ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering

ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering

ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering is famous for its unparalleled education in water and environmental engineering. It is an acclaimed French institution, steeped in tradition, and innovation, that offers a responsible approach to engineering.

Founded Year: 1952
Institution Type: Public

1 Cr des Cigarières, 67000 Strasbourg, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering

  1. Innovators in Water and Environment Engineering

It is well-established school with a curriculum emphasizing on the sustainability to face world issues.

  1. Unique and Comprehensive Curriculum

ENGEES provides training courses in water management aspects that includes sanitation infrastructure to water resources and aquatic ecosystem management. The course offered at ENGEES provides a generic learning environment that enables its students to deliver its capacities within their working environments.

  1. Sustainable Development Orientation

ENGEES offer sustainable and environmental conservation responsibilities illustrated by the company’s sustainable development certification where DD&RS positions among the 10 most effective higher education institutions in France.

  1. Organization and Culture

ENGEES values its students participation in projects related to citizenship,  along with the access to drinking water. Here graduates get direct access to numerous alumni programs to promote their continual learning and career advancement.

  1. Quality Assurance and High Standards

ENGEES follows strict measures to qualify for ISO 9001 norms by delivering quality in education. With its commitment to improve its goal shows to offer its best in water and environmental engineering.

  1. Research and Expertise

School offers four Joint Research Units with over 200 professionals and specialists to incorporate into the learning process. This allows its students to equip with a vast amount of industry-related information and advanced technologies.

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ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering Accreditations

ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering offers water and environment engineering along with the wide range of internationally accredited programs.

ENGEES is co-accredited with the University of Strasbourg to deliver several masters degree programs in the areas such as Earth and Planetary Sciences, Applied and Engineering Physics, Administration and Social Economy and many others.

ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering Scholarships

ENGEES offers several scholarship opportunities to fund its international student’s mobility:

The Erasmus+ Program

Launched in 2001, this program offers opportunities to its students to study in European Union member countries and offer them with the benefits and provide full course credit at the ENGEES.

Mobility Study in Canada

Since 2020, ENGEES is participating in the Erasmus+ “International Credit Mobility” aiming to increase the mobility of its students and academic staff between European and non-European countries.

The Eurometropole de Strasbourg Scholarship

This scholarship aims at apprenticing the students who are looking to travel within Europe.

ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering Placements

Placements and Internships Overview

ENGEES ensures its students get a wide range of placement options within the country and also in other countries. They focus on the areas like private companies and organizations, local authorities, semi-public organizations, and government.

ENGEES offers three different internships to its students to provide significant exposure to the professional world:

Stage niveau Bac+5 – 3rd year: This involves external examiner to assess the end-of-study work (TFE) with the internship lasting from 4-6 months.

Stage niveau Bac+4 – 2nd year: A specialized internship known as “Engineering practice”, is open between job finding and long-term vocational enculturation.

Stages niveau Bac+3 – 1st year: Work Placement and Job Discovery internships are two short business sector to enable its students to get to know what engineering positions entail and the surroundings of a work station.

Specialized Masters Internships

Specialized masters programs at ENGEES are EPA, GEDE, and GeBAC. These are the combination with the duration of six-month internships.

The Apprentice Engineer Program

ENGEES proposed an equipment regime to help companies to recruit its students and give French public support to help them anticipate the mastery over the identified skills through recurrent social interaction between the school and the hiring firm.

Student Services Offered by ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering

ENGEES provide a range of diverse and quality student services with a conducive learning environment facilitating:

Housing Services

ENGEES works with several Colleges in Universities to help its students to get houses especially to the international students who are enrolled at Ozford under the partnership agreements.

In Strasbourg, accommodation is provided by The People Hostel with the valid discount to all students, candidates and lecturers.

Transport Facilities

German city of Strasbourg offers a welcoming attitude towards cyclists, several bike fairs and second-hand shops where students can access to the city with the self-service bikes known as “Velhop”.

However ENGEES is located in the centre of the city which makes accessible easy by using bus and tram way.

Catering Services

ENGEES students get a complete meal at the university canteens at an affordable and cheap rate.

The photocopier and scanners are also available along with the well-equipped school cafeteria including microwaves, coffee machines, and vending machines.

Health Services

ENGEES students are offered with UNISTRA Student Health Service where students get free access to the medical and psychological consultations.

As a member of the Student Support Team ENGEES offer its help and support in a professional and confidential manner for any academic, emotional, or personal problems.

Student Life at ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering

ENGEES encourages its students to get involved in the extra-curricular activities like cultural events, sports and clubs.

Cultivating Camaraderie: The Amicale

The Amicale student association is considered as a fundamental and recognized pillar of the ENGEES community where the members operate under elected representatives in annual activities such as the newcomer’s orientation week, weekend camping, and outing activities such as the Europa Park.

Humanitarian Endeavors: Engineers without Borders (ISF)

ISF is a union of First Nations engineering student clubs and addresses both north and south development projects while eradicating poverty by other activities such as collaboration with other humanitarian associations.

Professional Projects: Eau Missions Alsace (EMA)

EMA is a student society that provides employment in the company and local municipality tasks are involved for the water and environment assignments. These are supported by the academic staff members, scholars, and affiliated research centers.

Promoting Fitness: The Sports Association (AS)

AS is a sport organization that includes sports like basketball, handball, football, rugby, and volleyball. Additionally, it also includes individual activities like mountain climbing, horse riding, rowing and many more others.

Cultural Exposures: HNN Bureau des Arts; L’Asso Promo

Bureau des Arts is responsible for take its students out in the European capital to visit landmarks, museums, exhibitions, theaters, concerts, etc.

Musical Harmony: Music

ENGEES satisfies the music lovers and fans through musical instruments like a piano, drum set, guitar, bass guitar, and many among others.

Carte Culture Scheme

ENGEES students are the members of the “Carte Culture” that provides more than 80 special discounted places in Alsace as well as an exclusive program all round the year in a campus.

ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering Rankings

According to l’Etudiant in the year 2021, ENGEES-National School for Water and Environmental Engineering took the 4th place among the most attractive cities for the international students.

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