American Business School of Paris

American Business School of Paris

In 1985, the American Business School of Paris (ABS PARIS) was born, as the best of American and French education systems with a top-notch curriculum, aiming to shape the successive future international business leaders.

By integrating American and French methods of education, on top of the student-centered philosophy they confirm to meet the professional expectations of the students.

ABS PARIS trains its students to contribute to these global trends to secure good job opportunities.

Founded Year: 1985
Institution Type: Private

12 Rue Alexandre Parodi, 75010 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose American Business School of Paris

With its holistic and transformative style of education, ABSPARIS personifies the enlightened ideal of education.

  • Fostering International Culture: From day one of the school, students are surrounded by an international environment.
  • Celebrating Multiculturalism: French and 70% of the foreign students from over 80 countries reside at ABSPARIS making it a multicultural community.
  • Recognized Degrees: ABS PARIS provides international B.A and M.A. degrees that have a high value.
  • Quality Education: The teaching style of ABS PARIS is a combination of the U.S and European system of training.
  • Internationally-geared Programs: Students get an opportunity to study 1-4 academic semesters following 12 months of internship in France or overseas.
  • US Immersion: During academic semesters US students are offered a chance to master two specializations to enhance their theoretical knowledge.
  • Student-focused Approach: ABS PARIS implemented a student-centric model to help learning in their pace and abilities.
  • English Proficiency: The school conducts all the courses in the English language so that students can understand and learn more English words fluently.

Studying in Paris at the American Business School guarantees a global and progressive career.

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American Business School of Paris Accreditations

A Spotlight on Accreditations: American Business School of Paris

IACBE Accreditations

ABS Paris has received its prestigious specialized accreditation from the IACBE which shows its reputation for excellent business programs.

ABS Paris Accreditation for Degree

Programs like American Bachelor of Arts in Fashion & Luxury Retail Management, Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management, Master of Science Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and American MBA Entrepreneurship & International Business Development are accredited by IACBE as well.

The recognition of these accredited institutes represents ABS Paris’s dedication to providing high-standard education as an international business school.

American Business School of Paris Scholarships

The Exposure of American Business School of Paris Scholarships

With different stakeholders, ABSP provides multiple scholarship schemes to the students to pursue an affordable and satisfactory education.

French Embassy Scholarships

French Embassies offer financial support in the form of scholarships to make a corporate network and organize French cultural activities.

Erasmus+ Funding

The Erasmus+ scholarship is a source for foreign students who want to study in France. They offer between EUR 300 and EUR 400 for education.

Major Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is reserved exclusively for those students who are from French schools abroad and have finished their secondary education with exceptional academic performance.

American Business School of Paris Placements

Professional experiences and internships are given a prominent role in educational pedagogy by the American Business School, Paris (ABSParis). This practical approach is oriented to making students ready for the real business world.

Core Practicum of the Curriculum

The school provides flexibility, allowing students to gain industry exposure:

During the school year through part-time employment or internships

Internships with the duration 1 to 4 months during summer and winter holidays basically oriented on the practical experience to identity most influential graduates success rate.

End of Course Internships and Contract Jobs

As a key job-seeking step, all students have to undertake a 6-month professional experience with the liberty to choose from contract or permanent job that can be considered later.

An entrepreneurial project

By the end of the last year, ABSP students create various projects including digital solutions, restaurant concepts, eco-friendly tea rooms, local food processing, real estate ventures, clothing lines and the language courses.

Annual Professional Learning Events

ABS Paris in collaboration with partner companies Corporate Relations Departments organize events such as recruitment sessions, after-work networking sessions, job dating, company days, offering students an opportunity to enjoy the work culture with their polished skills and knowledge.

ABS Paris with such continuous exchange with industrial leaders developing a strong relationship over the years allowing the student’s access to hundreds of job, internships and end of studies opportunities.

Student Services Offered by American Business School of Paris

American Business School, Paris: A Great Variety of Special Education Disciplines, Goals and Strategies

ABS Paris is a famous university for its comprehensive student services that contribute to the overall quality of education. It is a globally renowned provider of courses and programs ranging from undergraduate to doctoral studies at the international level.

Accommodation with Studapart

ABS Paris commences its partnership with Studapart, a well-known student housing platform, to provide a range of accommodation options including hostel, room, and apartment leasing.

The exchange program involves collaboration between students and the French partner organization to provide personalized services of securing accommodation in France. Adding to it, discounted accommodation at the places such as Studea are also an awarded discount.

Unique and modern IT Equipment and Software for professional users

ABS Paris makes sure that the students understand the key link between education and technology with the hands-on on IT devices and software. To make the right use of the software applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other applications the school provides projects and assignments.

Assistance with Driver’s License

To reward the study irrespective of the time-commitments, ABS gets the driving license for the students from the driving school such as En Voiture Simone and Klaxo.

Active participation in Social and Cultural Life, Sports, and Hobbies

ABS provides a comprehensive education that incorporates art, sports, and recreational activities where students can participate in student clubs, athletics, and discounted concert and cultural event tickets through partnerships with association like Cercles des Formes and KipUp.

Comprehensive insurance and financial aid package

In collaboration with Yvon, the ABS students are eligible for all risks financial packages’ insurance that includes educational, international, and residential, insurance. Besides that, ABS helps the poor students with HopHopFood and Geev programs to obtain the fundamental needs, for example food.

Travel and Shopping Discounts

ABS strives to present students a unique travel experience with incredibly low prices of the flights along with Lufthansa. Not only they get discount on these brands by using an online platform named Unidays but also they get prior information about upcoming sales and latest fashions.

ABS consists of a popular information campaign about traveling vouchers and discounts for young adults provided by the National Agency for Travel Vouchers (ANCV).

Personalized Support and Services

ABS Paris has professional team for students in providing personalized assistance to connect with alumni and professionals of a certain industry.

Student Life at American Business School of Paris

Student Life at the American Business School, Paris: Introduction

Paris-based American Business School (ABS) students can expect an exciting campus life in a diverse and dynamic environment that provides personal and professional  development capacities.

A closer look at the recent information on students’ life at ABS Paris

Active Student Organizations and Clubs

The Student Club Committee at ABS Paris, hosts numerous activities starting from themed weeks and fun parties and going on to exciting trips to cities such as Prague and Berlin.

The Council of International Students (CIS) organizes cultural cocktail activities such as Valentine’s Day celebrations, Christmas dinners, and integration parties.

Representing ABS Paris to future students, the Communication Team plays a cornerstone of school promotion at open days, fairs, and school visits.

Athletic and Sport Academy

The Sports Academy provides a variety of sports facilities like basketball and gymnastics, from the student can choose to play and participate in the interuniversity leagues.

Focus on Community Engagement

IGS Group’s Student Life Office organizes the community-based activities for the ABS Paris students to develop a school spirit and integration among the students. Wherein students are encouraged to work on event planning led through the Student Club Committee and the CIS, so as to develop leadership and organizational skills

With a stamp of multiculturalism and internationalism, ABS Paris offers a unique opportunity for students to meet people from various cultures with commitment to academic quality and holistic learning, students at ABS Paris are guaranteed an all round experience.

American Business School of Paris Rankings

The American Business School, Paris, is a shining example of business education excellence ranking top in several ratings.

Latest Accolades

  • MOCI 2022 Ranking: The BBA program of ABS Paris is ranked 3rd best BBA in France.
  • MBA Rankings: The MBA in Entrepreneurship & International Business Development and MBA Communication Project Management programs were ranked 6th in their respective positions.
  • Specialized Bachelor Program: The Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management program is considered the 8th best European Bachelor in France.
  • Master of Science Rankings: The master programs in Digital Marketing and in Entrepreneurship & Innovation rank among the top 10 and 11 in France respectively.
  • Specialized Master Rankings: MSc in IT & Data Management is ranked 12th in France in the Best of Masters ranking.

Consistent Track Record

In the MOCI 2020 and 2018, 2019 Rankings and the best International BBA program, ABS Paris has consistently ranked among the best position seekers ranking the BBA program as the 3rd best BBA in France.

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