IPSA Aeronautical School

IPSA Aeronautical School

IPSA Aeronautical School is a well known Institute of Polytechnic Sciences of Advanced Studies and is the best center for training passionate young people in aerospace and space engineering.

Founded Year: 1961
Institution Type: Private

63 Bd de Brandebourg Bis, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose IPSA Aeronautical School

Strategically Located and Innovative

IPSA is an Associate Member of both the Paris and Toulouse areas, having an enormous industry working on air and space management. IPSA follows an innovative approach with the modern teaching methodology along with the assignments, mini-assignments, and traditional dissertation

World Wide Network and Industrial Partnerships

IPSA has a global network in partnership with known aerospace industries to experience long and short supply chains, product life cycle management and learn about the role and day to day activities in the engineering profession. With this reputation IPSA offers good financial support in partnership with 3000+ companies to help alumni to become future engineers.

Evolutionary and Comprehensive Curriculum

IPSA curriculum is adaptive, meeting the requirements of the space and aeronautics sector by providing the skill training as the basic foundation for starting business.

A Thriving Professional Environment

About 80% of the teaching faculty at IPSA is working at government departments and industries including public institutions. This helps to establish direct contacts between students and companies.

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IPSA Aeronautical School Accreditations

Being a leading institution in the field of aeronautical engineering education, IPSA is sustainably maintaining trustworthy accreditation that illustrates its strong determination to uphold the highest standard of education.


Awarded by the French Ministry of Higher Education

IPSA along with the French Ministry of Higher Education contribute to the enhancement of its credibility in the field of aeronautical engineering.

Fully Accredited by the National Accrediting Body (CTI)

Institution of Public Service in Africa (IPSA) is fully accredited by the National Council of Engineering School (CTI) that recognizes it as an established leading school offering the best engineering programs.

IPSA Aeronautical School Placements

The French aerospace, defense and space electronics industry serve as a good platform for IPSA students to launch their careers. The aerospace industry involves the activities like aircraft design, spacecraft construction, and commercialization build the career of the students.

IPSA’s Strong Graduates Employability

IPSA has an inbuilt practical approach where students land on their job during their final internships and start their career before graduation day. In 2021 IPSA recorded 97% of employment rate within 2months of their internship period.

International Career Opportunities

IPSA has International Placement Agency which is a renowned service provider for space industry personnel globally. In 2022, 9% of IPSA graduates got jobs abroad. This reflects the popularity of the school globally.

Notable Agencies and Interesting Jobs

More than 500 employees compete for taking approximately 77% of the IPSA students. From the start-ups and small entities almost 30% of the students are selected each year.

Student Services Offered by IPSA Aeronautical School

Stressing Equal Access and Disability Support

IPSA is committed to provide the equal opportunities and facilities to all the students to achieve success with an extra effort to support students facing disabling conditions or those that are struggling with temporary or permanent disabilities. The Disabilities’ Office at IPSA works with different departments of the school to facilitate accessibility and specific accommodations for such students.

The process for requesting accommodations includes:

  • Assessment of disability-specific needs
  • Customized Student Support Plan for special needs
  • Approval and execution of the plan by the school administration
  • Explaining related points to the teaching staff to maintain secretive integrity
  • Organizing and evaluating the effectiveness of the accommodations

Streamlined Visa Application Process

IPSA helps the students to retain their French residence status by means of EU identification even though the validity is passed.  This is done by the procedure, by submitting of documents such as a valid passport, a college acceptance letter, and the French local address.

Health Insurance Coverage

IPSA offers health insurance to its students by giving an NHI (National Health Insurance card) . The French social security system registers non-EU students upon their arrival in France by giving the special pass to get 50% reimbursement of the medical expenses.

Easy to Use Accommodation Options with Studapart

In cooperation with Studapart, IPSA offers a web of housing platform to the students to stay connected and find a lodging quickly. Students may select studios, flatshares or private rooms from the catalog and make reservation which is 100% online.

Studapart guarantees the guarantor role during the contract period , if the student do not have a guarantor living in France.

Student Life at IPSA Aeronautical School

IPSA offers the coolest opportunities in this unique place of scenic Paris and Toulouse to give students the chance to get acquainted with a different world.

Enriching, involving, and expressing – IPSA Associations

Student organization involves a variety of interests to enable the individual to find where they belong:

  • Aeronautics and aerospace technological advances
  • Leisure and cultural activities
  • Facilitating professional development
  • Diverse sports activities
  • Commitments to humanitarian and social projects

These are not just clubs but the communities who work to fire entrepreneurial thoughts and nurture behind-the-scenes success for every student.

Unifying Students through the Forum of Associations

Besides academic life, IPSA provides extra-curricular activities to build oneness and bonding among students. Moreover the diverse clubs with the “Forum of Associations” offer traditional gathering that takes place at the beginning of each school year and keep the IPSA family unanimous.

This enables students to submerge into different kind of experiences defining their dreams, establish unbreakable friendships and acquire a real responsibility for the academics.

IPSA Aeronautical School Rankings

National Ranking

Among 358 universities in the country, IPSA stands at 265th position quality-wise.

European Ranking

Among a set of total 3518 universities, IPSA takes 2184th place establishing the level of its quality aeronautics in the whole continent.

Global Ranking

IPSA Aeronautical School’s locates at 7127th position globally.

QS World Universities Ranking

IPSA Aeronautical School has the QS World Universities Ranking also.

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