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Kedge Business School

Renowned as a benchmark French business school, KEDGE Business School was birthed out of two historic institutions BEM (Bordeaux Management School) and EUROMED Management. Both institutions had a strong background in their areas, respectively, with a rich background dating back to the 19th Century, and an already notable international presence before their merging in 2013 into KEDGE.

Founded Year: 2013
Institution Type: Private

680 Cr de la Libération, 33405 Talence, France

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Courses Offered

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Top Reasons to Choose Kedge Business School.

There are hundreds of reasons why KEDGE Business School is one of the best options for international students. Some of the major highlights includes

Worldwide Presence: At the moment, KEDGE has 4 campuses established in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, and Toulon), 2 established in China (Shanghai, Suzhou), 2 in Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast) and 5 campuses operated in partnership.

Diverse Training Programmes: At KEDGE, you can choose between 36 management and design programs in order to enhance professional skills and gain the required knowledge to address the global economy needs. Whether it is a general management programme, MSc and Specialised Masters, Masters, or an Executive MBA, KEDGE has the design and curriculum that you will need.

Cutting-edge Research: KEDGE is a leader in management research in terms of research activities, which is again ranked first among the French business schools. This also serves as a pathway to bettering the teaching quality and to improve on the performance of companies and public bodies at the same time.

International Recognition: KEDGE Business School’s ranks number 39 in the Financial Times European Business School rankings, and 31 globally. The College carries remarkable AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA accreditations and is also a member with the rank of school of Quota des Grandes Ecoles in France.


KEDGE in Numbers

14,800 students include approximately (40% of them are internationals).

172 permanent teachers, 45% of them are international teachers

Over 70,000 alumni worldwide

Kindled by its innovative training programmes, top-notch research, international network, and the possibility for students to choose between management and design, KEDGE Business School is seen as a leading institution by international students who wish to build a solid background in management or design. The longstanding reputation, widely recognized accreditations, and the international faculty are among the reasons why KEDGE Business School is a desirable place to get a world-class business education.

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Scholarships Offered by Kedge Business School

KEDGE business school has its name in the industry for providing students with a multitude of financial assistance opportunities. These scholarships uphold the pillars of studies, community engagement, multinational diversity, and many others.

Solidarity Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for the Beneficiary standing as a full-time student in training or current student candidate. The Solidarity Scholarship is awarded to students currently enrolled at KEDGE in Marseille, Talence, Toulon, and Paris. Eligibility is only upon the social status of the applicant.

Eligible candidates are sent email notification upon their registration, which are accompanied by detailed directions regarding completing the online application and submitting it.

Social Scholarship

KEDGE awards scholarships to international students in need and through Social Scholarship, this allows the international students to enrol in our university.

Excellence Scholarship

The Excellence Scholarship commends those students who head the class and utilize their talents to lead and serve society. Candidates are also expected to provide their motivation letter and certificates of the previous academic awards.Eligibility includes:

  • Achieve at least 90% on the ranking of the final exam.
  • Leveraging of academic excellence
  • Promising reality through top high-profile institutions

Early Bird Scholarship

KEDGE recommends applying early, giving the candidates who do this until November 30th a reduction of 10% tuition fees, reducing it to 5% for those applying between November 1st and February 2nd.

Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarship funds students from various international, cultural, and social backgrounds that are very rich and colourful.

Partner Scholarship

In cooperation with other partner institutions, the scholarships are given to the applicants through the so-called “pathway agreements”.

ISLI Kristen Hoey Scholarship

The ISLI Kristen Hoey Scholarship of the memory of the talented alumnus of the ISLI MSc is given to Americans who want to become an ISLI MSc student. Students who are winners are awarded a reduction of 50% of tuition fees.

The Kristen Hoey Scholarships are not renewable as they cannot be combined with other financial aid.

Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship serves as a financial support to KEDGE alumni who want to undertake their further studies at KEDGE.

KEDGE Business School has its scholarship programme which is its way of reinforcing its mission of empowering students and cultivating a varied talent.

KEDGE Business School Accreditation

The specificity of KEDGE Business School belongs to the sphere of business schools that hold one of the rare triple accreditations.

Triple Accreditation Status

KEDGE is proud of its triple accreditation – EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. Such accreditations that have been bestowed on the school by parties much larger in comparison to the school are indications of the dedication to meet the stringent standards and regular, in-depth audits. However, the possession of these world-known accreditations is a key component of the premium quality education which is provided by KEDGE Business School and positions it amongst the first class higher education institutions globally.

EQUIS Accreditation: EQUIS, has stringent quality requirements and international benchmarking standards. It values the richness of national cultures and educational systems in the world as well as understanding that language, culture, education, and national traditions.

AACSB Accreditation: KEDGE Business School has received accreditation from AACSB International, a highly respected body of accrediting agencies at both undergraduate and graduate levels. An AACSB demonstrates that KEDGE’s teaching staff, the course curriculum and the overall educational resources are evaluated by an external expert and found exceptional. The award is only accessible from less than five percent of the world’s business schools.

AMBA Accreditation: AMBA Accreditation focus on the outcome of learning and its impact, also, as well as on employability, which clear the way for keeping up with the newest developments and innovations in postgraduate management education. Only 390 business schools globally, 70% of which are in the UK, Russia and the US, have AMBA accreditation.

KEDGE Business School Placements

KEDGE Business School is recognized for developing business management specialists, and the Master in Management Grande Ecole program contributes greatly to this. Among the alumni of KEDGE Business School, some have taken up prominent roles in respected multinationals around the globe.

Prominent Placement Statistics

Here are some encouraging figures about the graduates of KEDGE Business School with some encouraging figures about our graduates:

  • They receive above average starting salaries from at least €42.000 to €47.000.
  • Quite strikingly, 98% of students finds employment within six months of graduating.
  • Alumni’s are placed in various multinational corporations, some of which include Accenture, Amazon, Microsoft, L’Oréal and many other tech giants.

This high employability level is a proof that the students receive a transformation education and diverse skills that prepare them to become the leaders in whatever business they choose.

KEDGE Business School keeps on creating more and more a cocoon that creates academic/ scholarly performance, gender/ race/ culture diversity, and global exposure. The impressive record in placement offers a proof of unstinting dedication to the realization of the students’ dreams of choosing the right career, helping them see unimaginable opportunities knocking at their doors, and setting them up to become the best employees they can be.

Student Services Offered at KEDGE Business School

KEDGE Business School contributes to the lifelong growth and excellence of its students through a range of development and empowerment services.

Career Centre

KEDGE Business School has a vibrant career centre with the mission to help students become professionals and also to support their success in life. This career centre offers:

Personal and Professional Development System: The system is innovative and individualized to help students to realize their better by identifying their career goals and has a plan and a successful realization.

Group Workshops: These skills training, which go on all through the year, are focused on improving writing resumes, optimizing profiles in LinkedIn, effective networking, and skills needed for successful project pitching.

Individual Coaching: To take a more personalized way, the Career Centre provides one-on-one coaching sessions, focusing on projects and resumes improvement, managing feelings, and structuring a job search.

Job Hunt Seminars: They are available for the students going to end their study and this is with a focus to the current employment market trends by setting action plans.

Learning by Doing

KEDGE stands for the fact that students learn in the best manner when they are actually doing the stuff. All students must complete the “Pro-Act Be-U” project during the study time period. This project consists of different projects which aim to get necessary information, adapt in real situations, and improve both achievements and mistakes. The project is interdisciplinary in nature and embraces several subjects across different disciplines.

The Be-U Scheme

The Be-U initiative at KEDGE is a Tool for students to work with in order to have their soft skills enhanced so as to improve their employability. It is centered on self-awareness, and practice of the skills gained and creation of a personal project. In this way, the Career Centre and the Learning by Doing Services act together to give pedagogical help during the entire trip.

The Be-U Platform

The Be-U platform is a distinctive digital software of KEDGE that provides students with a soft skills development tool and a key for their personal and professional development. Via this platform students will be able to hone their skills and record their activities to subsequently certify their accomplishments.

The Be-U Talent Directory

It is a directory that KEDGE students have access to, which is used by recruiters to find potential staff members to be employed based on numerous items including availability status, major, level of study, and mastery in soft skills.

Kedge Business School is dedicated in creating a conducive learning environment where students are elevated and enlightened to pursue their preferred career paths.

Student Life at KEDGE Business School

The KEDGE Business School offers a remarkably diverse student life at the heart of the city of Marseille, the 2nd-largest city in France. With its authenticity and bright colours Marseille is famous for, it has become one of the favourite places in South Eastern.

Life in Marseille

Bask in the glory of Marseille’s bustling and full life, the personification of the soul of Provence. This metropolis is the home for 860,000 people with a unique combination of culture, history, and modernity.

Marseille Campuses

The student in KEDGE might in either Marseille campus, or near the fascinating Calanques can not only come in touch with the city but also the peace riding nature.

Student Societies and the Extracurricular Activities

One of the assets of KEDGE Business School is to become the part of one of the 23 students’ Marseille campus associations. Such associations integrate young people into their activities, and this can be a big step toward personal growth, campus involvement, and entrepreneurial spirit development. These communities of practice, are the key components of KEDGE pedagogical offerings, and cover a large spectrum of areas.

A Closer Look at Key Figures of the KEDGE Business School

Joining the KEDGE Business School provides an immersive unparalleled student life in which practical experience and growth mingle with fun to create memories that will last a lifetime.

This program works with 120 universities around the globe

  • Likewise, the 2 years abroad program.
  • Guaranteed internship for 12 months minimum of work experience.
  • With regard to the international exposure of students, 70% are eligible.

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