ESAIP School of Engineers

ESAIP School of Engineers

ESAIP School of Engineers discovers the Education as the envoy of the innovative powerful tool for the change and transition toward the sustainable development of tomorrow.

“ESAIP” the school of engineers is a non-profit top-ranking school with specialization in digital technologies and environmental management located in France. In regard to education, ESAP School is one of the best schools in achieving the modern teaching style which is at its best for the students to advance into the most profitable career.

Founded Year: 1988
Institution Type: Private

18 Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 49124 Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why you should choose the ESAIP School of Engineers

World-Class Curriculum: ESAIP offers programs in Computer Engineering and Risk Management & Environment Engineering. They also include courses for AI & Data Management, Cyber Security, Big Data, and switching to cleaner energy sources.

International Exposure: ESAIP students are invited to participate in exchange programs in Canada showing the national exchange in context to curriculum for foreign students.

Real-World Experience: Internships is a differentiating aspect of ESAIP engineering school where students can work on large projects. ESAIP is partnered with the companies to sharpen the technical & management skills of students to solve real business issues.

Alumni Network: Students get connected to a network of alumni who are actively attending to the students’ professional needs, it can be for guidance, mentorship or job opportunities.

Location: The Angers campus is merely 10 minutes drive from the city where students can find an inspirational cultural hub to engaging them socially and academically.

Affordable Tuition Fees: With reasonable tuition fees, ESAIP prides that it guarantees high-quality education to its students by making it a wise and unconventional choice of most students.

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ESAIP School of Engineers Accreditations

Accreditation Keys of ESAIP School of Engineers

ESAIP School of Engineers, the prestigious engineering school in France has gained international acknowledgement and credibility. These are not only based on the high academic standards it maintains, but on the numerous prestigious accreditations that it holds as well.

State Accreditation

The French state government has accredited ESAIP, emphasizing its solidity and academic excellence. This supports ESAIP to deliver standardized engineering education to generate skilled engineers.

“Grande Ecole” Accreditation

In 2004, ESAIP obtained the high-distinction “Grande Ecole” accreditation, which distinguishes the framework of elite higher education in France. The school’s name highlights its mission imparting the best knowledge and technologies to produce graduates ready to serve the industries that are vital to changing the world.

Participation within the “Conference of Grandes Ecoles”

The “Conference des Grandes Ecoles” affiliation places ESAIP as the standard institution having goals to continue research, academic quality, and innovation development. With this position ESAIP holds the responsibility tothe promising of Cooperative school to help increase credibility and prestige of this college.

Recognition by French CTI organizations

The French C.T.I. (Commission des Nom de l’Ingenieur) recognized the Degrees confirming the position ofthe University abroad, to make sure their graduates receive degrees from the foreign schools.

Impressively, ESAIP proves the need to produce top-level graduate with constantly gaining honors.

Student Services Offered by ESAIP School of Engineers

ESAIP provides many services to the thriving student community, from environmental seminars to entertainment events, such as concerts and movie screenings.

Situated just 10 minutes away from the lively city of Angers in France, the ESAIP School of Engineers is definitely more than an institution of learning. And the best is their understanding and practice of a holistic education that puts students’ needs at the foremost level with no compromise on quality.

Angers, a true cultural city of 40,000 students, is the unique mix of academic success and contemporary conditions.

Through Academic Success Advising and Learning Resources, First-Year Students will be provided with an Outstanding Support Services.

Hence, they provide a dedicated support system for all incoming students which includes:

  • STUDAPART, an online housing platform providing a suitable place to live for a student.
  • Instruction on how to fill CAF (Housing Benefit), immigration, and social security registration forms to help their students rapidly adapt to the new environment.
  • Guidance in opening a bank account, finding and securing home insurance.
  • WEIS: Supporting and promoting integration of International Students.

The college has the society of international students’ integration at the ESAIP School of Engineers, WEIS, supporting students from all around the world academically and socially. This promotes ESAIP with good reputation in offering diverse and internationalized experience to build bonds among students from different nations.

ESAIP School of Engineers Placements

Aims at offering careers a home at ESAIP School of Engineers

With a combination of both technical and managerial education by practical experiences ESAIP School of Engineers trains engineers to be confident and capable professionals.

Real-world Projects: Activ’Esaip

The ESAIP students are involved in practical workshops, such as Activ’Esaip. These projects, through the collaboration with partner companies engage students with using technical and managerial tools to tackle real-life industry circumstances.

Internships: Mock Stages of the Professional Treadmill

Students participate in several internships throughout their ESAIP journey which critically contribute to their career building.

These internships:

  • Provide a set of assignments based on different types of work
  • Set up a diverse network of new affiliates
  • Enable students to acquire hands-on skills that the prospective employers will anticipate.
  • Convert theoretical lessons into communal job power.

Besides, these internships ESAIP is proud that a considerable number of the students take established contacts with the companies interned to find their first jobs there.

Personalized Support for Localizing French Business Environment

ESAIP regards the long-term commitment, about 1-2 months, before the actual internship as a critical aspect of preparing the professional experience to make sure that the students are competitive and win in their corresponding business world. Additionally, they provide required knowledge about the French business environment to the students to be successful in their business.

Beside all ESAIP have the following placement benefits too

  • 4 compulsory internships
  • Financial gratification for internships
  • Entrepreneurship training sessions

ESAIP alumni platform which includes networking and mentorship opens up with many opportunities to bring together technical and professional skills with real life experience, to create a rich academic experience in engineering.

Life in Angers

Living in Anger: An Academic and Cultural Center of the Highest Rank

The city, Angers is home to “ESAIP Angers” and ranks as one of the best French cities in terms of living and studying conditions. Itis just a 10 minutes bus ride away from city center and offers many opportunities to explore during field trips to heritage sites.

Academic Prowess

With vibrant population of 40000 students, Angers is the stupendous academic center.

A Modern, Cultural City

Angers is a window to the new world and culture beyond the classroom walls. The city of buzzes with concerts, events and animation organized all for the youth tobe entertained in a pleasant city.

Student Support Services: With the concern of its student population the city provides the support services to incoming students:

STUDAPART: A student virtual housing portal to provide accommodation that is student-centric, simple, and less problematic.

CAF: A housing allowance package that guarantees affordable residence for students.

Immigration and Social Security Registration: To fasten the regulatory tactics for the national students.

Bank Account Opening and Home Insurance: Financial services are provided only for the particularity of student life.

WEIS: Anger offers a student association that is aimed at integrating international students into the local community.

ESAIP School of Engineers Rankings

It is considered a top-notch engineering education institution acknowledging its high quality and standards holding a prominent position in the global university rankings.

The performance of ESAIP Engineering School in world academic rankings can be attributed by:

In the QS World University Rankings, its position is 6790 and the ESAIP School of Engineers holds a decent place.

Across Europe, the school is ranked 1613, which is quite outstanding

UniRank places ESAIP School of Engineers at 6234th

ESAIP’s Recognition in France

The record of ESAIP Engineering School demonstrates that it is not only the best engineering school in the whole of France but also 161st in the national rankings.

Onwards, the school is affirmed by its participation in the Federation of Higher Education Institutions with Collective Interest (FESIC).

Additional Accolades and Accreditations

The college was awarded the prestigious rank of “Grande Ecole” in 2004, prompting even more interest and admiration among higher education institutions throughout the country.

ESAIP is recognized by the prestigious C.T.I. French organization.

According to the EDUopinions rate ESAIP at 3.5 for its effective and innovative learning.

The ESAIP School of Engineers achieves its mission with its regular prestigious ratings and acknowledgments holding the promise of providing top-quality education and fostering a learning environment based on academic excellence.

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