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Grenoble Alpes University

Located in the core of the French Alps, the Grenoble Alpes University (UGA) is as a symbol of multidisciplinary institution with a high-scale research and technological innovations.

UGA is widely known for its research in science and technology to ensure all levels of students and faculty are trained while aiming to solve social problem.

Founded Year: 1339
Institution Type: Public

621 Av. Centrale, 38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France

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Courses Offered

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Why do you choose Grenoble Alpes University- UGA

The Global University

With over 59,000 students UGA provides a diverse and international education environment with the academics including UTG1 study at Les 2 Grenobles INP (Graduate Schools of Engineering and Management), Sciences Po Grenoble (the School of Political Studies), and ENSAG (the School of Architecture). The university has the privilege of teaming up with national research bodies and global observatories in terms of research and innovation.

Social and Environment Responsibilities

UGA shows its concern for society and nature by the 2030-2034 strategic plan and proactive approach aiming to conserve the environment, grow diversity, community involvement and all other sustainable related activities. Along with that, UGA sets the goal to obliterate gender-based violence and green digital policies.

Educational Scope

At UGA, students have a variety of academic divisions and departments from the College of Environment and Design, the Faculty of Science, Graduate Schools of Engineering and Management, and many others.

Vibrant and Encompassing Community

With an unmatched growing and studying environment among the Alps, France, UGA offers a vibrant and high-yielding student life hosting students’ unions, campus auditoriums, art studios, sporting activities, and many more.

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Grenoble Alpes University - UGA Accreditations

Through the thorough examination by an international jury, the UGA got the final confirmation of Idex accreditation on Jun 30.

Idex’s accreditation guarantees that UGA maintains the proper conditions and means facilitating it’s positive trajectory in synergies and a short-term strategy

Grenoble Alpes University - UGA Scholarships

UGA provides diverse scholarship opportunities for the international students studying any subject and in any level includes:

Master Scholarships from the Excellence Initiative Idex:  Students currently studying abroad at a university or applying for a master’s degree at UGA can avail this scholarship.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships: This scholarship is launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development for both graduates and PhD degrees.

Financing from the Universite Franco-Italienne (UFI): Students, dual-citizen Master’s or PhD program students can apply for Vinci Grant.

Graduate Excellence Scholarships from PERSYVAL-Lab: The objective of this scholarship is to recruit students from the field of Computer Science, Control Systems, Mathematics, or Signal Processing.

GRAL Master 2 Scholarships: Grenoble Alliance offers Integrative Structural and Cellular Biology (GRAL), to sponsor the MSc thesis research.

Special Scholarships

Additionally, UGA also provides:

The Graduate School@UGA Scholarships: The scholarship targets international (15 programs) students at both R1 and R2 levels.

CBH Graduate School Scholarships: It is a 1year foreign student’s mobility scholarship targeted to the Master’s level.

MIAI Scholarships: This scholarship intends to engage and retain talented students for the European Master’s in The AI Unite or the second-year Master’s degree program at EASMA.

Erasmus+ Scholarships: This includes projects implemented through the home-based universities and grants international mobility exchange students.

In addition to above scholarships France Excellence Europa program, French government scholarship programs is also offered to the UGA students.

Grenoble Alpes University - UGA Placements

Grenoble Alpes University – UGA is globally known for its career center that helps students to build career-related competence with a variety of great chances to absorb knowledge and give their personal development a boost.

All-Round Career Support

  • A variety of workshops
  • Internships in diverse sectors
  • Work-related training programs
  • Opportunities for Student jobs
  • Content and services that enable startups creation
  • Opportunity to participate in volunteer activities.

The UGA career center serves as a one-stop for its students to pursue their professional goals, practicing and developing necessary competencies ensuring easy accessibility and availability.

Student Services Offered by Grenoble Alpes University - UGA

The UGA International students and scholars office (ISSO) becomes a hub or home for international students and scholars on the campus where ISSO provides numerous services, including:

Accommodation guidance: The UGA offers for the accommodations before the arrival of the students due to the competitive and fast-paced housing market in Grenoble and Valence.

Practical advice: UGA maintains customized international website which includes practical information.

Libraries and Learning

UGA has number of libraries, both public and university-oriented supporting various individuals and institutions.

University Libraries: This is open to everyone ranging from students, scholars, researchers, employees, as well as general public. The libraries have many writings from various disciplines taught at UGA and avail its access for the academic endeavors and research.

Specific Libraries: UGA holds larger general purpose libraries like documentation center at ENSAG and the documentation center at Sciences Po Grenoble.

Public Libraries: UGA offers 12 libraries operating at public schools to enhance the number of people equip with the rich media library.

Public International Library (BMI): These libraries holds a diverse source of content in many different languages like Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish and are made easily accessible alongside the membership plan.

Student Life at Grenoble Alpes University - UGA

At UGA, students life goes beyond classrooms offering different opportunities for the students to develop novice skills or get chance to work with other student and professionals .


  1. Being a member of Student Associations

UGA offers a thriving assortment of student organizations covering domains such as generating businesses, working for art, laying foundations for various cultures, promoting awareness and even presenting radio programs.

  1. Project Development Support

Special Centre for Culture and Student Initiative are offered by UGA where students can access an aid for the project servicing student groups, cultural heritage institutions, and artists from the professional circles to support the creative process of the artists. Additionally, EVE – La Pepiniere is a customized project management, event organization and association leadership components that provides valuable resources to develop the capacity of individuals with their visions.

  1. Sports at UGA

Maintaining the natural settings students are given an opportunity to practice recreational sports or personal training to ensure students can pursue their passion by participating in the university’s championships and sports activities.

  1. Cultural Engagement

UGA is an integral part of the cultural life of the region providing space to meet and to attend festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc. The “1% artistique” contribution impacts on the arts at UGA’s campuses, exhibiting a wide assortments of art works to allow students to join the university orchestra and choir groups or partake in cultural activities around .

  1. UGA Shop

UGA has set its UGA Shop brand with the residence clothing and accessories store that functions as a pop-up shop of various campuses to directly interact with the student.

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