INSA Centre Val de Loire

INSA Centre Val de Loire

INSA Centre Val de Loire was originally set up in 2014 that incorporated 2 former institutions- education programs are those of the Val de Loire National Engineering School (ENI) and the Bourges Graduate Engineering School (ENSI).

It maintains the authority of INSA Group to enhance the education quality in both engineering and landscape architecture.

Founded Year: 2014
Institution Type: Public

3 Rue de la Chocolaterie, 41000 Blois, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose INSA Centre Val de Loire

Achieving Transformation through Education :The INSA Centre Val de Loire faculty and cutting-edge curricula results to award its four coveted engineering degrees and a highly respected state landscape architecture degree.

  • Space, Prospect and Time
  • Industrial Systems Engineering
  • Industrial Risk Control
  • Information Technology and Cybersecurity

State Landscape Architect Degree: The institute has over 1,680 students which plays a key role to nurture and grow the talents assuring to be productive in the professional life chose with their interest.

Distinction and Growth : Globally INSA Centre Val de Loire is the member of one of the biggest groups of Engineering that is based on scientific approach and opportunities focusing on to support the social programs and projects.

Practical Experience and Employability: The students here acquire the fabulous International work experience. As according to the Grand Catholic University employment percentage more than 90 % of the students at INSA Centre Val de Loire get an employment within the initial six months of the completion of their graduation.

Strong Industry Partnerships: INSA Centre Val de Loire strengthens its links with the companies in research and innovative departments as well as it play as the institute’s role in contributing regional and national economy.

Rich Student Life: Apart from academic education, the INSA Centre Val de Loire also offers the membership with an active and challenging social life enabling to develop different social aspects of life.

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INSA Centre Val de Loire Scholarships

Financial Aid Opportunities: INSA Centre Val de Loire scholarships include the category which is awarded for Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering program.

The University Centre Val de Loire offers the outstanding financial options to the international students eliminating the financial barriers in pursuit of quality education. That is why these scholarships attract both male and female students from all over the world to french higher learning institutions.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Research, Eiffel Excellence Masters & PhD scholarship attracts thousands of foreign students to study in France for their higher education.

INSA Centre Val de Loire Placements

INSA Centre Val de Loire produces new generation engineers to support the organization growth and development. By recruiting such talents from INSA Centre Val de Loire, company can benefit technical competent and reliable workforce to cope with the prevailing and emerging socio-economy.

Converting Skills and Knowledge into Professional Athletes through Placements

With the establishment of INSA Centre Val de Loire supports the learning workplace training placements, with the significant aspect of the students’ curriculum. Engineering students can spend 11 months to help professional knowledge and understand the organizational practices.

The placements are categorized as follows:

The first and second corresponding placements concern work experience in the form of four-week blocks at the end of Year 1 (mid-June to mid-August).

Industrial training normally takes two terms, that is, 16weeks towards the end of Year 4; (April-August).

Final assessments of students’ learning readiness placements are taken at the end of each course for a total of 24 weeks from February to August.

To recruit the newly graduated engineers for a new course or projects for new programs Recruitment of engineers many options are available.

INSA Centre Val de Loire offers a smooth transition into the employment market to deliver the initial jobs common platform placeOjeunes. This service includes job vacancies for fresh graduates to work for and assist them in their desired workforce.

Network “n+i”

The cooperative recruitment organization of international students is known as ‘network n+i’, a consortium of French Institutes of engineering specialized in engineering education. This registration is done once for a client be used in all the member institutes of the respective associations.

Learning French during the time I spent at INSA Centre Val de Loire

INSA Centre Val de Loire teaches in French language with a minimum level of B1 to assist the students to in regards to offer French as a French language (FLE).

Educating Students for the World Stage

INSA Centre Val de Loire is committed to prepare its students for their successful careers in the international arena:

Programs have a compulsory element that comprises classes conducted in two or three foreign languages.

The students get involved in a study abroad program to enjoy cultural events and lessons.

Student Services Offered by INSA Centre Val de Loire

Welcome to INSA Centre Val de Loire: Premium Student Services

To provide an excellent student services in its two campuses in Blois and Bourges, INSA Centre Val de Loire highly regards the university offering an excellent resources and environment for learning. These campuses are well endowed and centrally situated, providing academic, cultural and social experiences to make the student life as good as possible.

Blois Campus: Experience the Best in the Central Business District.

The Blois campus is located close to the train station that provides a perfect set for both learning and relaxation. With an extraordinary geographical position and features the Loire River, a Unesco World Heritage “Cultural Landscape” running through it provides numerous cultural and sporting activities.

Student Facility Highlights:

  • Guaranteed access to accommodation
  • Town-centered university canteen
  • List of residences administered by CROUS

Point Sante Blois: Your Health Support Centre

The Point Sante drop-in centre is located in the Blois campus which is managed by a professional nurse, Aude DIDIERLAURENT. Here, students get all kinds of medical services from the general physical examinations to particular medical advice.

Key Services:

  • Private and without any charge health assessments
  • Prescription renewals
  • Preventive and promotional health care measures

Bourges Campus: Experience the Perfect Combination of the Old and the New

The Bourges campus located 20-minutes walk from the town center offers art, history, and innovation. It also has a Technopole, marshes, green areas, cultural facilities, and celebrations to make the campus life lively.

Campus Essentials

  • Two halls of residence
  • Sports facilities
  • The Center for Clubs and Societies

Collaborations in International Research

  • The INSA Centre Val de Loire focus to contribute to the international research collaborations:
  • Aiming to spread the best of French wisdom which is in favor of French and international companies.
  • They assist in development programs of the students in other countries to provide them qualified engineer-managers and fulfill their personnel and training requirements.

Student Life at INSA Centre Val de Loire

INSA Centre Val de Loire provides a change and dynamic exposure to many activities in the student life to enhance their academic atmosphere to meet the colorful campus life. The institution genuinely is concerned to create an innovative and stimulating context to lead academic achievement of the students while transforming them into a better individual.

Supportive Facilities and Activities

INSA Centre Val de Loire campus plans to make its students get good results academically in terms of a complete individual and personality. The institutions prioritize:

  • Decreasing barriers and provide necessary resources for their accommodative facilities
  • Developing student’s passion through engaging them in clubs and societies acitivites
  • Encourages students to participate in various activities such as sports and cultural activities.

Engaging Clubs & Societies

INSA Centre Val de Loire manages organized activities, parties, and associations and clubs by the Students Union, popularly known as BDE. This Union supports many activities and arranges services while speaking with the officials to act on behalf of individual students/ clubs/ societies at local/ regional /national level of engagements.

Diverse Interest Areas

There are around 20 clubs & societies across five significant areas:

Culture: These activities are fun based and include Club INSArpege (music), videos at Club cinema, that goes live in the Les Etudiants Partent en LIVE or practice drama at INSAJOUE drama society.

Sports: Sports includes basketball club, cheerleading club, handball club and INSA’ glisse club that are arranged for a sporting trip that involves skiing as well.

Solidarity: Some of the known clubs include the 5 Sommets 5 Continents club, Club GENEPI, or Club eleves sans frontieres (students without borders), and many more others.

Technology: Facilitating clubs such as Club 4L Trophy, Club Mecanique Automobile essentially club in car mechanics and Club Rac’INSA includes Go-Karting Club also along with the club Robotique which majors in Robotics.

The community of INSA Centre Val de Loire offers a great learning opportunity community aiming to help students discover and develop other aspects of curiosity. This supports search opportunities from different backgrounds to build their beyond the classroom.

INSA Centre Val de Loire Rankings

The Institution National Sciences Appliquees or INSA Centre Val de Loire gradually emerged as a leading institution in the field of engineering education and research.

A Strategic International Emphasis

As an integral part of the strategic development plan INSA Centre Val de Loire drives to gain an itsinternational presence:

With a wide network of collaboration INSA Centre Val de Loire is one of the world’s best universities in all the five continents.

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