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College de Paris is located in the bustling city of Paris and provides its students from various parts an opportunity towards a dynamic, innovative education. With a heritage of rich culture, the college is proud to offer high caliber education that prepares students for success in their future professions.

College de Paris offers a broad array of programs and courses to suit various interests and aspirations. The college offers broad and specialized study options for those interested in business and entrepreneurship, fashion and luxury as well the arts especially among others. College de Paris faculty and staff are dedicated professionals, whose goal is to provide students with a favorable atmosphere for learning that encompasses delivering knowledge and skills needed in the face of stiff competition on international market platforms.

Founded Year: 1949
Institution Type: Private

Collège de Paris 15, Rue Montmartre 75001 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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5 Reasons to study the College de Paris

College de Paris is a remarkable institution that provides many courses to students looking for career improvement and skill development. The college is also focused on practical learning, where it provides students with hands-on experience and industry relevant knowledge. At College de Paris, the programs are tailored with seminars from professionals in industries to ensure that students receive a holistic education which is adequate for facing real life situations.

Prestigious accreditations are one of the main reasons to consider study at College de Paris. The college has been accredited by reputable bodies, thus confirming its programs’ quality and credibility. These accreditations not only add more value to the degree one obtains from College de Paris but they also open gates of many different careers. In addition, the college provides scholarships for deserving students which make high education available to those who want it and have passion and talent but do not possess enough money. College de Paris desires to create an encompassing learning environment empowered students from various backgrounds by providing financial aid.

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College de Paris Accreditations


    • French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation accreditation.
      • Confirms adherence to stringent quality standards.
      • Indicates world-class education for College de Paris students.
    • Accreditation by professional bodies in various fields.
      • Ensures program compliance with industry standards and job market changes.
      • Boosts institution and program reputation globally.
      • Assures recognition by employers worldwide

Partnerships and Collaborations:

    • Collaborations with domestic and international partners and academic institutions.
      • Strengthens commitment to providing a global educational experience.
      • Offers various academic and professional programs tailored for student success.
    • Emphasis on internationalization.
      • Numerous partners worldwide.
      • Positions College de Paris as a significant educational center globally.

Scholarship Offered by College de Paris

Variety of scholarship programs available Aimed at providing financial support to deserving students


    • Targeted towards students who excel academically
    • Financial support for those facing challenges in funding their studies

Inclusive Scope:

    • Open to both domestic and international students
    • Encompasses a wide range of study areas at College de Paris

Forms of Assistance:

    • Scholarships provided in the form of tuition fee waivers, grants, and stipends

Merit-Based Selection:

    • Recipients chosen based on merit
    • Merit criteria include academic records, leadership qualities, and participation in extracurricular activities


    • Scholarships are highly competitive
    • Candidates must demonstrate outstanding academic results and potential

Promotion of Diversity:

    • Scholarships aim to empower students from diverse backgrounds
    • Contribute to the creation of a multicultural learning atmosphere at the institution

College de Paris Placements

  • College de Paris boasts of their impressive record in securing students prestigious jobs after graduation.
  • In strong partnerships with different industries, students have access to a lot of practical knowledge and networking opportunities.
  • Pay attention to the practical training and internship programs that allow students to acquire necessary skills useful for the high-competitive labor market.
  • Students work hand in hand with the dedicated career services team to determine and implement their short-term and long-term career objectives.
  • Individualized approaches created to improve job search, interview techniques, and personal presentation to potential employers.
  • Workshops seminars and networking opportunities available to help enhance job search strategies and fine-tune interview skills.
  • Students were assisted with resume creation as well as job applications to enhance their preparation for their lives after graduation.
  • College de Paris has a good placement record as graduates are able to secure jobs in leading national and international company.

Student Services Offered by College De Paris

Student Services:

    • Emphasis on high-quality and comprehensive student services.
    • Aim to provide a balanced college experience.
    • Recognition of diverse student needs.

Atmosphere Building:

    • Commitment to creating a congenial atmosphere.
    • Focus on fostering an environment conducive to overall well-being.

Academic Support:

    • Range of services from academic support to personal development.
    • Goal of enhancing students’ overall success.

Library Facilities:

    • Access to excellent library facilities.
    • Extensive collection of books, research materials, and online resources.
    • Modern libraries equipped with technology and comfortable study spaces.

Librarian Support:

    • Librarians available to assist students.
    • Help in locating resources, guidance on research methods, and teaching study behaviors.
    • Invaluable resource for academic success, catering to assignments, exam preparation, and information retrieval.

Student Life at College de Paris

Campus Life at College de Paris

    • Dynamic and vibrant atmosphere beyond classroom lectures.
    • Dedicated to fostering academic and individual growth.

Cultural Events and Extracurricular Activities

    • Diverse range of cultural events and extracurricular activities.
    • Academic clubs and associations catering to various interests.

Clubs and Organizations

    • Access to numerous clubs for pursuing hobbies and learning new skills.
    • Opportunities to associate with like-minded individuals.

Recommendation for Student Involvement

    • Advice for students to join sports teams, debating clubs, or community service projects.
    • Emphasis on personal development and enhancing resumes for job competitiveness.

College De Paris Member Institutions

Conte School

  • Top 10 Fashion: Bachelor of Fashion Design (Year 5).
  • Top 10 Mode: Bachelor of Textile Design (6th).

Ascencia Business School

  • Top 10 Human Resources Management: Bachelor of Human Resources (9th).
  • Top 15 Transport, purchasing & logistics: Bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Logistics 6th grade.
  • Top 25 International Management: Bachelor of International Marketing (21st).

College De Paris Statistics

# 10,000+ registered students in 2021 across France
# 25,000+ continuous education trainees in 5 centers in France and French overseas territories
# First institution of higher learning established in 1949

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