Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business (BSB) redefines education by shaping the agile leaders for next-generation leaders. The BSB curriculum is challenging and inspiring that offers its students the ability to tackle real-life issues by helping them to develop effective business solutions that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The programs are dynamic and aim to provide student with the skills to create value and adapt the changes in the rapid technological future.

Founded Year: 1899
Institution Type: Private

29 Rue Sambin, 21000 Dijon, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Study at Burgundy School of Business

Customized Education

BSB recognizes its education as a personal transition while providing the specialist advisers and career guidance assistants to encourage its students to choose the personalized career pathways. The BSB offers a wide range of choices to help students to learn or spend their study periods depending on the school’s policy with many opportunities on diversification of subjects and activities.

Dynamic Learning Environment

The learning standard of the BSB is interactive with the class size limited to engage its students with the critical thinking perspective. Students are provided with the exposure to international faculty and learning processes.

Strong Corporate Connections

BSB’s programs feature the strongest correlation with business environment with an option to enjoy professional environment with regular meetings contributing to current needs of the market.

Motivation for a Higher Cause

BSB graduates have social responsibility involving in the outreach activities and humanitarian initiatives developing their critical faculties to empathize and encourage their sense of responsibility to contribute positive society.

Location and Amenities of an International Standard

BSB campus offers an exceptional learning environment conducive to study where the students enjoy vivid campus life including access to shops, restaurants, parks and so on.

BSB is an organization that encourages its students for the revolutionary transformations, the development of new ideas, and taking care of cultural and linguistic differences.

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Burgundy School of Business Accreditations

Globally accredited school with 1% of business schools worldwide, Burgundy School of Business is a great platform with world-class accreditations: AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), EQUIS and AMBA.

Triple Accreditation: advanced algebra: A mark of excellence

EQUIS or the European Quality Improvement System recognizes BSB for current uses with the highest form of recognition since 2016 with its prestigious accreditations.

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is an American organization that operates BSB with the goal of promoting excellence in business education since 2014 gaining global recognition through the accreditation.

The AMBA accreditation is awarded to the BSB while recognizing it as the highest quality of postgraduate business study.

Scholarships Offered by Burgundy School of Business

BSB in France supports international students with financial assistance and other opportunities. This provides the aiding packages for international students joining for September intake assisting them to realize their career aspirations.

Scholarships for International Students Based on Merit

To encourage more individuals to apply BSB offers extra 100 merit-based scholarships that includes:

Coverage: Financial support by covering up to 50% of first year tuition fees for the first year students.

The Diversity Scholarship aims to promote diversity and equality by assisting students irrespective of their backgrounds. That is, this scholarship helps in making the environment of learning enriched and diverse so that students feel global orientation. Other scholarships are the Need-based Scholarship that offers financial assistance for students managing to prove genuine need and the Leadership scholarship which comes along with supporting highly-promoted leaders.

BSB offers over 60 scholarships from 25% to 50% reduction on the 1st year of studies for talented international students.

In order to guarantee a fair allocation, scholarships will be assigned based on the merit and the geographic area whereas the candidate has obtained the last degree.


All students admitted to BSB will be considered eligible for a scholarship.
There is no further process for competing for a scholarship.

The BSB Scholarships will be awarded by the Expert Committee to the most talented students admitted to BSB programs.

  • February 15 th, 2021
    60% of the scholarships will be assigned to international students who applied by February 15 th, 2021
  • March 30 th, 2021
    40% of the scholarships will be assigned to international students who applied by March 30 th, 2021
  • July 1 st , 2021
    The remaining scholarships, if any, will be distributed by the last application deadline which is on July 1 st , 2021

Burgundy School of Business Placements

Employment statistics of BSB strives to provide a comprehensive set of career services while providing an integrated approach with the extra mile for the best possible outcome for the future professionals.

Employment Office: A Career Services Model at BSB

BSB offers numerous career activities which include career fairs, workshops, one on one, walk-in employer days, and industry presentations with an advantage of:

  • Full package career booster: information about all the latest placements and internships across the world.
  • Individual coaching during the course: around 3000 hours of individual work during study period.
  • Managing job search via JobTeaser platform with substantial support to get job rapidly.

BSB Career Booster: Prospective Career Development Initiative

BSB run the Career Booster aiming to develop employability skills and build relationships with leaders of various fields by:

  • Targeting to specific employees organizational meetings and recruiting events are conducted.
  • Workshops are organized to help students to learn to write good CVs, build their networks and profiles on LinkedIn and prepare for job interviews professionally.
  • 3000+ open internships and jobs are offered each year.

Inspiring Events and Resources

Students can participate in internships to develop career focus studies while involving in discussion with the BSB graduates to share their experiences.

Earning Your BSB Degree: Higher Education for Higher Hopes

Planning to develop career and cultivate the exceptional skills while leveraging the BSB’s business ties increasing the knowledge about different industries and industrial models.

A Variety of Careers

Job dedication days or recruitment days assist for future employability and help connect with recruiters at BSB.

Outstanding Alumni Network

With completing the graduation in the impressive global community of over 17,000 alumni, professional network and sharing of business practice in the career.

Impressive Job Offers

Graduates and students from BSB are awarded with the opportunities from renowned multinational companies such as Renault, Chanel, Deloitte, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and many more among others.

Spectacular Career Statistics

93% of the BSB graduates land into a job within six months and earn an average gross annual salary of €48,000.

Student Services Offered by Burgundy School of Business

Welcome and Support Services

BSB offers a warm welcome to each individual student. Services include:

  • Activities like orientation and campus tours.
  • Workshops for administrative procedures
  • French language learning classes and social integration programs

Program Information

BSB offers myriad resource facilities for the student’s academic journey:

  • The Orientation Days as well as the Buddy Programs
  • A brief outlook about the vast networks of student organizations.

Supporting Foreign Students on Campus

  • Small size class
  • Counseling services for the stress management and soft skills training
  • Tips for the students’ regarding academic resources, tutoring, and e-learning materials.

Campus Resources and Support

BSB offers resources to nourish entrepreneurial spirit:

  • Entrepreneurial networking
  • Weekly clubs and monthly lunches
  • Resources like facilities, equipment, tools and expert advice
  • Support for Bilingual graduate students and traveling abroad

Broaden the Horizons with unique services:

  • Language classes and extra linguistic support
  • Web-based language teaching for the communication development
  • International exchange program with more than 200 partners
  • Mental and behavioral health services

BSB prioritizes the physical and mental well-being of its students:

  • Health and social protection: enrolling in social security and supplementary health insurance.
  • Mind therapy and wellness courses.

Housing Assistance and Aid

BSB assists its international students with housing arrangements:

  • A dedicated accommodation platform
  • Cost of living and current details about the home insurance policies
  • Information to choose housing help and details about the circumstances about the economic help

Student Life at Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business (BSB) in France offers a diverse and inspiring students’ community located in Dijon, Lyon, and Paris campuses.

Diverse Campuses

Specialized master’s program includes two category programs delivered in French for Arts Management and Wine & Spirits Trade.

Facilities That Inspire Learning

  • The Learning Centre: A workplace designed ideally for innovative collaboration and information exchange.
  • The House of Finance: Provides a deep knowledge about how the real trade centre works along with the advanced technology of Bloomberg.
  • The Entrepreneurial Garden: It acts as a business startup machine for the students by supplying necessary tools and support in the development of the business idea from the pre-incubation to the incubation stage.

International Exposure and Opportunities

With over 75 national students, BSB offers study-abroad programs in partnership with 200 partner institutions.

Participation in Clubs: Linking Student Engagement and Achievement

  • Improve their team building skills, managerial skills, communication and sales and marketing
  • Learn to develop essential soft skills
  • Join various clubs such as culture, sports, media, and business.

BSB also involves faculty in the formation of clubs on campus and provides the students with resources and training in club management.

Positive Impact & Recognition

BSB recognizes socially focused projects created by the students with the help of the Game Changer Awards to encourage students to take initiation in environmental protection, make effort to combat inequality, or aid to humanitarians.

Burgundy School of Business Rankings

BSB remains the major player in the top 14 Business Schools in the SIGEM ranking which is highly appreciated by the students.

Spectacular Rise

In the last decade BSB has moved 7 positions up marking it as the major business school with the highest improvement rate.

Financial Times Top 100

With several factors, BSB takes its position within the Top 100 of the Financial Times ranking.

BSB’s career progression is the 7th among schools in France after being ranked as 8th in 2018 and international experience entering to the top 11 schools of the world.

HappyAtSchool 2020 ranking stands BSB at the 3rd place, considering :

  • Facilities and environment
  • Education quality
  • Student life
  • Relations with companies
  • Confidence in the future

BSB MIMG Grande Ecole is placed in the Financial Times’ ranking of the 80 best management programs and ranked 30th in the Wall Street Journal- Times Higher Education Master Ranking.

BSB is ranked second among the best French Business Schools offering programs in: the MSc Arts and Cultural Management and MSc Wine Management are the first among France’s MSc programs in Eduniversal ranking.

Furthermore, BSB has the School of Wine and Spirits Business located in France offers an MBA program which is the first wine and spirits business school.

Burgundy School of Business Statistics

An international alumni network of 17,000+ professionals

BSB’s global network of 200 partner institutions enables you to explore the world and further enhance your international experience.

BSB has 12 programmes which are fully taught in English and 39% of our professors are international. Every year we organise the Weeks of Excellence, during which 40 prestigious speakers come to give more than 50 course modules. These speakers represent renowned international universities such as:

  • Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (USA);
  • University of North Texas (USA);
  • Brock University (Canada);
  • Curtin University of Technology (Australia);
  • University of Stellenbosch Business School (South Africa).

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