Université de Lille

Université de Lille

Excellence in Education, Universite de Lille is famous for being the premier universities for the quality research and academic provision.

For a student, postgraduate, teacher or foreign researcher with the short or long stay at France, Universite de Lille offers one stop assistance to ensure tailored facilities for your processes, guaranteeing a smooth, safe journey.

Founded Year: 1559
Institution Type: Public

42 Rue Paul Duez, 59000 Lille, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Universite de Lille

Embrace the French Culture

To welcome newcomers Universite de Lille holds ‘Welcome Days’ to provide versatile opportunity for the valuable and engaging friendly atmosphere. The exchange student or any single individual coming to the University around the campus discover the University along with the French culture.

Eco-Responsibility and Support: The Ressourcerie Initiative

In association with the Ressourcerie initiative is established by Universite de Lille to help Maison Internationale and the LISA Association stands for Lille International Students Association. This program aims to help international students through collecting and recalculating students or university staff.

Take first step towards your Study Abroad Journey

Universite de Lille Scholarships

The Universite de Lille is one of the prestigious universities in France and students are eligible for a scholarship or grant to assist with tuition fees.

Three main scholarship programs include Fellowship grant, the Relocation grant, and the International Mobility grant.

  1. Fellowship Grant

The Fellowship grant is available to the students at the beginning of M1 or M2 level focusing on the international students from different French universities.

Eligibility & Grant Allocation Criteria

The application evaluation includes the applicant’s study track and performance of the students. The applicant’s profile and proposed professional project funding amount of €3500 is available.

  1. Relocation Grant

Relocation grant for any international student can begin their study in any French higher in any of the Graduate Programs.

Eligibility & Grant Allocation Criteria

It covers the money to grant travelling and accommodation expenses for the international students.

  1. International Mobility Grant

The International Mobility grant is for M1 and M2 students, and PhD students under the Graduate Program to engage in mobility in foreign laboratories, public and private bodies, archives, international organizations and other related bodies.

Eligibility & Grant Allocation Criteria

Another criterion that is considered is the consistency of the mobility project with the whole mobility project and, moreover, its connection to the topics of the current Master or PhD programme – these aspects are crucial for the selection.

Universite de Lille Placements

The Universite de Lille in Europe offers traineeship facilities to international students across all the disciplinary and courses in the science laboratories, administration or partner heath care facilities.

The traineeships at the Universite de Lille are available to the students with the following details:

  • Bachelors and Master course work
  • Medicine course in pharmacy, and dental surgery.

Healthcare traineeships: The healthcare traineeship refers to ri-santeuniv-lillefr anticipating in the class profile and club activities to sign a traineeship agreement with the University of Lille.

Trainees participate in traineeships for six years which includes part-time study or working with organizations.

The placement location depends on the course of study – Laboratory, Hospital, and Administrative department.

Traineeship is a form of on-job training to the students who is willing to learn practical knowledge and get industrial experience.

Universite de Lille-Path to Career Success

Universite de Lille offers the traineeships along with the career boosting and accessible campus for PWDs support the staff with disability for appointment, promotion and training, and reasonable accommodation for the professional development.

Student Services Offered by Universite de Lille

Universite de Lille is dedicated in serving its students with a bundle of necessary supporting facilities and services for the students that include housing facilities, health services, and programs for disabled students.

There are many different accommodation types to find the particular area residence close to campus or shared accommodation:

University Residences: These are easily accessible scholarship to apply for accommodation through an annual student social file (DSE).

Private Rentals: In the Crous Lokaviz system accommodation is divided according to certain criteria to meet every students needs.

Studapart: With a direct and exclusive partner of the university thousands of students get internships in studios and shared accommodations.

EKNA: In collaboration with Action Logement, EKNA provides the latest approach to match each student’s interest to find the house or flat.

Koloc for Solidarity Projects: Koloc is perfect for students to focus on community involvement to live in a collectively inhabited home and work towards developing appropriate community-supportive neighborhood amenities.

Health Services

SSE is the student health care system with medical, psychological and social counseling services to provide different services such as health recommendations to the students while updating the students about vaccinations, and addressing other health needs.

Adjusting Course for Students with Disabilities

Universite de Lille aims at identifying the various strategies to address the students with disabilities and approaches to meet their requirements. Offering accommodations and arrangements with the ultimate academic environment Universite de Lille provides human or technical support.

Student services in Universite de Lille involve education and provide enough choices for meals and snack around the university to satisfy hunger students with the affordable meals.

Dynamic and Diverse Catering

Crous manages a catering service in the universities, and the food options with the affordable wallet.

Student Life at Universite de Lille

Libraries and Learning Centers

Universite de Lille has four university libraries along with the BUs and LILLIAD Learning center innovation. They cover all disciplinary fields of training while making them valuable resource for students and non-students.

LILLIAD Learning center Innovation: Universite de Lille is the right vibrant place for its students with the knowledge necessary for the society.

THIS IS SHS, University Library Human and Social Sciences: This deal with the products and services in the human and social science sectors.

Health BU, University Health Library: It is considered suitable to provide catering for healthcare studies to accommodate all the students with the medical assistance.

BU Law-Management, University Law-Management Library: This make up the collection covering core areas of both law and management.


Universite de Lille has a good credible to its students to ensure they spend their time in sports for over 40 physical and sporting activities with their preferred interest or choice.

A Cultural Hub

Universite de Lille offers cultural education to support the cultural programs that includes a live performance and a live concert, art events, workshop or modeling event, a conference debate opportunity to sharpen skills for critical thinking.

Vibrant Campus Life

The campus of the university is more vibrant and functions to offer events through a sequence of welcoming programs.

Support and Safety

Universite de Lille offers a student-oriented activity within the framework of the fund for solidarity and development for student initiatives or FSDIE. This also ensures the safety of the students with the practical sessions about the consequences of substances such as alcohol and illicit drugs, and sessions on gender and sex violence.

Université de Lille Rankings

QS World University Rankings have ranked the Universite de Lille in the QS World University Rankings 2024 by climbing 120 positions enhancing the global vocations’ image.

Major Highlights

Universite de Lille ranks 18th best universities in France offering a positive change of specific educational establishments.

On a global level, the Universite de Lille stands in the 631st place boosting its ranking on the intercontinental level.

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