Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Grenoble Graduate School of Business

A far sighted organization, Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GEM) is one of the most innovative and the most influential Business Schools. Its fundamental philosophy, efficiency, endurance, and charity are the core principles that state the mission of the school by its ethics and integrity, equal individuals, education for everyone, economic peace, and fighting climate change to meet the social level.

Founded Year: 1984
Institution Type: Private

12 Rue Pierre Semard, 38000 Grenoble, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Value for Money: GEM’s MBA provides excellent value for money with the little add-ons like the French classes, PDL (Personal Development Learning) and CC (Career Coaching) along with the degree.

The (Green-)Tech Ecosystem and Network: GEM is a community with its foundation built on tech and ecosystems solutions. This platform is the combination of students, government, researchers, and businesses to co-creation and value processes, blurring traditional learning models.

Immersive Learning Methods: With the practical learning, GEM operates in its three sites – Grenoble’s GEM Labs, expert speakers and in real-time challenges constituting the main activities.

Exclusive Access to MBA Alumni: GEM brings alumni of all MBA programs along with 2,100 alumni of local schools and the 45,000 alumni of global schools. Online community features conferences, workshops, and creative thinking sessions.

Experience Berlin’s Start-Up Ecosystem: GEM’s MBA is a one week study trip to Berlin that guarantees the connection of students with start-ups into the hectic tech life and plunge in cultural lucubration.

Explore Europe: In the French Alps, the school provides opportunities for biking, hiking, rock climbing or skiing for entertainment for those who has interest.

Enjoy the French Culinary Experience: Besides academic preoccupations students get an opportunity to engage themselves in the cultural experience.

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Grenoble Graduate School of Business Accreditations

GEM is a member of the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry and an EESC, known for its extraordinary range of international and French accreditations.

Triple-Crown of International Accreditations

GEM carries the distinctive “Triple Crown” of accreditations:

  • EQUIS – The European Quality Improvement System
  • AACCBS- The Association of Collegiate Schools of Business
  • AMBA – The Association of MBAs

Accreditations from these agencies testify the quality of processes and systems as well as the curricula and the degrees of GEM.

Grenoble Graduate School of Business Scholarships

Scholarships for Excellence and/or Specialized Areas

The scholarship approval at the GGSB depends not only on the student profile but also on the specific specialization or track of excellence.

External scholarships

CROUS State Scholarships: Academic excellence scholarships are social aids given to the students based on social criteria, and grades in their studies.

Jacques Lambert Grant: It provides access to higher education for entire society, along with the students from different origins.

DFCG Scholarships: This is offered to the students in Finance who receive assistance in their careers.

PROPULSEO Scholarship: It is a study grant that delivers both tutoring program and financial support.

Grenoble Graduate School of Business Placements

Career Planning & Mystery Career Integration

Career Center works to ensure that students can access all the tools and resources to follow their dreams while studying. The network organizes networking events and recruitments along with workshops, peer support, and involve second-year students’ to share their own experiences.

Personal & Professional Development

GEM works with a career specialists team to guide students not only in career plans but also to compose job-winning applications and understanding the secrets of recruitment interviews.

Career Development, Internship & Job Search Assistance

GEM provides the practical orientation to know the techniques for the assignment or job hunt. It offers a range of services including creation of powerful apps to understand the job applications and know the mistakes while undergoing interview process. . Additionally, GEM also provides training sessions and practical exercises to help students respond without hesitation tothe opportunities and networking and recruitment events.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to this, GEM provides a chance to the students to develop their professional network, by connecting with peers and understand the crucial skils to transit into the job.

Career Counseling

The Career Center gives individual career council to students where they can streamline their career plans and help them to understand the flow of the real world business operations in a better position to start their work straight away.

Student Services Offered by Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Studapart partnership

Students take the benefit of Studapart’s modern online marketplace while looking for accommodation in Grenoble and Paris. This tool provides:

  • Various housing forms.
  • Free multilingual support for six days a week.
  • Assistance with booking, refunds, and answering any inquiries related to accommodations.
  • Guarantee, insurance policies, and certificates from landlords for residential trips abroad.

Inclusion and Support

  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business ensures an atmosphere to provide equal opportunities to cherish the diversity and contribute to learning where students can access:
  • 24*7 online psychosocial support and medical concierge services
  • Assistance for students with disabilities, mental health conditions, physical health problem and neurodiversity.

Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

GEM follows the holistic approach for psychological support and run awareness programs to guarantee its social responsibilities in educating societal issues.

Student Life at Grenoble Graduate School of Business

GEM offers to every student their ‘happy place’ with 22 social core groups, personifying the atmosphere of the old Grandes Ecoles.

Enhance practical skills

Student associations spend their afternoons to help students working ona seminar projects so that they can learn practical skills like project management and get good academic credits.

Training and Support

GEM guarantees that the students associations become competent to manage all the sectors like financial management, communication, negotiation as well as legal matters. Furthermore, volunteers are given the “Management of Associations” Certificate certifying their skills.

Additionally, The BDE harmonizes the interactions between the school and the 21 disparate associations. These start from welcome events for first years to the largest BEDGE campaign in France.

Sports Associations

Sports enthusiast students can participate in the GEM Altigliss Challenge, and the student Ski World Cup, organized by the sports associations.

Art and the Cultural Clubs

In the GEM Zone Art plays a significant role hosting over 100 events annually across the district, bringing spectators from distant places.

Grenoble Graduate School of Business Rankings

Grenoble Graduate School of Business, known for its excellence in education, is repeatedly honored at national and international levels.

Stellar Shanghai Ranking

  • In Business Administration, GEM is one of the global higher education schools ranked 101-150 worldwide and 1-8 in the France.
  • The university ranks 401-500 globally and top 15 in France.

Financial Times Acknowledgement

  • GEM’s MBA ranked globally 74th in the top 100 Executive MBA Ranking and Top 8 in France
  • The school’s MSc in Finance ranks 19th inthe FT’s Pre-experience Master in Finance program Ranking.
  • Ranked 33rd in Europe.

QS Ranking Affirmation

  • GEM was placed at the 35th and 7th position in The European Master in Management Ranking and worldwide respectively.
  • The part-time MBA program ranks 50th , 22th, and 7th among all globally, European schools and French schools respectively.
  • The postgraduate program of MSc Marketing Management placed at the 25th and 8th position in the world and in the France’s Master in Marketing Ranking.
  • GEM ranks 64th worldwide and 9th in France for its MSc Finance program.

French Ranking Honors

  • The MiM Grande Ecole program takes GEM to the 10th position among the leading institutions in the Le Figaro and Challenges ranking.
  • With the continuos progress, GEM leaped up to 2 positions on the ranking.
  • GEM’s Bachelor of International Business (BIB) is ranked 3rd among all French Bachelor Degrees.

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