ESDES Lyon Business School

ESDES Lyon Business School

ESDES Lyon Business School is an excellent educations institute for responsible management for creating successful student career. The campus is convenient and is easily accessible with its growing popularity with more than 140,000 students every year. The ESDES provides a student-oriented approach with the favorable learning atmosphere.


Founded Year: 1987
Institution Type: Private

10 place des archives, 69002 Lyon, France

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Courses Offered

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Why choose ESDES Lyon Business School

The following are the features of ESDES that stands it out:

Besides academics, ESDES Lyon Business School promotes an active student life involving charitable, societal, or cultural organizations, with numerous events and projects organized throughout the year.

The ESDES offers responsible education for a sustainable future promoting the development of the environment friendly education.


ESDES abidance to PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) evident the schools  establishment in a digital, globalized world. The school is dedicated for its social responsibility while achieving the sustainable development.

Multidisciplinary University Platform

ESDES, being one of the members of UCLy (Catholic University of Lyon) offers wide range of the desirable resources with the formation of the specialists and business students.

Strong Regional Connections for Better Possibilities

ESDES is highly involved in the regional essential companies and professional networks.


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ESDES Lyon Business School Accreditations

ESDES Lyon Business School is a very well known university that has the highest national accreditation in France for the Grande Ecole Program and Bachelor in Business degree. These are accredited business schools recognized by the CEFDG.

EFMD Accreditation: International Recognition

The Grande Ecole Program has been accredited by EFMD, an international organization that recognizes world-class business programs.

AACSB Accreditation

ESDES Business School in its journey of academic excellence has obtained the AACSB accreditation, an international accreditation for a five-year period.

ESDES Lyon Business School Scholarships

With its diverse student community, ESDES Lyon Business School is a world famous school supporting to empower students with the attractive scholarships that includes financial support.

Excellent Scholarship for International Students

The Excellence Scholarship of the ESDES inspires academic excellence and global cultural exchange for its students who outstand in their academics and among ESDES community. This scholarship contributes between 10% and 30% of the first year’s tuition fees.

UCLY Scholarship

The UCLY Scholarship is tailor-made for students who has completed at least one year at UCLY.

CROUS Scholarship

The CROUS Scholarship is offered to the Master’s students before their academic year starts where students can apply once more after an academic year for this scholarship and get throughout the year.

Campus France Scholarships

ESDES offers Campus Bourse website providing various scholarship programs granted within the countries. This is accessible for the Master students who show academic excellence.

ESDES Lyon Business School Placements

ESDES Lyon Business School is famous for its combination of learning and practical work while offering Bachelor and Master of Business program students with high placement rate. This offers the students with the internships and excellent career support.

Internship Support

ESDES Lyon Business School offers an active internship department that helps students to find the best available internships. The department offers the internship to its student which is hassle-free and enriching.

Internship Programs is the innovative approach to help students to expose to the outside world. Here, students can apply their theoretical knowledge.

ESDES Lyon Business School offers internship for its students in their first year for four-week sales internship in December. In their second year, students undergo 12-week pre-specialization internship that starts in May. And in the third year students complete a six-month internship in January during their final year.

The Master in Management students at the postgraduate level are availed with the 12 months of internship experience. This allows students to grasp the business world in line with the real world.

Personal and Professional Development Program (PEP’S)

This department is designed to transit students to become talented businessmen that involves career counselors, workshops and interactions with the professionals to give students with the complete experience.

Student Services Offered by ESDES Lyon Business School

Visa and Immigration Support

ESDES offers guidance through:

  • The EU, EEA, Swiss Confederation, Monaco, and Andorra citizens to get a valid ID or passport
  • The OFII procedure is done to verify the student’s visa in France.

Accommodation Assistance

Features of this service include:

  • A housing desk to provide guidance for the appropriate housing search
  • The Mont State Residence program in partnership with private residences to provide quality accommodation
  • Instructions on how to apply for residence

Health Cover

ESDES provides guidance on health coverage:

  • French Social Security health that is applicable for the students below 28years of age.
  • Provide suggestions to its students to buy private travel and health insurance.

Student Life at ESDES Lyon Business School

A Supportive Community

The International Students Club (ISC) is a club that connects international students with the local student where new students are welcomed. This is a volunteer-based group:

Helps to solve any banking, transportation, and the language related barriers

Organizes cultural events, social meet ups, and encourage students for the tours know activities to integrate into French student life.

Student Associations

A whole lot of different student associations are available for the students to learn and join ESDES platforms that offers multiples chance to:

  • Involve in different areas of interest by joining associations like UAE, BDE Meduza, and ESDES Ambassadors.
  • Contact and connect with the classmates and improve their school life.

Cultural Activities

ESDES offers numerous cultural activities that avail its students to:

Join cooking classes and have dinner with French families or go to the medieval villages.

Visit to the Global Village, ski weeks, or a chocolate factory.

Connect & Learn

Buddy Program is offered to help and support students in improving connection or friendship, and communication.

ESDES Lyon Business School Rankings

ESDES, ranked among the top 40 French business schools offering satisfaction and academic education quality.

In 2022 ChooseMyCompany has ranked ESDES as the 4th best school with 85% confidence rate and the 82% recommendation rate.

The Financial Times Ranking holds ESDES as one of its top universities in finance by placing it on the 81st position.

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