INSA Rouen - Institut National des Sciences Appliquées

National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rouen

INSA Rouen is one of the top engineering learning organizations with about 14 Engineering Schools across the globe. Having a historical past of over three hundred years and an impressive record INSA Rouen has its great history in engineering education.

The training at INSA Rouen is complete and provides a broad educational approach along with practical research resources for scientific and technological advancement.

Founded Year: 1985
Institution Type: Public

685 Av. de l’Université, 76800 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose INSA Rouen

Creating Better Bridges with Unity

INSA Rouen is associated with the Normandie Universite, a consortium of the top-ranked universities and institutions for higher learning and research opportunities to develop and enhance national and international competitiveness, shape scientific strategies, to provide a broad range of supplementary training options.

A Common Vision for Achievement

Our Quality Management System at INSA Rouen is aimed to satisfy all its stakeholders including graduates, employers, teachers, researchers and staff. This focuses on six major areas including training, governance, recruitment, integration, external service, and research, to enhance the performance in every aspect.

A Stable Network

With the body of 13 top engineering schools in France, INSA Rouen embraces a network of collaborative learning and innovation bound to provide a holistic education for engineers and doctors. This also fosters scientific inquiry, and support the French economy.

The INSA Vision: Diversity, Humanism, and Innovation

The vision of INSA Rouen is based on the concept of equal opportunities in education and embracing diversity in all its aspects. This starts from the gender equality to the international experience aiming to deliver a humanist education, while enabling students to become responsible engineers.

As One, Build the Future

Together, with more international students, INSA Rouen aims at more strength and more proactive thinking to be more receptive and adaptive.

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INSA Rouen Accreditations

Engineering accreditation of INSA Rouen offers an accredited engineering program and a diploma valid in French Republic offering:

Diplome National d’Ingenieur Accreditation

The flagship Diplome national d’Ingenieur is accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingenieur, a French body confirms that the Engineering degree meets with reference benchmarks. It also ensures that the diploma is accredited with the institution to offer a qualified learning option to meet the recognition of a master’s degree.

EUR-ACE Quality Label

The engineering degrees from INSA Rouen are accredited EUR-ACE quality label also offers degrees with the quality and excellence in engineering degrees.

INSA Rouen Scholarships

INSA Rouen also shows the academic success by offering scholarships for the international students to start their higher education or resume learning in France to assist them in achieving their desired goal.

Scholarship for Academic Excellence

This scholarship is offered to the three most deserving and outstanding first year international students in the SIB’s International Student with a lump sum payment amount of €1500.

Scholarship program for Excellence: Eiffel

This scholarship for international students is awarded by INSA Rouen and is selected later by Campus France producing good academic results.

Campus France Scholarships

This is an external program offering assistance to the international students offering further details in the Campus France website.

INSA-SIB Scholarship

Three students per annum are selected among the international students with the non-renewable scholarship of €1,500 each.

INSA Rouen Placements

Career Center

INSA Rouen has the Career Center to help students in getting jobs, internships or professional contracts.

Comprehensive Internal Database

INSA Rouen has an internal database that contains all the information about the previous the alumni students and their previous internships in France or in any other country.

Junior Enterprise as a Tool for Promoting Innovation

The Junior enterprise of INSA Rouen, named as AJIR encourages its students to implement their theoretical knowledge into practice by providing them an opportunity to improve their technical skills and internships in engineering.

Erasmus+ Internships

The Erasmus+ Internship program provides numerous opportunities at INSA Rouen offering internships in any of the 33 countries and that can last from two months to one year.

Student Services Offered by INSA Rouen

To meet the needs of the national and international students, INSA Rouen offers “Unparalleled Student Services” to improve the students’ experience and support them in their future careers.

Student Support for Disabilities

At INSA Rouen, Mission Handicap caters students with disabilities to manage with the quality learning environment and the academic calendar. It is mandatory for students to disclose their disability at the early time during the admission in a new academic year and every subsequent year.

Library Services

  • Have around 30,000 books, 150 paper magazines that recently published along with 4,000 electronic journals, and many other specialty databases.
  • A set of information about the subjects in Engineering Sciences, Economics, and Sociology as the recent trends in society.
  • There are numerous number of computers available for the use of the students.

Health Seervices

INSA Rouen ensures that students are taken care properly by providing the primary and emergency medical services, along with the immunization updates. This also includes counseling ofthe students for their personal concerns and adaption processes.

Additionally, it provides Hearing Awareness Week workplace first-aid program on basic medical treatment.


INSA Rouen offers 5 housing facilities for over 760 students within its campus to provide flxible living for its students. This includes single-bedroom and shared twin/double-bedroom apartments with the additional facilities like washing machines, dryers, meeting areas, and recreational areas for the comfort & convenience of the residents.

Student Life at INSA Rouen

With a vigorous activity to achieve its strategic objectives, INSA Rouen focuses on academic performance along with social, artistic, cultural, scientific and sporting initiatives. All these are aimed at achieving students to train in a comprehensive manner and foster sporting, cultural, humanitarian live work play.

Active Sporting Opportunities

INSA Rouen has a Sports Association that serves its student and staff with the extracurricular club promoting active sport that complements the vibrant academic life. And also offers approximately 30 activities with state-of-the-art gymnasium equipment along with climbing wall, two multi-sports facilities, combat room and a fitness room.

A Flourishing Cultural Life

Besides sports and business, the INSA Rouen offers many cultures and heritage at the school’s discrete department withhe learning objectives. This includes promoting the personal development of the students and gives them a global perspective to become responsible “Citizen Engineers”.

The department is also involved in several cultural activities to facilitate the accomplishments of arts and cultural events among its students, and fosters the establishment of link betweeen knowledge and society.

Embracing Clubs & Associations

The Student Council at INSA Rouen provides a comfortable social and recreational lifestyle within the campus to build relationships between the students and promote them through necessary skills. With these activities and overall responsibility for managing the different clubs and societies, INSA Rouen offers equipped funding for — astronomy, IT, music, photography, rallying, robotics, sailing, and many others.

A Preview ofthe Great Past

Accompanying the scientific information, INSA Rouen houses for the “Aerospace Propulsion Valley”, a concept to expand the student’s view to share feelings and passion for science withtheir juniors.

INSA Rouen Rankings

INSA Rouen is listed among the top-ranked universities for education in France and is among the leading institutions to train engineers. With the recent details it has become a No. 1 School of public engineering in Normandy, asserting itself at a national level.

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