Faculty of Law - Institut Catholique de Lille

Faculty of Law Institut Catholique de Lille

Founded in 1875, FLD restarted its operation in 1993 and later opened new in Paris since 2009. The Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille (FLD) manages the firm strategic operations effective and enables the overall vision and mission of the firm. The FLD offers legal education for higher education.

Founded Year: 1875
Institution Type: Private

58 Rue du Port, 59016 Lille Cedex, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Faculty of Law - Institut Catholique de Lille

FLD offers optimal working conditions to support social contexts with the available and qualified staff to provide tailored educational and administrative assistance to its students.

With the cutting-edge, market-focused degree programs Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille offers innovation in education with the teaching and learning aspects for the good career support with the international emphasis.

Research and Development

The teaching programs of Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille with the help of research center C3RD stands for center of risk and law while holding annual range of activities such as the workshops, conferences and international symposia and seminars.

The FLD Spirit

Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille incorporates its integration with two campuses – The Lille Campus and Issy-les-Moulineaux Campus to create welcoming atmosphere through cultural diversity and team satisfaction to guarantee personal achievement and academic success.

Personalized Educational Support

FLD supports the students on individual basis with a track coordinator and administrative representative, from both the school and teaching staff to ensure that corresponding issues are addressed.

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Faculty of Law - Institut Catholique de Lille Scholarships

Eiffel Scholarship Program funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs aims to deliver scholarships to international students intending to study for Masters Degree programs in Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille.

It acts as the gateway for the Masters students to cultivate, motivate and equip them with brilliant professional outcomes in their respective disciplines.

Faculty of Law - Institut Catholique de Lille Placements

Career Centre at Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille builds launchpad to the professional success

to optimise the professional career as a lawyer. For every student working hand in hand to achieve their professional goals, the career centre avails a range of tools and apparatus designed to pave way to success.

Enriching Job Application Documents

By joining particular workshops, Career Centre emphasizes to encourage its students to write CV and cover letter to get the professional touch with the recruitment exercises.

Tailored Career Counseling

Career Centre prescribes a standard formula or solution to any one student or graduate to provide one on one counseling course for the students according to the course’s fitting to their talents and goals. Additionally, career advisors develop plans tailored to every student offering the appropriate career path for professional success.

Networking and Career Opportunities

Aside from counseling sessions and workshops, Career Centre offers professional meetings and the job- dating to help the students to secure job interviews with possible employers.

Hands-on Experience through Internships

With this practical exposure in mind, the Career Centre acknowledges and understands the exposure with the practical work experiences. These internships help student to provide practical real life experience in the actual pursuit of the profession.

Student Services Offered by Faculty of Law - Institut Catholique de Lille

Accommodation Services

Accommodation is arranged by Association d’Entraide Universitaire (AEU) that provides a list of options for students with about 1,200 rooms across 10 buildings to provide accommodation located near the campus at Lille.

Vauban Library

This premise of Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille provides the facility to avail numerous ranges of the books for students. Features individual and groups study sections where students can peruse print material and can access the library for 24 hours round the clock.

Student Social Security

Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille meets the outgoing students need as an important factor in student life that is free subject to making this subscription mandatory.

Sports Facilities

All Sports Centre contains several amenities for the students who are fitness freak. This entails exclusive gymnasiums and fitness rooms along with the sports grounds to train for football, rugby, volleyball, tennis and many others.

Inclusive University Life

MAH is an organization that focuses on providing support to the student with disabilities in the school.

Student Life at Faculty of Law - Institut Catholique de Lille

The dynamic student community at Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille located in two campuses: De Boelelaan and Roeterikstraat with 38 active student lobbying organizations continue every year forming new associations actively with 200 students.

The Faculty of Law -Institut Catholique de Lille keeps its students active and engaged after class in the student clubs and organizations that constitute an integral component within the student community to enhance and develop interpersonal relations among the student fraternity.

FLD’s Student Union (BDE)

At FLD, BDE the Student Union fulfills the student’s extra curriculum activities to make sure students have colorful extraordinary moments other than their studies. This includes organizing evenings, galas, trips, and after-work events to provide dynamism in the FLD students to provide them compelling life.

ALUMNI Association

This association connects current students with alumni’s and other professionals to build networking body under the French law of 1901 Associations body.

BDA (Art Office)

Students interested in the arts can become members of BDA, the association to promote the art in its various forms through exhibitions and stimulate creativity and artistically talent among its students.

Cultura Juris & IELSociety

Cultura Juris and IELSociety include the subjects like Law and Legal Culture, and International and European Law in FLD curriculum to provide students with certain events and possibility to extend a network.

Extra-curricular activities and student association offers fun and games with cultural, sports or humanitarian activities necessary for human and professional life skill acquisition hallmarked for students.

Focusing to ensure that the Green valley integrated campus welcomes every student enrolling in FLD with disabilities can access to (MAH) Disabilities Reception Mission to enable all students to study comfortably under optimal conditions. The accessibility measures unique and designed to ensure every student with mobility impairment, those with difficulties.

Student Life at Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille: Another factor that can be described as dynamic and diverse is the learning experience that the students are provided with in this type of school.

Faculty of Law - Institut Catholique de Lille Rankings

Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille Masters have ensured its respectable position in the Eduniversal 2024 ranking on 2nd of March. This acclaims that the Masters programs offered here are highly acclaimed as a reflection of a commitment to offer the best to the aspiring students.

Masters in Business and Competition Law stands on the 5th position internationally and continuously sustain its position in the Economic Law arena.

Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille is ranked 5th among 29 in Business Law & Taxation, the Masters in Law & Tax Engineering offering its students with the legal and taxation profession in combination with tax code and businesses.

Masters in Law & Wealth Management at Faculty of Law – Institut Catholique de Lille tops this year.

Masters in Law & HR Management program with both theoretical and operational expertise in employment law, and an understanding of modern human resource challenges occupies the 5th rank in the “Human Resources Management”.

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