INSA Toulouse is a highly reputable French Engineering School which shapes its students to become the leader shaping their life in a better world. This institution aims to develop the student’s capabilities and objectives regardless of their community and locations.

With the objective to live up to the improved national and regional strategies, INSA Toulouse contributes to the scientific research and ways to mitigate social issues.  This is an independent research center to create an environment with the capital distribution.

Founded Year: 1963
Institution Type: Public

135 Av. de Rangueil, 31400 Toulouse, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose INSA Toulouse

Exceptional Quality Training: INSA Toulouse is one of the best French engineering schools offering the highest education to its students who graduate from this school become a world-class engineer with the innovative and global oriented knowledge.

Dedicated Student Support: INSA Toulouse provides student orientation issues including: diversity, inclusion, and disability.

The personalized career way (PPI) allows each student to receive appropriate advising.

Vibrant Campus Life: The campus of INSA Toulouse is a different world with 80 clubrooms covering from leisure, sports, culture to science.

Location and Lifestyle: INSA Toulouse offers a wide range of cultural, social, and entertainment opportunities for students along with the main research and industry-focused centers.

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INSA TOULOUSE Accreditations

INSA TOULOUSE received its accreditation status through the Grandes Ecoles conference highlighting the university’s dedication to its primary goal to creating a stimulating and rewarding educational space.

Conference de Grandes Ecoles accreditation indicates the highest level of education quality of INSA TOULOUSE in academic merit with the power to shape innovative and inspirational leaders.

INSA TOULOUSE Scholarships

With the best possible French higher educational institution, INSA TOULOUSE offers EIFFEL scholarship. It is a special opportunity to the students with the master’s and doctoral level from virtually anywhere in the world.

EIFFEL Excellence Scholarships

It is one of the most popular grants by INSA Toulouse to promote applications:

Degree Coverage: This scholarship is targeted for both masters and PhD for the international students pursuing either INSA Toulouse Engineering degree at master’s level or enrolled here for a master degree or PhD to other disciplines.

This scholarship entails Academic excellence to support young international talents with outstanding skills.


INSA Toulouse has proven its responsibility and dedication towards the students by implementing dynamic and innovative strategies with pedagogical work and professional placement.

Resolve Exceptional Problems

INSA Toulouse with an economic challenge has taken measures to maintain and support skill development program, a community of conversations for internships creation for more than 30 students.

Civic Participation as a Tool for Getting Closer

In collaboration with civic engagement mission INSA TOULOUSE extends the internships to the first and second year students to support the student’s commitment to the transformative experience.

Harnessing Alumni Networks

The INSA Toulouse Alumni shows its total support by co-operating with the school administration, business and alumni relation department in creating a pool of internships.

NGOs as Partner for Global Impact

Using its “Alliances program” and working with NGOs, INSA finds and solves the technical and scientific problems of 30 internships for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Career Center

In addition, INSA TOULOUSE has set up its Career Center in partnership with JobTeaser to form the interns and prospective employers.

Student Services Offered by INSA TOULOUSE

With the quality and specialized service tailored for the international students academic and accommodation needs, INSA Toulouse helps to achieve the full potential.

Housing & Accommodation

INSA focuses to find solutions for the problems of finding the place to live for its international students even before they arrive in the campus by providing rooms in CROUS residences.

The alternate options include- eight student residences located on the university campus and other private residences. Accommodation information is provided directly either at Promologis or CROUS INSA or students can instead investigate the city center and the area near the campus and housing accommodation operators like Studea.

Welcome Services

The Welcome Desk of INSA Toulouse consists of numerous offices to assist students in their administrative formalities, such as housing, transportation, health, culture, sports and many other areas.

Health Matters

While enrolling at INSA Toulouse students have to submit their social security attestation to the university to provide an opportunity to reimburse their medical expenses. Along with the first-aid students are monitored regularly on an individual basis for personal matters like struggles with families, social life, or finances, etc.

Special Needs

INSA Toulouse provides specialized support for the students who seek help for the special needs service starting with the services close to the college.

Common Health Services

The University of Toulouse’s intensification service for students, SIMPPS provides discussion with a doctor, a psychologist, a dietitian or a sexologist (a professional name) free of charge.

Student Life at INSA TOULOUSE

Campus and Facilities

Peaceful college park is the trendy school cafe and Bib’INSA is a well-furnished library with its plethora of books and educational material to focus students on their studies, access books or organize group meetings. The campus is the home to the football field, gym, and student’s association consisting of multiple clubs and student organizations.

Fabric’INSA is a student association that allows students for free creation involving brainstorming of ideas and finished product with other companies.

Social and Cultural Activities

“Amicale des Eleves” is an official student association aiming to widen student’s horizons by organizing games and arrangement of trips. This association ranges from diverse types, sports and dancing and games, music, crafts, movies or art and many other things.

Dining Options

The campus includes a cafeteria and a restaurant to serve cheaper meals for more than 1,800 campus members serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Convenient Transportation

INSA’s Campus is easy to access from Metro line B and buses operating with unlimited student passes for the urban rail network. Also, city bike-sharing programs are available to encourage green-minded people to choose the options that are more environmental sustainable.


INSA Toulouse is excellent in education and is repeatedly placed among the are ranked among the top in France.

According to L’Etudiant magazine in 2020, Toulouse was ranked as “the best city to study” for its exceptional education boasting the superior way of life representing by both research and industrial hubs.

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