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IAE Universite d'Angers

IAE – Universite d’Angers connects students as the best educational institutions oriented towards a new generation of university study programs. It is based on research and focus on the market needs as well as on effective practical experience.

Founded Year: 1971
Institution Type: Public

13 All. François Mitterrand, 49100 Angers, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose IAE - Universite d'Angers

IAE Angers offers comprehensive and diverse encompassing areas of professional practice where the course structure is designed to assimilate into company environment and processes. Courses include:

  • Master of | Accounting, Control, Audit
  • Master | Human Resource Management
  • Organization | Business Management and Administration
  • Master | Marketing, Sales

IAE Angers is a perfect institution for learners who want to advance their studies providing a wide range of options for the study which is the combination of the professional training.

University of Angers offers a framed and personal counseling for an academic reintegration, validation of acquired experience and skills, administrative and training budget management.

National degrees within the framework of the professional pathway students gain practical work experience during their studies.

IAE Angers is open to international students where courses are in English, and also encourages students to embrace an international approach.

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IAE - Universite d'Angers Certification

IAE-Universite d’Angers is a renowned university management school possessing a Qualicert service certification. Since 2020, the university holds the prestigious certification, delivered in compliance with the standard “University training and research activity in the field of management sciences and management – RE/IAE/06”.

IAE Angers has showcased the following:

Well-thought strategic approach search engines reliable and detailed information about students and businesses with accurate information are available.

Expenses for the high quality education learnt for the intellectual atmosphere.

Based on the analysis of the situation IAE-Universite d’Angers establish various partnerships with different sectors of the economy and society.

Quality service certification reflects, Qualicert at IAE Angers is an administrative and educational organizational team. With this label been granted for 3 years acknowledges the ongoing efforts of the institution and its students in advancing its programs and services.

IAE - Universite d'Angers Placements

IAE- Universite d’Angers is dedicated to the International Business Students building their future with specialized education and real-world experience, delivering competitive and innovative entrepreneurs and leaders to tackle the international business world.

Focused Learning Approach

“International Human Resources Management” develops proficiency in the scope of the HRM function. The curriculum incorporates the complex global human resource management challenges and the multicultural environment to helps students to handle international scenarios. Expert teachers, business scenarios and professional consultancy assignments are interesting and enjoyable also impart knowledge.

Transformative Internship Programs

TOE offers a mandatory internship program of 5 to 6 months in international organizations contributing towards building a career in the industry with beneficial connections.

Employment Opportunities

IAE-Universite d’Angers holds a high record of employment with the current vacancies covering many job postings in international organizations and consulting companies.

Aspirants looking to return to school to set new academic goals or to upgrade students skills offer unique learning experience at IAE-Universite d’Angers.

Wide Range of Training Possibilities

Recognizing all individuals with an open and student-oriented set of training and programs, IAE welcomes everyone that includes professional training with the desired flexibility to cope with educational as well as jobs or family responsibilities.

Personalized Methods to Enhanced Study

The university is dedicated to provide service regarding the Joint Work-Study and Professional Training Service (SCAFOP), addressing a multitude of aspects.

Work-Study Diplomas: It is for all round development of students and the businesses by taking advantage of their intellect, creativity and dedication.

IAE-Universite d’Angers offers the work-study program which provides the golden opportunity for its students to get into the professional world and businesses.

With the tailored course IAE works with each client’s needs while recognizing the customized training sessions to gain more employment skills to meet the organization’s demand.


Student Services Offered by IAE - Universite d'Angers

IAE-Universite d’Angers students provides best package of services to improve their education and get a smooth ride in the academics.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

IAE Angers students receive an opportunity to offer rich educational and practical opportunities of University Library situated on the territory of the IAE campus and working seven days a week.

Other than ordering books by discipline specialization, the library supplies professional equipment for borrowings.

Health and Wellness Services

With the significant health services, IAE-Universite d’Angers in partnership with health service (SSU) to offer students with the personal and social needs including diet, finance, digital health among others.

Equipping the students with right skills to get placed in best firms, the SUIO-IP department presents orientation programs, mock interviews, training workshops, and online professional integration site.

Catering Services

Cafeterias offer several attractive prices where all the students can visit two university restaurants situated on the Saint-Serge and Belle-Beille streets.

There are special provisions for disabled students also:

Working together with the Relais handicap of the University of Angers, IAE Angers commits to fulfill the social responsibility for students with the disabilities. This involves assisting an individual with disability, making structural barrier free providing modified sports classes.

Student Life at IAE - Universite d'Angers

IAE – Universite d’Angers offers the rich student life offering different perks to improve educational experience. The IAE Angers offer students’ engagement in different associations to learn new personal and professional skills through practicing the projects.

Associations at IAE Angers

IAE Angers accommodates two key associations:

IAE Angers Student Office provides environment where students can embrace and actively join in BDE associations

IAE Angers Sports Office is a cluster responsible for fulfilling the development of the sports culture among students.

IAE Angers affiliated to the UAEC Junior Consel is a multicultural student organization that meets the professional demands of different firms and organizations to inculcate entrepreneurial skills.

Activities beyond Academics

The dynamic activities organized by the BDS several activities where students can engage in during their free time. That includes:

  • Activities to welcoming back-to-school
  • Regular jogging sessions
  • Free updates about ticket portal to get exclusive offers for Angers SCO, Dukes of Angers , or basketball
  • The Ludhealth station
  • Participation in the prestigious Normandy national cup (CNU)
  • Participation in the exciting Angevin Olympics

Cultural and Recreational Activities

IAE Angers offers an engaging cultural experience to the students in various cultural initiatives engaging them in numerous cultural events and activities through various student associations. In addition, Suaps large number of sports facilities.

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