Aix-Marseille University

AMU (AIX MARSEILLE UNIVERSITY) is the most wide multidisciplinary university for its educational level. With 8000 students, the university provides a wide and prosperous experience in its five major campuses.

Founded Year: 1409
Institution Type: Public

Jardin du Pharo, 58 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise


Interdisciplinary as a Strong Basis

The University Foundation A*Midex is based on interdisciplinary higher education and research aiming to bring the elite academic level to a higher level covering the research structures associated with significant well-known national research organizations.

The Innovation Pioneering

AMU is dedicated to innovation in the City of Aix-Marseille Innovation and Knowledge (CISAM), technological platforms, and Poles of Territorial Innovation (PIT) linked to CNRS and INSERM.

Students Empowerment and Sustainable Growth

Education at AMU ensures first-class training by the research teams for the student’s entrepreneurship with the commitment to not to decline academic excellence while teaching social responsibility.  This shows AMU’s dedication is an innovative act that initiates the campus awareness, sustainable environment, social equality, and student welfare.

Global Reach and Recognition

The global outreach of AMU is a winner of the European Commission`s project “CIVIS – Civic European University” with an enormous step towards dealing with global societal issues.

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“Bienvenue en France” the French Accreditation

AMU received the label- “EM Intensively Dedicated to the Improvement and the Ergonomics of the Experience of International Students,” in July 2019 from Frederique VIDAL, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

This guarantees a high quality service for international students in five key areas:

  • Ease and quality of the information
  • Accessing and reception facilitating the desired quality education
  • Quality of teaching methodology
  • Housing and campus life
  • Monitoring post-graduate


Excellent Grants to International Students

For the international students’ mobility and integration AMU creates scholarship program addressing its decision to the top students.

AMU provides TIGER Master’s Excellence Scholarships to offer an opportunity to acquire merit scholarship during the GST. This scholarship is open to all outstanding international students to help them with financial aid and support them to find accommodation by welcoming them to join TIGER community.

The notable benefits are:

  • Contribution to the tuition fee with €10,000 for one year
  • Reserved room at CROUS in a university campus.
  • Help students from the time of arrival till they stay in France.

Excellence Initiative Student Mobility Grant

Establishment of the “Excellence Initiative Student Mobility Grant” by A*Midex is to increase international student mobility at University Aix-Marseille. Key features:

  • The scholarship with a minimum of two-month internship duration
  • Within the scope of Successful courses of excellence
  • For undergraduate, graduate and PhD students in any field of study.

Eiffel Scholarships

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Eiffel Scholarships attracts the best students for Postgraduate and Doctorate studies emphasizing on the foreign students in the context of fierce competition for brightest talents among leading developed nations.


AMU imparts a wide range of training courses targeting all sectors paving the way for individuals to get prepared as technicians, supervisors, and executives.

In integration of both students and graduates at the professional level AMU provides future employees for the organization.

Bridging the Academia and Business Communities

Widening the links between the institution and social – economic structures, AMU offers a variety of actions through Business Relations unit for Courses Orientation and Integration. These include:

  • Company presentations
  • Round-table discussions
  • Forums

Find Future Collaborators

The AMU trains more 78,000 future professionals for an internship, work study program, or job by setting up a booth on the campus lawn and different activities, such as game shows or Q&A sessions.

From the business, local authority or also yet, socio-economy AMU offers assistance through the AMU Department of Partnership with the Socio-Economic World (DPMSE) as needed.

Student Services Offered by AMU - AIX MARSEILLE UNIVERSITY


AMU offers several options, such as:

CROUS: focusing on students from lower economic background.

Studapart: offering variety of eco-friendly options located close to university campuses providing accommodation options for all international students during their mobility program.

Lokaviz: national site for student accommodation fulfilling various requirements.

Amphi Exit: being the self-financed student ofthe city of Marseille campus bus is available within the campus boundary.

Koloc’solidaire of AFEV: this is an excellent project for students to engage in community development.

Support for Disabled Students

AMU assists to the students with disabilities by helping them in their studies and examination writing. Disabled students arealso eligible for social benefits providing Croatian Association of Students by facilitating the student health service branch and Handicap Mission.

Self-service Bike Rentals

AMU offers self-service bike rentals in Marseille and Avignon, either between weekdays or at weekly rates, and multi-riders plans cooperating with Metropole Mobilite and rents out long-term electric bikes.

Health Relay Students

ERS AMU guides students with the health issues collaborating withthe Student Health Service (SSU) available on all AMU campuses by conducting series of educational campaigns aiming at cultivating healthy lifestyles by counseling on emotional mind, risky behaviors, mental disorders and addictions.


Arts, Culture, and Diversity

PACTE AMU helps its students by offering student membership in the local cultural structures to ensure that the students can profit from the regional cultural charm at a cheaper rate. And to benefit from preferential rates in theaters, concerts, and sports.

The Culture and Society Department of AMU thrives on three core principles:

Attractiveness and Living Well: By promoting its national and international cultural policy, AMU enjoys significant events claiming its position in the institutional landscape. AMU provides a cultural offering through its artistic performances together with local cultural groups.

Student Life and Citizenship: AMU reinforces tolerance and fellowship through free workshops organized to initiate the student activities to engage its international students to integrate in a society.

Research and Training: The goal of AMU is to provide disciplinary culture for the pre-determined and limited areas of learning by offering the innovative solutions to the specific issues or challenges of the society.

Balancing Sports and Studies

Sport students combine their sporting careers with their academic education providing special learning needs unique to the students, catering corporate structures, modes of examination, supportive devices, supplementary education and facilitating units.


AIX MARSEILLE UNIVERSITY ranks as the top higher education institution marking its significant place on the global academic map.

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