Excelia Group (anciennement Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle)

Excelia Group is a Private Education Establishment of General Interest (EESPIG) in contract with the state, and is a leading group in the international education field. This business school consists of 43,500 graduates in total and in 1964 it has first class graduate students currently providing educational services to over 6,000 students across its four campuses.

Founded Year: 1988
Institution Type: Public

102 Rue de Coureilles, 17000 La Rochelle, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Excelia Group

Excelia offers several advantages of the educational process compelling below reasons to opt for it:

Global Outlook: Excelia is always open for the international students with the enrollment rate of 1,375 international students across the globe. This includes the commercial development of the Excelia Group schools and training courses, international student recruitment, and development of internships and first professional job offers.

Innovative and Internationally Renowned: Excelia is an innovative business school with an international focus, offering choice to its students from all over the world.

Academic Excellence: Highlighting its academic achievement Excelia includes national certifications.

Professional and Expert Teaching Faculty: Most of the teaching faculty in Excelia is professionals from different fields and Industries.

Experiential Learning and Human-Centric Approach: The program offered at Excelia relies highly on integrated practice and growth.

Promotion of Employability: All the training courses offered at Excelia includes work study that helps employment opportunities for the work-study students.

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Excelia Group Accreditations

Excelia Group is a prestigious institution with the sphere of higher education and is accredited with numerous quality assurance accreditations and recognitions to excel in academic achievement and its flagship of offering quality education.

Key Accreditations and Recognitions

UGEI Membership: The Association of Great Independent Universities (UGEI) incorporates Excelia within the scholastic system of France promoting the development of academic capabilities.

EESPIG State Label: The Excelia has been recognized for its management in personal interests and nonprofit organizations receiving the EESPIG (Private Higher Education Establishment of General Interest) status.

PRME Affiliation: Excelia’s engagement in the UN Global Compact proves its commitment to enhancing values like sustainable development, responsibility, and ethics in teaching and research.

EQUIS Accreditation: Excelia won this prestigious accreditation in 2020 and is renewed in 2023, which is valid for three years. This enhances Excelia as one of the world’s top Business Schools valued for its quality, planning, and distinctiveness.

AACSB Accreditation: In 2013, Excelia holds this accreditation of AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) offering general and permanent high level quality education. This accreditation was last renewed in June 25, 2019 and is renewed every five years.

AMBA Accreditation: This accreditation is awarded in 2020 for the first time and second time in 2023 for the 5 years, attesting the quality of the Excelia programs.

Excelia Group Scholarships

education by offering them these scholarships.

Early Enrolment Scholarship

As part of its scholarship, first-year tuition fee discount of 5% is given to students who fill the admission application before the prescribed duration.

Merit-based Scholarship

This scholarship aims at identifying and nurturing the students with great academic performance with the track record of academic achievement combined with leadership roles and define clear career path.

Eiffel Scholarship & Campus France

The Eiffel Scholarship Program is proposed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs aiming to assit French tertiary institutions to help international students with their Master’s and Doctoral/PhD programs.

Excelia Group Placements

Labour Market and Internship and Work-Study Opportunities

Excelia Group offers programs to complement students learning process with practical exposures through:

Internship Placements: First year students are offered with the internships with the span of 1 to 6 months within France or in abroad.

Work-Study Track: With the duration of 12 to 24 months, Excelia Group provides a perfect platform to build a strong career structure and prepare students for the real job market, while engaging them with other experienced business people.

The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse: Initiative in Pre-Incubation Support

In 2018 Excelia created a supportive environment called “The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse” aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial projects and foster the entrepreneurial spirit among the students. It consists of a pre-incubation bench with an eight week support program in addition to the academic courses.

Experiential and Personal Development (EPD): Excelia Group offers unique learning approach while finding solutions to problems and learnings in a structured environment.

EPD ensures that the program is sustainable with an approach to achieve enhanced and comprehensive learning experience in personal and professional development among students.

Comprehensive Support Systems

Mentoring: Seniors extend their help to the juniors during the free time to tackle academic barriers and develop interaction between them.

Tutoring: A team of tutors and coaches help the students to take initiation in their personal and professional profile for future occupation.

Career Centre: Students are offered with opportunities to visit workshops, meet with coaches, and receive information regarding internship vacancies and help them to get their desired job

Student Services Offered by Excelia Group

Excelia Group is an international group of higher education institutions that provides its students with a wide range of services to fulfill their needs for education, health, and well-being.

Accommodation Options

In regard to the need for accommodation of every student, Excelia Group adopts diverse strategies to provide accommodation to its students in partnership with several other organizations.

Excelia’s Accommodation Platform: It is a website that provides an access to a vast database of potential rental accommodations to its students ranging from single stove apartments to shared houses and individual lodgings.

University Residences: Regional student welfare offices at La Rochelle, Tours, Orleans, and Paris campuses Excelia Group ensures university residences are available for the accommodation at the reasonable prices to not to burden the students’ financially.

Specialised Housing Associations: Agencies like CLLAJ 17, ARHPEJ, Association Jeunesse & Habitat, La Maison de l’Habitat and CRIJ promotes assistance and counselling in cooperation with the Excelia Group help its students to find suitable accommodation.

ADRIEM Association formed by the Excelia Group assists its international students to know the culture of France, learn the French language, while orientating in administrative procedures.

The Disability Support at Excelia Group

Excelia Group has an open policy for the students with the disability and offer special assistance like:

Adaptation of examinations and academic courses

Assistance with required equipment and tools

A pool of employment opportunities especially internships or work-study programs with the partner companies.

Network of Partner Associations

Excelia Group is associated with several organization such as FEDEEH, Tremplin, LADAPT, and Hanploi & School offering to its student with disabilities basis resource, services, and networking.

Student Life at Excelia Group

Excelia Group tries to develop student athletes along with the provision of academic programs to meet their needs and expectations to pursue their talents successfully.

With an esteemed education entity established in Excelia Group offers the provision of certain sport specific academic courses designed to elite the sporting personalities. They maintain relations with famous sports club and associations like Stade Rochelais rugby club, Chambray Touraine Handball Association and the French Sailing Federation.

This enables students to develop flexible timetable to accommodate academic and sporting activities respectively.

Additionally, Excelia Group encourages women in sports like basketball, rugby, parasports, table tennis, horse-riding, and sailing by assisting them with the special options.

Excelia Group Rankings

Excelia Group has shown its remarkable performance at both national and international level and has climbed the ranks while providing the best quality education and employability rate to international students.

Eminent Achievements in Ranking

Figaro 2023: Excelia business schools have ranked in the top 10 positions for its Bachelor’s programs and shared the ranking at 6th position in Bachelor of Business and BBA International.

Student Ranking 2024: Excelia Group of Business School is placed at 10th position in post-prep and 2nd in post baccalaureate among 37 LearnUs institutions.

QS Business Masters Rankings 2024: Excelia Business School is ranked for the fourth time by Etudiant which includes four of its programs listed in this international ranking.

Times Higher Education IMPACT 2023: Excelia has entered THE IMPACT world ranking for the first time and occupies the second place among the French Management schools.

Financial Times 2023: The Schools’ Masters program is ranked for the fifth time consecutively while securing 33 rd rank among all the Masters in Management institutions and ranked 10th among the management schools in France.

HappyAtSchool 2023 special CSR ranking: Excelia Business School ranks 8th in The Business School category emphasizing on its commitments to the CSR.

Le Point 2024: Excelia ranks among the top 10 schools including the Master Grande Ecole occupying the 2nd place among post-baccalaureate programs and 7th in the International BBA listed in four-year Bachelor’s degree.

Top European Business Schools 2023: Excelia Group of Business School has ranked 54 by the Times Higher Education supplements- Financial Times.

ChangeNow x Les Echos Start ranking: Excelia Business School took 5th place among 65 enterprises considering its commitment to ecological and social transformation.

Financial Times Custom Executive Education 2024: Excelia Business School stood 52 out of 90 institutions by the overall programs and stood among top 10 French management schools.

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