Strate School of Design

Strate School of Design

Established in 1993, Strate School of Design works in partnership with engineering universities in the international market of Singapore, India and Africa. This highlights Strate coordination with Science Po, Institute of Political Studies in Paris initiating the double diploma program.

Located in Sevres, Strate School of Design covers 3000 sq.m large area with the well-equipped and modern classrooms, labs with computers, workshops, and a “FabLab” hosting 3D printers and a laser cutter.

Founded Year: 1993
Institution Type: Private

27 Av. de la Division Leclerc, 92310 Sèvres, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Reasons to Choose Strate School of Design

Official Recognition and Renown

On December 07, 2015 Starte was granted a stamp of legitimacy from the French state for its outstanding contribution towards research, teaching and social development policy.

Multicultural and Diverse Student Body

Recently, over 600 students have enrolled in this university, where in initially there were only 18 students.

Extensive Learning Opportunities

The school has a diverse range of programs that include: a 3-year Designer Training diploma, 5-year Designer Training, 3-year Modeller Training, 1-year Innovation Manager Training.

Training and Education

Staff is well experienced and expertise in their work.

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Strate School of Design Accreditations

Renowned for its “MSc Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene,” Strate School of Design is based on a successful collaboration between Strate and ESC Clermont BS, a top business school.

This collaboration is impressive and is accredited by the Conference des Grandes Ecoles allowing students to take education having high standards of learning and teaching at Strate School of Design.

Strate School of Design Scholarships

With a mission to help the students willing to pursue a Masters or a Bachelors degree in design, the school allows them to avail various scholarships in financial aid from which they can benefit in their education.

Master’s Scholarships: Invest in the Future

Students seeking Msc can get the financial aid by various scholarships in the school. Wherein, they need to submit their authentic academic transcripts, personal statement and portfolio.

Some of the scholarship opportunities include:

Academic Exchange Scholarship: These Scholarships are offered during an academic exchange trip to Europe.

Preferential Bank Loans: In partnership with major banks Strate provides low-cost loans to students on the favorable terms.

Bachelor’s Scholarships: Way to Success

Along with the Bachelors degree, students can apply for different scholarship that includes:

Erasmus Scholarship: This scholarship offers to the students when they travel in Europe for the academic studies.

Preferential Bank Loans: Partnered with the banks to provide students with the loan facilities at favorable rates.

Summer Workshop and Discovery Internship Scholarship: Students who attend the workshops can avail reduction in the tuition fees.

Incoming or a transferring student can make sure that they get the right to study with the financial aid at Strate School of Design with these scholarships being considered to invest in a better way.

Strate School of Design Placements

With no restriction to knowledge and soft skills the school provides opportunities to interact with the experienced professionals to understand the different sectors of the industries. This helps students to learn business management skills and technical knowledge.

Professional Internships: Discovering through Practicing

With the unique offer of internship programs, Strate School of Design provides an opportunity to the 3rd year and the 5th year students to apply for the well-paid internships.  This shows that the school is combination of learning academics with professional experience.

Student Services Offered by Strate School of Design

In partnership with the well-recognized bakery of Thomasse, Strate School of Design provides an all-round student experience by providing a broad variety of meal choices to ensure that every student gets a well-balanced diet.

The school provides affordable meals to the students with the first meal of the day to snacks all day working at Thomasse’s Bakery.

Nutritious Breakfast: Begin the day with a great breakfast packed with nutrients and proteins available with different options for every taste.

Lunch Options: From the light salad or heavy foods, the lunch menu has a variety of meal menu with the fresh ingredient.

All Day Snacks: Mid-afternoon snack or late-night study sessions, snacks are available anytime.

Student Life at Strate School of Design

The lively and creative ambiance of Strate School of Design is surrounded with the vibrant, developing sphere that extends from the class and campus.

Constant Communication

The school stands out for its continuous communication with and among students and their teachers that lifts the fog of silence. This is on an open-door thereby creating an environment where everybody is aligned to create an amicable atmosphere for ideas, feedbacks and support.

  • Guidance from Dedicated Staff: Teachers at Strate does not only teach but also helps in supporting the successful life by nurturing the intellectual and moral growth of students.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Strate supports the philosophy of free conversation in the learning process for both the teacher and the fellow students.

Shaping the Future of Design

Working collaboratively with the Strate community to form the new attributes can be of great help in the design industry. This path involves students, staff and teachers with an integrated role for all.

  • Student-led Evolution: Through their own voice and vision, Strate values each student’s ideas and their proposals.
  • Staff Contributions: The staff combines their experience and dedication to guide the students in creating an environment of innovation and development.

Strate School of Design Ranking

Strate School of Design is not only a state-ascertained university but also ranks among the most prestigious French schools and international design schools.

Among the Best Worldwide

Strate is included among the top 60 design firms worldwide in the Business Week listings that demonstrate global influence and the Strate School of Design’s standard.

A Leading French Institution

As a 1st french private design school, Strate sets itself apart with the clear illustration of its agenda under the “Grande Ecole” category.

The esteemed rank holds the undeniable proof of Strate School of Design being devoted to continue its contribution for world-class excellence and quality in design education.

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