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Paris Saclay University

Paris Saclay University is the union of universities, prestigious schools and research organizations those have achieved notable success under its collaboration. This fits Paris-Saclay University as one of the best universities throughout Europe and globally.

Founded Year: 2019
Institution Type: Public

Bâtiment Bréguet, 3 Rue Joliot Curie 2e ét, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Paris Saclay University

A Blend of Disciplines

Paris-Saclay University offers integrated scientific curriculum including research, innovation, applied science, and fundamental science aiming to overcome society crisis. This also helps the scientific areas-Life Sciences and Health, Science and Engineering, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Wide Range of Programs

Paris-Saclay University engages its students through numerous subject programs starting from the undergraduate to doctorate programs in terms of intellectuality, adaptability and skill adaptations.

Premier Learning Environment

Based in the south of Paris, Paris-Saclay University indeed is advantageous and consequently beneficial place to build its connection with the social partners comprising start-ups, main industrial groups, and associations among others to sustainable economy.

Paris-Saclay University is an amalgamation of:

  • 5 Training and Research Units: Anthropology, Economics, Management, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sciences, Sports Sciences, etc.
  • 3 Technological University Institutes: IUT Cachan, IUT Orsay, IUT Sceaux.
  • 1 University Engineering school: Polytech Paris-Saclay
  • 4 Major Schools: CentraleSupelec, AgroParisTech, Ecole Normale Superieure Paris Saclay, Institut d’Optique Graduate School.
  • 2 Associate Member Universities: Versaille-St-Quentin Court of Scientific Research (UVSQ) , University of Evry (UE).

Along with a wide scale of Bachelor’s and Master’s high-level degrees, as well as Doctorate degrees having strong research components, Paris-Saclay University contributes enormous demands for its French membership and European networks called EUGLOH with respect to international collaboration

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Paris Saclay University Scholarships

To develop of an outstanding place of learning Paris-Saclay University supports students living inclusivity by guiding the values of academic excellence with multifaceted scholarships.

International Master’s Scholarships

The university provides these scholarships to the most promising international students who contribute to the intellectual development of the most talented students. These scholarships are tailored for international students who wish to study either as undergraduate or Graduate in the host institution.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

Being selective and prestigious, Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program aims to attract the most talented students of the educational institutions. This scholarship offers diversity in learning conditions in the French higher education focusing on academic excellence of its students.

Scholarship Term and Eligibility

For the academic year 2024-2025, the master’s program delivered by University Paris-Saclay as well as the related higher education institutions, this scholarship is available for students granting for just 1 or 2 courses, based on where a student entered the program and their minimum credit requirements.

Refugee Students Support

Paris Saclay University in partnership with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and MEnS association allows its students with complementary protection or refugee status.

Scholarship Amount and Payment

The Paris-Saclay University scholarship provides 10,000 €per year that is payable over 10 months of period.

Student who wins the scholarship has an opportunity to get another 1,000€ more for traveling and visa expenses depending on their resident country.

Aspect of Course Attendance and Academic Mobility

Students grabbing this scholarship must agree the terms and conditions of the university including the course attendance, mobility policies, internship and placement requirements.


Candidates of such scholarship programs are informed 8 days before through the email to decide to accept or to refuse the offer.

Paris Saclay University Placements

Recognized for its innovative researches and high academic reputation, Paris-Saclay University provides internships to its international students.

Tailored Internship Opportunities for Everyone

Paris-Saclay University builds a supportive learning and teaching environment with the customized internships providing the most authentic learning environment and the obnoxious practice for future career.

Individually, Students can undertake a research internship at Paris-Saclay laboratories or a hospital offering career field internships of different administrative departments.

With maximum flexibility duration of internship may range from two months to a maximum of six months by abiding the regulations the French legal system.

Acquiring an Internship

To get selected for the internship, students should get in touch with their higher education institutions reaching the relevant laboratory, hospital, or department at Paris-Saclay .

Mandatory Internship Agreement

Students have to sign the internship agreement involving their sending institution and their host institution. Moreover all kinds of advantageous arrangements are offered for the students who do internship through the Erasmus+ programme and also to those who are outside of the program.

Student Services Offered by Paris Saclay University

Accommodation Services

Paris-Saclay University offers new CASA housing platform with ideal accommodation with hassle free stay taking into an account the students preferences and their preferred characteristics.

Key features include:

  • A broad overview of public and private housing.
  • Map location helping students to locate the area.
  • Detail information of amounts, direct charges, and circumstantial services.
  • Accomodation near the transport and local shopping centers’ proximity.
  • CROUS, GUPS, Lokaviz, and Studapart, offering a wide range of housing options to the students.

Digital Support

Paris-Saclay University provides powerful digital tools to enhance students studying and working experience:

  • In addition to personal email support the university provides tailored messages
  • WiFi connection across all campuses
  • Easy accessibility of Microsoft Office 365 application.
  • Ecampus, an online platform to provide common educational services,.
  • The Paris Saclay application to offer digital services around.

Material Aid

Paris-Saclay University supports its students with the attractive form of material and individual assisting (AMII) providing libraries with complete resources.

Support to the Students with Disabilities

The University has designed an inclusive process like functional (motor or sensory) disorder or psychological for its students with different types of disabilities. The Department of Disability and Studies provides a systematic approach in assessing student requirements and crafting individualized support packages.

University provides comprehensive services for its students with physical and sensory including:

  • Tailored advisory program and customized facilitations.
  • Research to evaluate prospective interests and requirements.
  • The ongoing accessibility of course contents and the catering of exams.

Catering Services

With a variety of meal options, Paris-Saclay University ensures students focus on their studies by:

  • Facilitating healthy foods with various cuisines on college campuses.
  • One euro meals for scholarship holders and those in the CROUS category to avoid any issue of economic diversity.
  • Everyday vegetarian meals menu as well as the Vegetarian Green Monday canteen.

Student Health Services

Considering the health and well being of its students Paris- Saclay University with experienced and qualified staff provides a wide range of health services from medical check-ups to consultations and specialist services.

Student Life at Paris Saclay University

Private schools like Paris Saclay University in France focuses on building a promising and captivating experience to communicate across the world by providing a diverse and well-rounded experience for the students.

International Welcome Desk

The university provides the International Welcome Desk and research-oriented service to help students to settle in French environment. Services offered include:

  • Instruction on the procedures to the concerned applicants.
  • Post-admission information sessions.
  • Free service and mentoring to the new international students featured in the Buddy Program.
  • Flexible appointments throughout the school year to support students studies and campus activities.

Arts and Cultural Activities

Among many other aspects of Paris Saclay University supports diverse cultural events including:

  • Art, theatre, dance, music, writing, photography and other artist’s abilities and general health, wellbeing and happiness
  • Open access to attend 40 French events per academic year up to 90%

Sports at the University

The University’s Sports Club (SUAPS) in charge of more than 80 different kinds of sports activities join this club or participate in one of the activities providing opportunities to use different physical activity facilities, like pool, dance studio, tennis court, gym and outdoor sport grounds on the campus.

Sexual and Gender-related violence policy

Paris-Saclay University has the sexually based and gender based violence (SGBV) support unit to help victims and student and staff to educate on SGBV by employing series of campaigns and trainings to provide safe campus.

Paris Saclay University Rankings

University updated itself at the 1st place in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking.

  • In 2015, the Paris-Saclay University ranked 22nd for Engineering & Technology in the Fortune’s Global Ranking of Data Rich Companies.
  • In 2023 QS World University ranks the Paris-Saclay University in the top 50 universities across six subjects standing at the highest order of the globe.
  • Ranked 16th, 17th and 21st worldwide in Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy respectively, and in Natural Sciences section respectively.
  • In 2024, Paris Saclay University achieved the 58th position in the Metric ranking.

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