Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay

Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay

Ecole Normale Superieure(ENS) Paris-Saclay is a leading multidisciplinary scientific research and education place to draw creativity and cultivates student’s minds. Engaging environment fosters its students to innovate in the academic excellence to shape future leaders in research, education, and industry.

Founded Year: 1912
Institution Type: Public

4 Av. des Sciences, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay

  • Immersive Exposure to Research: Research activity is the core project of ENS Paris-Saclay with the logical connection between theory-based research and services in combination with practical and experimental approach.
  • Interdisciplinary Education: ENS Paris-Saclay offers a highly-diversified degree programs beyond the disciplinary boundary covering subjects of basic sciences and engineering sciences to humanities and social sciences.
  • Research-intensive Learning: The ENS Paris-Saclay has laboratories and research institutions providing multidisciplinary approach to nourish students research skills.

Education Model

ENS Paris-Saclay’s teaching style emphases on research-based learning and multi-cultural open-mindedness to provide quality education. The key academic -features of ENS Paris-Saclay improves research-oriented teaching, custom-made courses and international education for its students to study abroad.

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Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay Scholarships

For the international students ENS Paris – Saclay International Scholarship Program offers a unique opportunity.

  • The ENS Paris-Saclay annually welcomes up to 15-30 PhD students and M2 students into this program.
  • Scholarship starts from 500 Euros/month to 1000 Euros/month for trainees or Master/PhD students.

Fulbright / ENS Paris-Saclay Scholarship Program

• This scholarship is around 1000€ for a month. Additionally 500€ are awarded by the France-American Commission.

  • The travel cost is covered under 1200€.

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Doctorate Scholarship Program

ENS Lyon, ENS Seine Saclay and C9 School in partnership with China Scholarship Council (CSC) to provide grants of 30 doctoral students per year

Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay Placements

ENS Paris-Saclay offers faculty training focusing on future professors and researchers while merging with the science and culture. This unique teaching approach adds great value to choose a plenty of job opportunities.

Students at ENS Paris-Saclay are involved in a personalized curricular structure offering career oriented objectives focusing on the undergraduate final year and up to a doctoral level.

The curriculum provides a practical link between students and the enterprising community in France contributing to the foreign affairs and study partnership between France and other countries. This enables students to study abroad.

Student Services Offered by Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay

Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay provides a varied range of student with the available resources to its students.

Accommodation Services

In association with Guichet Unique Paris-Saclay (GUPS) and many landlords and associations, ENS Paris-Saclay avails following options:

  • Short-stay accommodations
  • Student residences on campus
  • Sharing of small houses at The Mail Quarters , CESAL
  • Technically designed apartments by Science Accueil Association and Palaiseau district
  • International housing options using ImmoJeune platform.

Catering Services

The campus provides dining options:

  • Est cafe, serving meals on a self-service basis for coffee or lunch break
  • Kfece – an innovative and healthy CROUS cafeteria based on organic ingredients

Health Services

The Health Center at ENS Paris-Saclay offering a range of health care services including:

  • General practitioners
  • A psychologist
  • A nurse

The health centers offer various services like basic health check-ups, counseling, HIV testing and many other treatments.

Student Life at Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay

Campus Facilities and Amenities

  • Full-fledged learning resource center to facilitate better teaching and learning
  • Vibrant open spaces in the campus.
  • Accessibility of sports facilities including a gym, tennis courts, sports fields boosting sports activities

Student Engagement and Activities

Students associations are organized by the Student Office (BDE), the Sports Office (BDS), and Art office (BDA) involving cultural, sports and humanitarian organizations enriching the student life.

Art Collection on Campus

Together with art and science, the ENS Paris-Saclay campus represents different styles including artistic look to the green spaces.

Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay Rankings

In 2023, Shanghai ranking has ranked Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay at the 15th position.

ENS Paris-Saclay ranks number 1 in Mathematics. And ranks 9th in Physics showing its research program worldwide.

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