Established in 1936, EFREI Paris offers the constructive engineering and digital technology by holding itself as the top Grande Ecole in France under EESPIG label.

Founded Year: 1936
Institution Type: Private

30-32 Av. de la République, 94800 Villejuif, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose EFREI Paris

Unparalleled Learning Experience

The EFREI Paris aims to train its students as future engineers and IT specialist, and with a strong combination of technological knowledge and well developed language, communications, and soft skills. With over 14,500 graduates, EFREI provides an organic learning space, project-based teaching methods, developed curriculum, and the comprehensive programs for its students.

Committed Student Success Advisors

EFREI Paris provides vocational training with the customized assistance to each student when they cannot complete their tasks or reach the set goals.

EFREI for Good: Sustainability is a dedication

With EFREI for Good, the school strives to educate responsible engineers and expert digital leverage besides sustainable development in learning, research, and association activities that includes:

  • The welfare and employment of people through the implementation of policies like equal opportunities, gender equality, and diversity.
  • Teaching a green-culture to the students and residents
  • Providing incentives to innovate and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in the students for ecological sustainability.

In partnership with a large number of companies and through the Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), EFREI Paris stands out in the digital world.

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EFREI Paris Accreditations

Since 1957, EFREI holds the CTI accreditation given by the Commission des Titres d’Ingenieurs ensuring the standards of the engineering program.

EFREI Paris Scholarships

EFREI Paris is sponsoring the scholarship program to attract qualified international students by providing financial aid as well as recognition to the young minds with a talent and potential to secure future a positive contribution in their respective fields.

Eiffel scholarships as a mean of financing PhD scholarships, is a unique scholarship targeted at PhD students from EFREI Paris partner universities.

Financial Assistance

Additionally, EFREI Paris offers another scholarship option for financial assistance options to help its students to handle the cost of their studies.

EFREI Paris Placements

The EFREI Career Centre plays a significant part in helping the students to make their career plans and find jobs by impacting the huge entire process.

This Employment Service provides assistance to its students in writing CVs, mock interviews, job fair organization, and connects to the alumni network to get better job opportunities.

Internships: A Path to connect Education and Industry

EFREI Paris emphasizes internships at all levels of study, fostering strong connections between students and industries:

Undergraduate Program: In the first two years students engage in internships that last for a month per year. This helps them to gain insight into the business community by enhancing their entrepreneurial abilities. In the third year, students can choose between an internship and humanitarian projects.

Graduate Program: First- year Master students spend the first 5 months of their studies in an internship on ICT. Second-year students spend 6 months in a professional engineering environment that includes technical, business-focused specializations.

EFREI Alumni Network: A Powerful Career Stimulus

EFREI has more than 17,000 graduates network of Alumni to help with job opportunities and mentorship programs. This Alumni Association offers the programs such as testimonials from career, courses on technological expertise, conferences and arrangement of interviews.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

EFREI promotes students’ entrepreneurial expeditions through its Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Course which covers from business offices and start up affairs support to technical, administrative services, mentorships, coaching, and networking.

EFREI Paris engineers offers high-paying engineering jobs and consultancies as an engineering institute boasting around 98% employment rate after graduation.

Student Services Offered by EFREI Paris

Reducing the environment impact of the campus

To help students with disabilities, EFREI Paris provides specific services like the Solidarity mission focusing on students’ holistic well-being by seeking solution to the problems resulted from the epidemic.

Wide-ranging Support

In addition to the international office, the registrar’s office offers an assortment of services in relocation and integration of students in France through Student Association.

Services for International Students

  • An introduction to EFREI Paris
  • Guidance with registration procedures
  • A walk-through and interaction with college faculty.
  • Assistance with immigration procedures, visa, and residence permit.
  • Practical help to settling in Paris like opening Bank account, transit pass getting, application of the health care insurance, and help in Government assistance program.

Cultural Immersion and Social Interplay

EFREI Paris firmly believes the flourishing cultural life to all round students’ progress with the up-to-date cultural and professional events happening on campus and in the surrounding areas throughout the year. These events also include the activities such as live plays, trade shows, conferences, and others.

Student Life at EFREI Paris

EFREI Paris nurtures a rich portfolio of student associations:

EFREI ALUMNI and SEPEFREI Professional Associations offer a network of high-profile companies where students can find job openings, participate in business activities related to programming, and can develop their networking skills.

The artistic associations such as EFREI TV, EFREE STYLE, and THE MIST are available to introduce and promote artistic expression and the creative mind.

EFREI CHEFS and THE CONTINENTAL arranges trips to its students that include diffusion of different cultures while enjoying culinary workshops, wine tasting and fun trips.

Leadership and Community: The Student Leadership Office (BDE)

BDE at EFREI Paris encourages its students to involve in either associations or projects depending on their choice.

The Professional Edge

The key employers’ associations at the EFREI Paris build bridge between the students and the industries, supporting career insights as well as demand oriented skills training.

Celebrating Diversity

ASIAN’EFREI Association and EFREIKA Union facilitates cultural exchange and fostering of the international diversity, designed and organized with a variety of cultural activities and events.

Healthy Competition

Under the supervision of BDE, EFREI Paris offers sports with a large number of associations to enhance social bonding or healthy competition among the students.

EFREI Paris Ranking

Impressive Achievement in Various Rankings:

EFREI Paris’ standing in “Ranking of Rankings” 2023-2024: The EFREI stood at the 3rd position in the national ranking for engineering university of higher education school.

Figaro Etudiant 2024 Ranking: EFREI Paris holds the 3rd position in the engineering schools specifically in computer science.

Eduniversal 2024 Ranking: Seven of EFREI’s programs are ranked among the best of the Leading program in the world.

Figaro 2024 Ranking: EFREI-Paris holds 8th position as the most prestigious engineering college and number 3 as private engineering college.

Speak and Act 2024 Ranking:  Speak and Act’s Happiness Barometer holds EFREI at the 5th position among the management and commerce schools.

Etudiant 2024 Ranking: EFREI occupies the 1st position among private Engineering Schools in IT management, and is at 2nd position for the non-public Engineering School.

Eduniversal 2024 World Ranking: Two programs developed and featured by EFREI are ranked in the Eduniversal 2024 ranking for higher learning.

Student Associations Ranking:  EFREI has many student associations which rank among the top-ranked associations in the world.

Kantar TNS in the year 2023 ranked EFREI at the first position in the Engineering Schools with the score of 7.3/10.

EFREI stands 2nd in the computer science among the total engineering schools and 4th for the whole computer engineering courses.

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