ICN Business School

ICN Business School

ICN Business School, a member of the Chapter of Management Schools within the Conference of Grande Ecoles, is one of the oldest business schools in France. The foundation was a result of a partnership of Nancy University and the Meurthe-et-Moselle Chamber of Commerce and Industry which created a lineage of excellence. In 1999, ICN Business School innovated further introducing the Artem Alliance. This alliance which was established with Nancy School of Arts and Design and Mines Nancy aims at across-discipline education instilling creativity and innovation to produce tomorrow business leaders.

Founded Year: 1905
Institution Type: Private

86 Rue Sergent Blandan, 54000 Nancy, France

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Courses Offered

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Reasons to choose ICN Business School

World-Renowned Accreditations

As for the recognitions and credibility, ICN Business School is decorated with accreditations from EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB. The Financial Times has also listed the school’s Master of Management among the best globally. These awards evidence the ICN philosophy of providing 21st century quality training.


ICN Business School endeavours to cultivate responsible global leaders through its prime innovative and interdisciplinary education. It bridges art, management and technology as a knowledge frontier to facilitate evolution of organizational management and create sustainable practices.


An International Student’s Paradise

ICN business school with 38% of foreign students presents a lively and culturally rich atmosphere suitable for a global insight.

The ICN Business School Experience:

  • More than 3000 students
  • A total of more than 70 tenured professors and 17 affiliate professors
  • 103 Administrative staff members
  • 3 Campus locations
  • 120 University partnerships
  • 130 Company partnerships
  • Over 40 student associations
  • Some 17000 strong alumni

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ICN Business School Accreditations

When looking for the good Business School, the accreditation from appropriate bodies can hardly be overlooked. National and international accreditation bodies, which are independent and accrediting organizations, act as formal evidence of the credibility of the college and generates ICN Business School reputation.

ICN Business School Credentials

ICN Business School has a top-ranking accreditation from the three recognized accreditation organizations -ACBSP, AACSB, and IACBE.

CEFDG (National Commission for Assessment of Training and Certification of Entrepreneurial Managers) is the French quality assurance body.

AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), provides global recognition to an educational institution through its accreditation; which denotes that the school’s education is of top quality.

EQUIS (European Foundation for Management Development) ,is the global comprehensive accreditation system of business schools under the supervision of higher education authorities.

AMBA (Association of MBA’s accredited), ICN Business School aims to channel AMBA accreditation towards its much needed development. Furthermore, the credibility of AMBA is not only one of the main factors which bring its recognition among the most competitive universities, but also opens up a lot of ways of collaboration, constant improvement of its academic program, and helps it to attract the leading students as well as professors from different corners of the world.

Why ICN’s Accreditations matter

Accreditations are of utmost importance in guaranteeing the quality of education in ICN Business School, since it reveals that its programs are all outstanding, in respect of quality education, research and cooperation, to the extent that the demanding criteria are fulfilled.

Student employability is another aspect that is valued further at the school in addition to its own unique curriculum that focuses on Art Technology Management.

Educational relevance of the curriculum which is aligned with the modern business setting taught by the academicians which include researchers, professors and professionals in socio-economic dimension.

ICN Business School Scholarships

The most outstanding and ambitious goal of ICN Business School is to advance the next generation global business leaders. Therefore, students desiring to study can take the opportunity to be a part of the international business community. With the scholarships and “Early Bird” discounts on the tuition fee offered by ICN Business School, students can complete the courses and contribute to education movements more efficiently.

ICN’s Scholarships: Despite of positive and increased diversity along with the intercultural sensitivity and fresh perspectives, several challenges transit the process of education to international students.

Just like every other year, ICN Business School never forgets to keep up with the culture of diversity and excellence by awarding scholarships annually. Scholarships for international students can be applied early and their lights of success can guide the promising business people globally.

Discounts Complimentarily Appended to Potential Students for the Preliminary

Fill the application form and pay €4000 non-refundable deposit before 28 February and get 10% cut off from the 1st year tuition fee. This discount lasts a limited period only.

ICN Business School Placements

Shaping students into world-class entrepreneurs, ICN Business School extents its boundaries of traditional education and establishes a practical platform for students to enter the global manufacturing market. They provide a full range of programs and resources to advance career development and job-seeking skills.

  • Employability skills, workshops aiming to help students to get internships, apprenticeships and jobs.
  • Individualized career support meetings for career development opportunities.
  • Mock Job interviews with partners companies are setup, to give early work experience and feedback.
  • Networking with ICN Alumni for their insightful discussion and links

Boost Career Potential

At the ICN Business School, one-on-one coaching sessions are arranged with the certified coaches boosting personal effectiveness and organizational productivity to capitalize one’s strength and potential.

The purpose of the ICN career centre is to give students limitless career options by offering them multiple jobs both in France and in different countries, along with providing guidance and advice to lead students to the desired career path.

Securing the Future opportunities

The ICN Business School follows up with the students after an offer of a job or an internship slot in college to assist in the implementation of the internship agreement or contract. This program allows the work experience obtained at the company to be counted together with the professional certification and that it is recognized in the global community.

In addition to that, the ICN Business School is now considered a launch pad that thrusts students into the professional world or fits them as desired professionals in a workforce in the global business community.

Student Services Offered by ICN Business School

ICN Business School is on the top list for the international students.  This internationalization at ICN Business School plays a crucial role, where the highest priority is to give the support to the student.

The “Welcome to France” tag has been attributed to the school by France which renders it a foreign friendly and hospitable place for international students.

In-Depth Survival Guide for First-years

ICN offers student orientation to the country for the international student. They ensure that students have all the information required to consider to ICN Business School.

Key details ensure that students have all the information required to consider possible travel to ICN Business School.

  • Health insurance procedures
  • The visas/residency permits achieve.
  • Advice from A to Z, vehicles and parking lots etc.
  • Financing the tuition at the campus

Proficiency in financial ICN related matters is one of the necessary skills future students should attain. ICN Business School provides multiple avenues to fund your studies:

Student jobs: Mentoring scheme by ICN provides an opportunity for students to have a part-time job and studies in a single package. Based on student’s interest they offer an internship.

Bank loans: Together with a variety of banks substantially low interest rates for your education, participated by ICN is offered.

Work placements and apprenticeships: Being a participant of ICN’s internships or apprenticeships is a good first step towards your professional way.

ICN also offers three options for students in need of a rent guarantor: the Studapart commitment, VISALE service and GARANTME guarantee.

ICN Business School Rankings

ICN has become a leading worldwide provider of business training which was ranked among the top 1% of business schools from all over the globe.

Triple accreditation

 The passion with which ICN seeks quality education is illustrated with the triple accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA) that it has. This appreciation of ICN puts the business school among few of the top business schools on earth, proving that the learning process here is really serious and at highest level.

International recognition

ICN’s global ambitions have not remained unnoticed. Le Point, a French newspaper, talks about ICN, that it takes the 6th place (2021). This international recognition represents that a course of cultural orientation for foreign outlook is referred in ICN business school curriculum.

Innovative teaching approach

The learning mode of ICN is Interactive and Artistic i.e. medley of Art, Technology and Management. This is a unique teaching strategy is offered on three campuses; one in Paris, another in Nancy, and the last one in Berlin, the capital cities of the world.

Diverse student body

ICN has around 3000 students, out of which the majority of them (38 %) are foreigners that make the ICN Business School to focus on international study. This diversity in the students at one place makes this business school rich in multicultural learning and this enables the students to get on the globalised world of business.

The ICN Mission

The vision of ICN defines the region’s activities- guiding the institute in rolling out programs oriented to postmodern management of the industry. The students here in the institution are given training that is knowledgeable and provides them capable enough of working in a dynamic environment.

ICN Business School Statistics

ICN is a university with three modern campuses in important locations throughout France, Paris, Nancy, and Berlin. The academic programs of ICN are attractive to study management that offers programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels with different specializations.

Key statistics at a glance:

  • 14 entities of double degree programs opened to international students.
  • As the leading university in the UK, with over 3000 students each year, 38% of them international, this being a makeup of the student body requires great intercultural knowledge
  • 70% of faculty members are from other countries of the world, animals, making a melting pot of talents and views.
  • Vast and staple alumni network of over 21 thousand graduates spread all across the globe
  • 120+ university partnerships around the world
  • Collaboration with 150 business partners and companies

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