Impressive Rankings

Global recognitions for EDHEC include:

  • 7th position in the Financial Times Europe Business School ranking of 2023.
  • Ranked 10th in the QS Ranking for MSc in Marketing Management in the year 2024.

Exceptional Masters Programs

  • 3rd place for “Grande Ecole” from France by Challenges 2023
  • 9th best Finance MSc by Financial Times Master 2023.

The school’s MBA and Executive Education programs have also made their mark globally:

  • Ranked in the Top 50 by Financial Times 2024 as one of the best school for MBA programs
  • Top 3rd worldwide ESG positions by Financial Times 2023
  • 10th place in the category of the open programs by Financial Times 2023
  • 15th place in the Finance Times executive for custom world-wide programs in 2023.

Top-Ranked BBA Program

The EDHEC International BBA program stands out by ranking 2nd in France by several esteemed publications:

  • Challenges 2024
  • Le Figaro Etudiant 2024
  • Le Point 2024

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