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Since 1854, UniLaSalle, had established its brand name known for its quality education. The LaSallian education has its main strength in focusing on student support, active association and networking, for the betterment of education.

Founded Year: 1854
Institution Type: Private

19 rue Pierre Waguet, BP 30313, 60026 BEAUVAIS Cedex

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Reasons to Choose Uni LaSalle

Mastery in Diverse Fields

UniLaSalle aims to meet the career goals of the students by providing variety of courses into agronomy, energy, digital technologies, or veterinary sciences as your professional background. This diverse academic area of study is the proof to reflecting its attention to the evolving world.

Swift Career Integration

Graduation from UniLaSalle can be a head-start in professional life. Conference des Grandes Ecoles reported that engineering graduates can find employments within five weeks of the completion of their graduation.

Towards Comprehensive Engineering Expertise

UniLaSalle, offers five specialized engineering degrees with an exception of the first two years common for all engineering. With this pathway students can make better career choice.

Apprenticeships for All Courses

Along with all the Engineering courses, UniLaSalle offers the work-study program before graduating so that students get familiarized with the industry standards.

The International Experience of Dual Degrees

In partnership with 260 Universities as well as with 29 international double degrees offers, chance to learn new language to understand different cultures.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

Uni LaSalle prepares the future leaders to support in a decent and sustainable development of studies to promote a responsible attitude towards society.

State-of-the-Art Campuses

Uni LaSalle has four fully equipped campuses located in Amiens, Beauvais, Rennes, and Rouen. Each campus has a unique set-up and education infrastructure.

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Uni LaSalle Accreditations

A non-profitable university, Uni LaSalle has many prestigious accreditations that distinguish its good education, research studies and innovation to ensure the quality education.

Uni LaSalle is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation classifying it as an Etablissement d’Enseignement Superieur Prive (EESPIG). This accreditation shows Uni LaSalle’s devotion to provide scholastic excellence to ensure high academic standards.

Uni LaSalle Scholarships

Uni LaSalle offers financial aid for eligible students’ to provide the financial aids. They offer merit-based or internship scholarship to make college more approachable and student-oriented.

State Aid

CROUS grants, APL and ALS to help students who need financial aid.

John-Jean Baptist Gagne Scholarship and Loans Fund

Uni LaSalle offers the exceptional help to its students experiencing severe economic trouble like temporary grants and provides loans with the help from  Jean-Baptiste Gagne Foundation.

Merit-Based Grants

If a state grant is not enough for higher studies, Uni LaSalle offers a new assistance tool to the merit students who are pursuing honors degree. They offer 10% to 50% discount on the tuition fee for the first two years

Grants for International Stays

Erasmus+ scholarship assignments cover travel expenses to a European Union country, for those interested to have a study stay or internship. The Grant covers €165 to €365. And also ADREG grant of Uni LaSalle offer abroad internships in the field of environmental preservation.

 Zero-Interest Loans

Uni LaSalle in co-operation with the Credit Agricole Brie Picardie made an interest-free loan from €1,500 to €5,000.

Veterinary Training Schemes

Uni LaSalle provides a annual scholarship for the first three years of the veterinary course to honor students who have passed their Bac with honors under state scholarships. Based on their level and the grades Uni LaSalle grants up to 75% of their tuition fees.

0% Interest Rates for Veterinary Training Learners

Students enrolled in the Uni LaSalle can get zero interest loans with Uni LaSalle as the guarantor.

Uni LaSalle Placements

Internship Needs with Uni LaSalle

Uni LaSalle a renowned institution offering intern and recent graduate needs. It has a platform for students with different talents, from beginners to graduates with the specific skill requirements.

Place a Job, Internship and Apprenticeship Advertisement with Confidence

With UniLaSalle, has introduced both the Career Development Center and JobTeaser in association with companies to offer help to the students at their fingertips.

Instant offers

Instant status updates of the posted jobs that are validated for easy archiving, with the editing and republishing efforts. This helps recruiters’ to quick posting of job offers.

Connection between UniLaSalle students and companies

UniLaSalle has organized committee to get companies which have their subsidiaries or branch offices in different cities to their college and conduct recruitment drive. One of them is AgoraJob the business forum and We-Match a jobs dating service set up for apprentice recruitment.

Internships Abroad: Smooth the Globalization of Education

Uni LaSalle offers internships opportunities beyond borders to broaden their cultural immersion along with the different engineering coursework.

This includes

  • For 1st year students, internships in Europe go up to 6-8 months.
  • UniLaSalle offers an option to opt for a semester or internship.
  • Volunteer as an intern in the 3rd year.
  • In the 4th year, 3 month pre-engineering internship can be done in abroad.
  • Placement at the end of last year.

Student Services Offered by Uni LaSalle

Uni LaSalle has built a team DMVE with a group of working professionals to facilitate the easy transition for the students who land her for the first time.

The DMVE assists students in the following ways

  • Provide comfortable environment and proper guidance to thrive in the institute for the first year students.
  • Offer sensitive and trusted counseling service by giving advice on all personal and academic matters.
  • Members of the DMVE community offers frequent interactions with directors of specialization to address the specific demands and quantifiable aims of the students.
  • Welcoming International Students, DMEV team does not only provide services to the local students but also for the international students.
  • DMVE team offers the best help to the students with a disability by giving an individualized support to achieve their ambition and get high quality education.
  • Promoting Health and Wellness, DMVE ensures physical health and well-by scheduling health-related coverage, through preventive steps, and initiation of many health-promoting programs.

Student Life at Uni LaSalle

The DMVE (Department for Life and Student Engagement) and Student Offices at UniLaSalle organizes financial and supportive environment to help students to carry out their projects in the dynamic and vibrant campus life. They play an active role in community, cultural, and sporting events.

Focus on Success

The Lasallian project is set to make sure that every student fulfils their academic potential and contribute to the societal progress. It imposes a deep dedication and the desire for personal development to work.

Service and Solidarity Commitments (ESS)

  • The DMVE, and solidarity commitments (ESS), enforces every student from the 1st to 4th year to organize or lead school life, within the campus.
  • The discipline of solidarity aids people in emergencies by working with each student to be connected with a campus group or association, or any NGO promoting solidarity.

Uni LaSalle Rankings

The Continuous Effort and Motivation for Excellence with Certified Recognition

Uni LaSalle is been honored with the prestigious ranks through the quality education and the support offered to students throughout their studies.

Recognized by “The Figaro” and “l’Etudiant” Rankings

With the latest information from “Figaro” ranking, Uni LaSalle stands at the 2nd position among biology-agronomy schools and the 4th position among geology-environment schools

l’Etudiant 2021 ranking highlighted the university’s strong relationships with companies and preparation for professional integration based on four criteria’s:

  • Exit salary
  • The program of teaching and research chairs policy
  • Count of middle-size and large businesses attending the forums.
  • Number of LinkedIn alumni network .

Eduniversal 2021 and Happy@school Rankings

Uni LaSalle’s was covered by both rankings on Eduniversal 2021 and Happy@school, proving that the management satisfies and motivates their students.

Achievements at Glance

Stood 2nd in the bio-engineering, agri-food, and medical engineering.

Ranked 2nd among the top 10 engineering for specialty in Agriculture, Forestry and Biosystems.

Stood 5th among 21 engineering specialties in the categories of Ecological Engineering.

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