ISC Paris Business School

ISC Paris Business School

Being an academic champion of business, ISC Paris Business School stands as one of the Excellence in Business Education. Founded by Paul Icart in 1963, ISC Paris Group has expanded its institution to become an extraordinary freelance French federation of institutions for higher education. It is globally recognized and is located in a dynamic and colorful European city of Paris and Orleans. These campuses of the ISC Paris Business School are ensures to provide students with a dynamic, solid, and profound education.

Founded Year: 1963
Institution Type: Private

22 Bd du Fort de Vaux, 75017 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose ISC Paris Business School

Innovative Teaching Approaches

The new instructional model of the ISC Paris Business School is a distinct essence of ISC Paris Business School. It shows its dedication to excellence with the unique pedagogical components including:

Game-based learning: Offers to use of educational Video games, Apps for kids and serious business games.

Experiential learning: Encourages its students to participate into activities such as student enterprises, case studies, workshops, and organizational project work especially in corporate organizations.

Peer-to-peer learning: The students are taught in an environment that teaches them sharing the group work in their assignments.

Independent learning: Students are encouraged to study in the learning center are allowed to access their self-test, and the Scholarvox – an open shelf library.

Being another great business school in Paris, ISC Paris Business School has always provided the quality instruction to offer a vast array of highly efficient programs and courses to become a beacon for aspiring leaders.

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ISC Paris Business School Accreditations

ISC Paris Business School is a top-tier business school and strengthened its position through the recognized accreditation both in France and other countries. It has earned these successes through continued dedication to providing quality and excellence in business education.

AACSB Accreditation

Established in 1916, AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), an American accreditation body, recognizes ISC Paris Business School as the higher education institution that has excelled academically.

The AACSB accreditation also concentrates on the strategy and mission of the ISC Paris Business School, along with the development of the learners’ skills, and the incorporation of current management issues.

In 2017, ISC Paris has been accredited by AACSB and the next review is scheduled for 2027.

BGA Accreditation

The BGA (Business Graduates Association) accreditation is a quality assurance recognition given to ISC Paris Business School for making a positive difference to its students and other stakeholders.

In 2021, this accreditation was given to ISC Paris Business School with the next review in 2025.

AMBA Accreditation

The AMBA, a British accreditation body, ensures the quality ISC Paris Business School by accrediting for its Grande Ecole Programme (PGE), MBA, and EMBA with the next expected renewal in 2025.

EFMD Accredited Master

The EFMD-European Foundation for Management Development awards the EFMD Accredited Master to ISC Paris Business School while achieving high standards of quality and offer internationalized programs.

ISC Paris received the EFMD Accredited Master label for its Grande Ecole Program in March 2020 for five years where the initial accreditations are normally made for only three years.

ISC Paris Business School Scholarships

Since the school has a long-standing commitment towards diversity, ISC Paris Business School constantly seeks to find talented international students who want to pursue an education in the United States. And also helps its student achieve their goal in different programs and scholarships.

Enabling Global Talent

Eligibility for these esteemed scholarships:

  • Foreign nationality lived in a different country than his/her home country for at least half a year.
  • The applicant needs to have an outstanding and professional orientation with values, project work, academic achievement, and an impressive professional portfolio.

Expanding and Increasing Access to Education

ISC Paris offers quality education inclusive of scholarships to foster the needs of candidates with about 12% of the students annually selected on social and academic merit, extra credit in the promotion of Student Enterprises and contributions to them. These scholarships offer as low as 200 Euros or as high as 1,500 Euros to its students.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

ISC Paris Group provides about 10 scholarships annually for the deserving and merit based on the availability of the total fund to the selected students having good academic performance and are already members of Student Enterprise bodies. The value of each scholarship does not exceed the total amount of 6000 Euros financing the student’s education.

ISC Paris Business School Placements

Building Careers through Strong Launchpad

ISC Paris Business School strategically positions itself in the overall development of its student by offering its employment of full Bachelor’s program.

Expanding its abilities to function in the professional sphere, the global business environment plays ground for the graduates from the ISC Paris Bachelor program to counter the hard-nut challenges of the professional world.

As a fully-equipped, versatile, agile and self-reliant workforce member, students get opportunities in different sectors:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Corporate Management
  • Communications
  • Human Resources

It focuses on the internship, and helps students to gain experience on the working environment of a particular career.

The career center of ISC Paris Business School includes many large companies to assist students with a modern web site while constantly updating its repository of listed job opportunities.

Continuing Education: Advanced Studies

Students get a great opportunity to get into the Master’s degree program with the refinements in their specialties as well as enhancement in their management abilities.

Second year students of the Master in Management Grande Ecole program can apply for one of the specialized MSc programs recognized by the International System of the Credits and Ecclectic (ISC Paris Business School). This means that ECTS credits student’s with their recognition in France and anywhere in the world, providing parallel admission to numerous educational establishments.

The graduates of ISC Paris Business School have a firm basis for their working lives and can plunge into the world of business or work of their chosen specialty.


Inspiring Professional Achievement

ISC Paris Business School is among the distinguished educational institutions for its Bachelor program catering to a working professional. One of the most renowned universities like ISC Paris offers its students with the opportunities to get into the bright and prosperous career.

Emphasizing on International Education Bachelor program at ISC Paris has a strong international component:

  • English is used to deliver the Bachelor in International Business program without abbreviations.
  • A study-abroad program is provided with the partner universities overseas.


Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit

ISC Paris focuses on creativity and proper learning behaviors for the students with the entrepreneurial spirit to get real-world entrepreneurial experience through the:

  • Startup program of the ISC Paris Business School’s Entrepreneurship Track or ISC Paris Incubator.
  • The PEPITE CREAJ IDF network students’ entrepreneur status.


Personalized Career Guidance

ISC Paris, Career Center focuses on counseling and assisting each student to determining their career direction.


Exclusive Career Center Service

With the Corporate partner, ISC Paris Career Center helps its students to find internships or interviews.

This Center offers numerous opportunities in many companies strengthening their networks as Student Enterprise ISC Network and ISC Paris Alumni Network.

Assisting students with the different career options and segments along with the commerce world

Frequent Job Fairs, organizing multiple job fairs throughout the year to recruiters and potential employment opportunities.

Student Services Offered by ISC Paris Business School

Ensuring Effective Services to Students

The value of ISC Paris Business School is to recognize the opportunities to provide services in partnership with over 130 overseas institutions.

Housing Assistance

To make an arrangement for accommodation especially in Paris in September, ISC Paris Business offers housing search by availing lists of website to help them. This involves Student Enterprise, CosmoPol, as needed.

Efficient Transport Services

ISC Paris is situated in the city of light, Paris which has public Transport networks that includes metros, Buses, Commuter rail trams and Trains to encourage them to obtain the IMAGINE-R Pass for one year transportation.

Health Insurance and Safety

Health insurance offers medical expenses focusing on offering health insurance advice depending based on IS Paris HEYME partnerships. Student health insurance plan covers all the potential expenses related to their health issues.

Banking Services

Most international students are advised to open a French account in the French bank without incurring the fees.

Visa/Residence Permit Assistance

Concerned to the students to obtaining a visa and residence permission to all non-EU foreign students provides 2 months to achieve efficiency in the process.

Student life at ISC Paris Business School

International Experiences: One of the facility’s chief components

ISC Paris believes that international experiences are an important dimension of management learning that insists its students to participate in exchange programs with students from other universities around the world. This develops their personal and professional personality.

Inclusivity and Mobility

ISC Paris strongly supports diversity aiming to ensure equal rights and opportunities for employment and education for the students with disabilities. Discover the ISC Paris difference and open yourself up to an education of unprecedented promise, personal development, and global fellowship.

A Cross-sectional Study on the Student Life at ISC Paris Business School

ISC Paris Business School offers vibrant and diverse with full of exciting opportunities to its students with interesting and meaningful experiences. This provides guaranteed cultural diversity and easy assimilation into the institution especially for the international students.

Engaging Student Association Life

ISC Paris emphasizes the Student Association and its life focusing on ore varied and stimulating 14 Student Enterprises while catering many interests, professions and pastimes to engulf many students.

CosmoPol essentially acts as a vital tool in the social incorporation among the students to be included in campus’s community. This includes:

  • Assists students to get good and clean hostels
  • Help students to depositing account,
  • Takes care of transportation by hiring pass to public transport facilities.
  • Assisting all the formalities regarding bureaucratic procedures.

The Buddy System

The Buddy program implemented by ISC Paris contributes to the enhancement of awareness about cultures of different countries and international culture in the campus.

ISC Paris Business School Rankings

ISC Paris Business School enters the list of the top 20 French schools for training business and management professionals.

Key Achievements

In 2021, The Economist Master in Management 2021, has placed ISC Paris Business School among the 34th position.

French and International Rankings

The school’s recently achieved first rank for turning around Work–Study programs by Le Parisien etudiant, May 2023.

L’Etudiant 2024: GEDC, ranked 1st among the 37 business schools for its Professionalization which now 16th in the rank of the 37 business schools in France.

Challenges 2024 ranked ISC Paris Business School at 18th position in the overall ranking for French.

ISC Paris Grande Ecole’s Master in Management, with its high international mobility it has been placed in the 73rd position on the Financial Times ranking list in 2019.

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