IMT Mines Albi Engineering School

IMT Mines Albi Engineering School

IMT Mines Albi Enginerering School stands out with its highly innovating sustainable development strategies. It functions under the Ministry of Industry in partnership with Mines-Telecom Institute that makes the school as the leading engineering institute in the country.

Founded Year: 1992
Institution Type: Public

All. des sciences, 81000 Albi, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose IMT Mines Albi Engineering School

Member of the Shining Club

A student of IMT Mines Albi, will become a member of an elite network of both French and international institutions with lot of connections to help students for their economic and professional growth.

Innovation at Its Heart

IMT Mines Albi sets the standard in the field of conceptualization, technology and innovation-launching in the development and exploration of new concepts and practices in the mining sector. It integrates four missions – education of engineers, the frontier of science research, building the intellectual capital of the local and national economy along with adding knowledge capital through STEAM culture for the new innovations.

Quality Education and Research

IMT Mines Albi gives the choice between undergraduate or master programs that to know the ideas and leaders. The school has its research center located at three research centers: the IEC, IDA, AIA – Clement Ader Institute – Albi as well as the RAPSODEE.

Flexibility, Personalization, and Connectedness

IMT Mines Albi trains the students through the overlapping business area to fit perfectly in the future industries to provide variety of programs based on major industrial trends and an ability to live globally.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

IMT supports the development of business innovations and entrepreneurship to help the students to transform their innovative ideas into a project, a product, a service or an organizational method.

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IMT Mines Albi Engineering School Accreditations

IMT Mines Albi Engineering is distinguished with its quality of teaching, research and innovation.

Engineering Certification Commission

In 2017, the school was endorsed by CTI along with three-year validation that shows the quality of teaching at IMT Mines Albi.

This demonstrates that the school has stable reputation focusing on the quality academic and research training to stay at apex.

IMT Mines Albi Engineering School Scholarships

Students at IMT Mines Albi Engineering School embark on international initiative to access a rich variety of financial aid support by offering the international accomplishments with some of the key scholarships:

Erasmus+ Scholarship

By supporting students with financial assistance, this scholarship makes studying abroad quite easy and cost-effective aiming to encourage intercultural exchange, to enhance European Union’s higher education outcomes, and to develop the skills of students.

Regional State Administration Support

The local governmental entity of the school supports international student’s movement by providing financial assistance along with the student’s ability to acquire global competence in an international course overseas.

Institut Mines-Telecom Financial Aid

This scholarship offers financial assistance for the simplified trans-national moves and attracts global missions.

Fondation Mines-Telecom Support

This financial support brings life to the international projects initiated by IMT Mines students.

IMT Mines Albi Engineering School Placements

The school leads its students in the right direction toward their career objectives. By offering them with the placements to assists its students in reaching their dream jobs.

Nurturing Career Growth

The final year students can experience a mature career plan to build confidence in their long-term goals and create an action plan. This provides the training in the job interview techniques to help learners advance with grace and capability to their dream job

Support Post Graduation

After the graduation, alumni’s are supported by the professionalization and employment service for free. It assists individuals in job procurement to provide a continuous support to the student’s professional life.

Internship Opportunities

Internships provide students an online platform to apply their theoretical knowledge to solve real-world problems and to gain authentic work experience.

Discover Courses for Young Minds

IMT Mines Albi takes students at least from the 3rd grade to the middle school for a 5-day “discovery” course every term. Students can come either in groups or as individuals.

Student Services Offered by IMT Mines Albi Engineering School

Accommodation Facilities

The school offers Jarlard halls, Gambetta, Jacques Halfon, and Temporalite halls of residence of the Albi, located in the city center.

To stay connected all times, three primary Wi-Fi networks are available:

  • Mines-Visitors Network
  • Eduroam Network

Fully Furnished Lodgings

Each room has a required stuff like a desk, a chair, stools, a bed, a table, a fridge, and a closet. Besides furniture unlimited WiFi is facilitated to help students’ learning.

Shared Amenities

In addition, common facilities ranging from a laundry with a washing machine and a dryer there are recreational areas and the TV room to make the place more relaxed and create a social environment.

Rents and Utility Charges

The accommodation prices include all utility charges from the internet service which is unlimited to the electricity, and water bills, and common areas maintenance.

Student Life at IMT Mines Albi Engineering School

The Lively BDE

The school’s administration office (Bureau des eleves – BDE) offers a vibrant atmosphere within a student dorm. The BDE houses:

  • 32 clubs
  • 8 associations

The Social Hub


  • The Main room will be used for activities.
  • Meeting rooms and spaces for smaller groups next to each other.
  • Recreation facilities such as pool tables and table football.

Events Galore

Students can choose cultural, sporting and charitable activities that include the events like:

  • The gala
  • Acthea
  • Integration weekend: WEI
  • The Mines Cartel
  • End of study weekend: WEFE

Incorporating Sports & Recreation

IMT Mines Albi blends athletics with academics:

Mandatory Sports: Apart from the engineering modules students can regularly undertake sports modules in the course of their high school.

Extracurricular Sports: Besides sports, students can engage in sports for their own enjoyment or for competition through the school’s Sports Association (S.A. EMAC).

Adequate and Comprehensive Facilities

Along with the physical fitness such as a 24 hour accessible gymnasium the school consists of a climbing park, a dance studio, a multi-sports court, and a vibrant football and basketball court.

IMT Mines Albi Engineering School Rankings

On August 19th, 2021, IMT Mines Albi climbs to the Top 10 of French Institutions by the Round University Ranking (RUR).

Top-Notch Display

IMT Mines Albi ranked as the 7th institute in France by staying at the 367th position in Natural and Physical Sciences among 1150 universities across the world.

Excellence across Categories

IMT Mines Albi’s achievement relies on its exceptional performance in three main categories:


Ranking 181th in the for its low student-teacher ratio

Emphasizing on granted doctoral degrees per academic staff the school ranks high at 218th position on the global scale.


With the large number of international students, the school is positioned at 222th position in the world.


Ranked 295th for its solid international research reputation.

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