université de limoges

Université de Limoges

Universite de Limoges is an example of a university that welcomes the talent and offers educational opportunities for students from all over the world. With over 2000 international students, over 100 research lecturers and over 200 international doctoral candidates, are among 15% of the total international students in the university.

Founded Year: 1968
Institution Type: Public

33 Rue François Mitterrand, 87000 Limoges, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Universite de Limoges

International Appeal: Known for consistent and rapid increase in the international mobility for students, the university encourages diversity by offering intercultural exchange.

Excellent Teaching and Training: Universite de Limoges offers more than 350 programs with an aim to complete the degree in a given subject area. Articulating high standard training, Universite de Limoge offers English oriented courses and post graduates for nurturing academic accomplishment.

High-Level Scientific Research: Universite de Limoges is equipped with 4 institutes, 22 research units and the Labex SigmaLim laboratory. And also consists of research laboratories in partnership with major companies and 7 technical facilities.

Personalized Welcome: International Reception Office at Universite de Limoges offers tailored made services that creates lively and welcoming atmosphere for the international students.

Human-scale University: The University boasts sporting amenities, a diverse multicultural shows and balances the fast-paced activity with sophisticated scenic views of nature to ensure students learn in stimulating environment to transit to the professional world.

Linguistic Advantage: With the languages learning centers, such as the Institute of French as a Foreign Language (IFLE) the university plays a key role in integration for international learners.

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Universite de Limoges Scholarships

The University de Limoges has provided the Excellence Scholarships to support academic and research activities to Master’s degree students.

Student Services Offered by Universite de Limoges

Student Service operates in Universite de Limoges in France while concentrating on three areas of Division of Student Life, Student Affairs and Division of Student Affairs.

University Libraries

Internet connectivity to its students to access hundreds of thousands books and 3,600 regularly. Also, 40 databases, 6000 ongoing journals, electronic theses and scanned papers are available.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

The campus offers medical facility for its student’s health consultation with no charges even in any extreme conditions. The healthcare system provides:

  • Consultation with the general practitioner, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist
  • Other than primary needs, the healthcare service also includes gynecologist, respiratory and allergy diseases, and smoking cessation.
  • Health information along with the consultation with nurses is also provided with nutrition, contraception/sexuality, and substance abuse.

French Language Courses

Students are trained to improve on their French speaking skills and French culture through training for the foreign students.

Student Tutors

Universite de Limoges develops experience to tutoring with the experienced trainers to help the new ones. This includes:

  • Academic writing site to master the classroom content
  • By sharing a few principles an individual student is assisted to adjust to a new workspace.

Technologically Advanced Teaching Tools

  • As a forward-thinking institution, Universite de Limoges equips its students with:
  • Technology-enhanced resources such as a digital network, computers, language, technology facilities, simulators, multimedia, cloud and many more

Distance Learning

  • Dynamic and live bonuses along with learning materials and post-class learning content with an emphasis on understanding content.
  • Also, access to the Moodle is provided with the services like the facility of submitting assignments, watching tutorial sessions, Records of exams, and evaluation.
  • International courses with the multimedia orientation in the language learning.

Universite de Limoges provides student support for learning difficulties students according to their needs. The offerings include:

  • Post arrival and enrollment support service commonly known as Welcome and Support Office to facilitate students with the academic and professional transition
  • Parental concern to the special needs according to the individual student’s situations through office and various legal activities

Student Life at Universite de Limoges

Welcome to the International Welcome Office

At Universite de Limoges offers the warm, friendly, and quick welcome to the new international students from the different parts of the world. Welcome Office services are employed for their administrative matters, accommodation search, French language course, discovering Limoges, and its region.

The cultural advancement in conjunction with vast sport activities expose students with the numerous cultural activities/programs like music with choirs, orchestras, theatres, and dramas along with the Football, volley ball skiing and many more.

Facilitating Researcher and Work-Family Balance

Limoges offers opportunities for researchers coming from different parts of the world by facilitating all the necessary supports and their trip with the family members with convenience.

The International Welcome Office supports family stability and welfare while assisting them with the family movement and advise them with the visas.

Education in Limoges

Understanding the importance of educational continuity for the children of researchers, Limoges offers a comprehensive education system that includes:

Enrollment procedures in public schools through the Department of Education

Processing of the required documents for the application process of passports & photos, along with the birth certificate in the local language, proof of residency, and the child’s recent medical reports

Compulsory education for children in the age group of 6-16 years in government aided schools and private schools.


Life at Limoges

Limoge is the city characterized by numerous strengths in culture, sporting activities, booming economy, and high standard of living. It is also known as the city that never sleeps that provides various types of experience through the day.

It is also defined for its cultural and recreational hub that attracts students from all over the world. The cultural facilities of Limoges boast over 20 exhibition and salesrooms, 38 cinemas, and 5 municipal art centers. This reaches several events and festivals in the city such as the International Festival of Francophonies and literary events, Danse Emoi, literary and also dinner event known as Lire a Limoges and the Eclats d’Email art festival. Further, the city includes the night clubs and the bars within the city creating a lively culture.

Over the years Limoges has developed into a bright and modern city with a beautiful surrounding countryside situated 2 and half hours distance from the seas and mountains. The urban area has a population of 280000 inhabitants and ranks as one of the important regional capitals of Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes.

Unparalleled Quality of Life

Limoges adopts a lifestyle which combines the energy and power of an urban center with the beautiful and calm landscape. The city avails affordable housing, commute, social activities, safety and employment opportunities for its students or young professionals.

Where is Limoges?

Limoges is situated in a pivotal location near highways and also has airport for international flights with direct services to different locations to make accessing to this city quite easy. The city also offers regular train services from many other significant cities to provide suitable region for many people to visit.

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