ESGCI: School of International Business and Marketing in Paris

ESGCI Business School and Marketing Center is the most renowned business school located in the center of Paris. The school has incorporated a hands-on training based curriculum that is directly oriented to employment objectives, making the graduates ready for the job market.

Founded Year: 1986
Institution Type: Private

25 Rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Reasons to Choose ESGCI

  • A state-recognized institute with level 6 and 7 licensed qualifications.
  • Development of strategic competencies from the first year of training.
  • The combination of academic work and practical experience during the third year as an internship program called “work-study”.
  • The faculty includes working professionals, which means students have an opportunity to learn from the knowledgeable faculties who knows the current practices in the industry.
  • An impressive record from the past year with 75% of graduates being employed within six months of graduation.
  • Ability to undertake a double degree with the network of associated foreign universities.
  • Academic and personal growth along with the vibrant community life and nurturing holistic development.
  • ESGCI is a member of the Galileo Global Education Group that plays a major role in the private autonomous higher education institutions worldwide.

Beyond just getting a degree, ESGCI sets a professional path assisting students to fulfill their dreams with all-round experience in the competitive edge of global community.

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ESGCI Accreditations

Accreditations and Network Membership:

ESGCI School of International Business and Marketing focuses on the trust and respect of the enviable Studialis group.

The accreditations and the membership of the ESGCI School of International Business and Marketing along with the Studialis network marks its high quality devotion to the development of international business and marketing education

Declaring the main principles of the School of making educational processes inclusive and professional development of high level.

ESGCI Scholarships

Student Eligible for Scholarship by Marking Social Criteria

Ministry of Higher Education along with the socio-economic conditions grant scholarships:

  • For student under the age of 27 on September 1st.
  • Scholar in a qualifying training program, as the grant process considered.

The allocation of scholarships works on a three-fold criteria system:

  • Household income.
  • Dependent children in the family.
  • Distance from place of learning.

In the particular case of the CROUS scholarship contact the local CROUS scholarships department that is the nearest to the university.

Alternative Funding

Besides giving scholarship and grants, ESGCI is connected to major banks in the region offering loans at lower rates to students.

ESGCI Placements

ESGCI grants work-study and internship opportunities précised within its framework giving an idea of the real business operation.

Integrated Internships

The internship is an important component of the educational model at ESGCI. In each academic year, students need to perform a full time and paid internship within France or internationally.

Internship duration varies according to the enrolled year of the student:

  • 1st and 2nd year: Minimum of 2 months.
  • 3rd year: Minimum of 3 months.
  • 4th and 5th year: For 6 months.

Work-Study Opportunities

Students are trained through their 3rd year to complete the course through work-study reflecting the dual arrangement of learning and practicing beneficial for students combining their study with a real life experience. The typical wrok-study includes 2 days of attending classes and 3 days of working.

Corporate Relations Department

Professional team of the internship and work-study departments help students to perform work-study contracts intimating about the after class and employment events.

Student Services Offered by ESGCI

International Division of Business and Marketing

ESGCI situated in the market centre of the city provides a top notch campus designed for transformative teaching and learning aiming to prepare students for the challenges arising from the business environment on the international stage.

Campus Facilities to Foster Success

ESGCI intends to promote an environment of learning and collaborating ensuring the growth of the businesses and the dynamics of international competition. So that students can have excellent education while maintaining a good standard of living with these resources.

The school’s facilities include:

  • Amphitheaters to accommodate 70-250 people.
  • Classrooms equipped with the latest audiovisual devices.
  • The documentation center with human staff and AI assistants.
  • Free access to the multimedia rooms.
  • A trading room designed specifically for the purpose (Bloomberg).
  • A welcoming cafeteria.
  • Designated campus areas for community life and a variety of student services.

Customized Support Services Tailored to Students’ Needs

ESGCI includes Careers and International service departments to serve the academic voyage to the students with an extra bit of motivation and education.

Purposefully Hunting for the Most Profitable Options

ESGCI located at the strategic location provides massive networking opportunities for students to land them on the dream internship or job to reach the pinnacle of the business world.

Student Life at ESGCI

ESGCI contributes to the quality of the students experience by enhancing the interpersonal skills allowing them to work effectively on concrete projects based on their classroom studies. This makes ESGCI different from traditional learning where students come out with excellent CV along with the talented personalities.

Join One of Many Various Organizations

  • Students can be assorted into the different associations of their liking. Moreover, they are given the freedom to form groups of their own.
  • The final year has many exhilarating activities along with the on-campus events to offer and integrated weekend with the main aim to make this year one unforgettable.
  • Sports organization, Gallus, carries out the programs of sports tournaments, free broadcasts of matches and the contests of the university competitions.
  • Art Media Office the place from where students get amazing discounts on museum exhibitions, various shows, and others cultural events for the whole year to recollect every single monumental event of a school year.
  • Cine Club is to enjoy movies, simply those who love a cinema, bingers and even the manga fans. An interactive section to learn how the films are made and even some behind-the-scenes moments in addition to the movie screenings, themed after work, and the much more activities.
  • The African Entrepreneurship Club aiming to bridge the gap between students affiliated to ESGC and African key players to venture into African markets. The primary objective here is to enable students make the best of what they have to contribute to the Africa of tomorrow believing that the hard and smart work pay off.
  • Coeur Solidaires is an altruistic project focusing on making the “change now” from donating cloth and toys, giving food and so many.

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