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To utilize the best digital technology and innovation Telecom Paris is a member of Institut Mines-Telecom and a founding member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Telecom Paris delivers superior educational programs that are highly selective, interdisciplinary, and grounded in rigorous research. Demonstrating technology Telecom Paris serves an economy and society of a model to see the future and make models, tools, and digital solutions.

Founded Year: 1878
Institution Type: Public

19 Pl. Marguerite Perey, 91120 Palaiseau, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Telecom Paris

The IMT Advantage

Being a part of IMT (Institut Mines-Telecom), Telecom Paris students enjoy:

  • Access to 13 public network colleges including graduate schools
  • Access connection group activities to gain more knowledge
  • Access to leading French MOOC platform

A World-Class Partnership

Telecom Paris campus offers its students, research professors and staff to build closer relationships with the selected leaders in higher educational field.

  • Consensus on the public higher education system.
  • Focus on digital technology and the forward-looking business.
  • Focus on the problems entitling societal and ecological needs.
  • Diverse opportunity through IMT system

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Telecom Paris Accreditations

Institut Carnot Accreditation

In association with the Carnot institute Telecom & Numerique, Telecom Paris is known for its high-level associates testifying the research and cooperation which is accredited by HCERES.

The ACCREDITATION of the Commission des Titres d’Ingenieurs (CTI)

A CTI accreditation is a prestigious French Engineering Qualifications Commission acknowledging the engineering program by the Telecom Paris. With the independent accrediting CTI respects public and private institutions to enrich the engineering systems.

Telecom Paris Scholarships

Telecom Paris offers need-based scholarship to the eligible students run by the Crous of Versailles academy to ensure that the talented students do not undergo finical hardships.

Scholarship recipients have several perks, including:

  • Free from registration and social security labor contributions.
  • Students can upload the Crous provisional notification on their online student platform.

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) offers a bridge between international students for higher education and cultural exchange.

Telecom Paris Placements

A Peek at Real-Life Engineering

Telecom Paris offers classroom learning along with its industry-academia collaboration supporting the educational process with an array of projects or internship opportunities.

Personalized Guidance for Interns

Each student at Telecom Paris is assigned an advisor for the placement involving in students’ practical activities, and aiding them in the technical aspect. Once the internship is completed, students compose a science paper and give a speech in front of a discussion panel.

Customized Internships Fitting Particular Employment Objectives

Telecom Paris provides two very different types of internships for their students:

Personal Skills Internship: This internship lasts for one to two months at the end of the first year to enable students to be a member of the organization.  There are various ranges of companies from start-ups to big companies in the national and international level offer internship.

Engineering Internship: This is a 60 days internship in the second year of academics aiming to provide technical expertise and soft skill development in the work field.

Student Services Offered by Telecom Paris

Telecom Paris Institute is an integral part of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris that provides several services to its students by catering from dining and to the extensive and elaborate library.

Sumptuous Dining Facilities

Telecom Paris campus features restaurant that accommodates a large volume of people along with dining areas for relaxation.  Irrespective of the gender, cultures or ages all are treated equally and with respect.

Accommodation Arrangements for Every Student

Regardless of national or international students, Telecom Paris guarantees housing assistance to each student to feel at home. This includes the accommodation options:

  • A user-friendly and quick single shop to meet all the housing requirements
  • Direct partnership accommodations
  • Young student seek an accommodation through Studapart and LivinFrance platforms to find a housing solution
  • Students get assistance from the housing support team to help in housing ideas.

Library Services for Advancement of Learning

Telecom Paris’ library offers a robust learning hub with various services along with the different library spaces and the modernized equipment to the students with the academic and research ambitions.

Interlibrary is also available for borrowing and on-demand purchasing of the books.

Student Life at Telecom Paris

Socializing with Clubs and Associations

The Telecom Paris consists of around 70 clubs and associations that cover a wide range of activities including both social and professional aspects of the students. This is to enable students to express their individuality by joining cultural or artistic clubs, sports teams while gaining valuable life and professional skills. Here are some of the activities:

Student clubs include ‘Bureau des Elèves’ and ‘Jeunes Chercheurs Telecom’ to attract larger diversity of student.

Various water sport competitions like sailing, tennis, badminton, handball and others are held annually.

Cultural activities such as theater, improv, and TV+(www. blinksarten. com), etc are managed by the school association.

Spotlight on Key Associations

Le Bureau des Elèves- Etudiant Unie

Offer extracurricular activity to the student life which is responsible for the student clubs and associations.

Rezel, Student Network

The IT network specialised by students, managed by students and featured on the Rezel association of students for technical requirements.

Les Jeunes Chercheurs Telecom (PhD Student Union)

This team is a group of junior volunteers to provide assistance throughout the three-year PhD program.

Fostering a Sporting Spirit: BDS -BC (Sports Office)

Telecom Paris organizes an average number of students to take part in various sporting activities through the BDS (Sports Office). This BDS is managed and supervised by fellow peers of sports club and associations functioning under a common organization ranging from popular sports such as football or tennis to seasonal sports ones like skiing.

Telecom Paris Rankings


Robust International Recognition

Telecom Paris stands at the 5th place in the Times Higher Education (THE) rankings, QS World University, and U-Multirank rankings.

In 2022, Times Higher Education ranking, Telecom Paris has made a debut as the 84th best university in Computer Science and 22nd in Physical Science.

Standing ahead at 34th place in the Harmonized World ‘’The Most International Universities in the World’ by THE, Telecom Paris demonstrates its globalization.

In 2022, QS Graduate Employability Rankings survey, Telecom Paris is ranked at 64th in Computer Science field.

Exceptional National Recognition

According to THE 2021-ranking, Telecom Paris is positioned at 2nd place as the best French engineering schools, 5th in best French universities and the 6th in the “best small university”

Interlaced with Industrial Relations

Ranked number 1 by U-Multirank in 2020, Telecom Paris ensures its consistency and equilibrium by providing excellent chance to its students to find employment and remuneration.

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