EPF Ecole d'ingénieurs

EPF School of Engineering

In 1925, the School of Economics and Politics of Technology was named as Rcole Polytechnique Feminine and the EPF as one of the first institutions in France to provide education to women. EPF represents a prestigious university in combination with the classical education in addition to the modern approach of 21st century.

Founded Year: 1925
Institution Type: Private

55 Av. du Président Wilson, 94230 Cachan, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose EPF Ecole d'ingenieurs

Comprehensive & Multidisciplinary Education

EPF has a history in development of a multinomial organization that offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and even multinational education. EPF graduates can gain competitive knowledge in their specialized field to work in global setting demanding top employment opportunities.

Key Educational Offerings

Undergraduate Studies: EPF offers the General Engineering Course to enhance students’ fundamental concepts in different branches of science such as mathematics, chemistry, mechanics, and IT.

Graduate Studies: EPF also offers 10 Masters Programs in English and French in different fields to get the recognized French engineering Master’s degree.

Diversity and Inclusion

EPF is committed to support diverse and equal opportunities by maintaining female student ratio respecting its principle by providing equal chances for all learners.

Expansion and Growth

With the years of EPF development and expansion has been hosted at CNAM to host the campuses located in Troyes and Montpellier.

At the EPF, students can utilize their applied and interdisciplinary model of research addressing societal challenges to develop a coherent reservoir of knowledge from disciplines like mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, mechanics, biomechanics and many others to enhance the critical thinking skills.

Singularity Institute: Top Trends for Tomorrow

EPF is an inter-disciplinary research singular hub of innovation, research, development, and education is backed by the world-renowned public laboratories and focuses on five essential themes – innovation, Energy, Mobility, Water, and Health.

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EPF Ecole d'ingenieurs Accreditations

Accreditation by Commission des Titres d’Ingenieurs (CTI) offered at EPF’s degrees in engineering by the French

The evident that the school offers improved quality education set by the regulatory governing body.

EPF Ecole d'ingenieurs Scholarships

Students at EPF Ecole d’ingenieurs has an opportunity to focus on engineering by availing scholarships for students, sponsored by organizations.

EPF Ecole d'ingenieurs Placements

Multi-Level Internship Exposure

First Year (Blue Collar Internship): It is a 4-week program which orients its students to the working environment that includes a multi-tiered hierarchy, schedules, and corporate climate.

Second Year (Civic Engagement Internship): It isan activity based 1-month program where students learn about the expressive report in different ciivil activities and societal occurrences.

Fourth Year (Engineering Internship): Students complete an internship program for 16 to 26 weeks to introduce students to the industrial practice and help them define the role of an engineer in different fields of business.

Fifth Year (Final Project): This normally lasts for around 24 to 26 weeks vocational aiming to assist its student to improve their chance obtains a job accoording to the career plan. This gives its students a better industrial exposure as well as to understand their desired future profession.

Mentoring Program and Alumni Network

EPF offers its students and fresh graduates with an opportunity to gain employment and career assistance through the mentoring program. This creeates an opportunity for its students to benefit from the ‘MyJob Glasses Platform’ with over 50,000 working professional mentors.

Dedicated tothe professional training for its students with extensive and diversified practice, EPF Ecole d’ingenieurs prepares them for the academic and career-ready professionals for the global job market.

Student Services Offered by EPF Ecole d'ingenieurs

Residency Cards & Renewals

After arriving to France, students need to validate their Long Stay Visa for Study Trip (VLS TS) along with the French government available online within a three months’ where students can get residency permission for two months before the visa expires.

Social Security and Medical Insurance

International students emigrating from the country outside Europe need to have a health insurance and enroll in the French general healthcare system without any charge.

Banking Services

Upon arrival to EPF campus, students are reuired to open a working bank account in the banks situated near the EPF to provide special agreements along with offering free credit cards.

Transportation Services

With the means of transport including the rail transport, major cities to car renting services are available to the students who can get some benefits like special discounts.

Mobile Phone Services

There are three major telecommunication firms in France which provide several mobile phones services at a broad price bracket.

Admission Process

Students need to fill the online application for the process of the admission along with the necessary documents.

Orientation Session

Students go through an orientation program during the final days of August. This integrates students with the school environment and adjusst to their classes.

Student ID card

Several weeks after the student’s arrival EPF Ecole d’ingenieurs offers the student ID card that can be used in the restaurants, movie tickets at discounted rates, museums, and many others.

Student Life at EPF Ecole d'ingenieurs

Dynamic Campus Life

EPF is full of life, and there is something happening for everyone every day. This is managed by the Union de la Vie Associative(UVA), and Conseil de la Vie Etudiante (CVE) connects to the university leadership activity . With the responsibility of organizing events EPF emphasizes on managing the school events such as Gala.

Exciting Sporting life

In Paris-Cachan, Troyes and Montpellier three Sports Office (BDSs) are responsible to ensure that students and staffs are involved in sporting activities and games like adventure and outdoor activities.

Spirit of Solidarity

EPF creates togetherness like EPF Partage, Helphi, Les 1 pour Tous and EgaliPhi and promote cohesiveness, volunteering, and combating of prejudice in the local community. This emphasises on ecology and sustainable development by participating in EcoloPhi and EcoTrip.

Fighting Against Discrimination

EPF Ecole d’ingenieurs evidences that it addresses its students about the prevention of the gender based violence and sexual harassment.

Geographical & Curricular Diversity

Offering Geographical openness, EPF has three diverse campuses across France and access to quality engineering education to announce the opening of a new campus in Saint-Nazaire.

Committed to Sustainable Development

EPF Ecole d’ingenieurs is committed to the diversity and dedication towards the sustainable development and social responsibility to join the United Nations Global Compact.

Responsible Education

EPF Ecole d’ingenieurs provides an education with a cultural commitment and responsibility to understand the complexities of our societal challenges and has trained its students to be responsible and committed citizens.

EPF Ecole d'ingenieurs Rankings

EPF Ecole d’ingenieurs ranked as a highly esteemed ranking in the 19th edition of the Kanikiny where the university’s Bachelor in Information Systems Engineering and Marketing Strategy was ranking at 82 in the “Technology & Management” course. Being ranked as the 4th best bachelor’s degree shows the dedication towards the promotion and achievement of academic and professional success.

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