EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence

EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence

EPITA is a top-tier private educational institution based in France, Offering a diverse suite of programs from computer science, artificial intelligence, to cybersecurity, EPITA equips students with essential skills for the digital era. Its extensive network includes student exchange programs, double degrees, and summer schools. Its state-of-the-art campus in Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre, a facility loaded with amenities and fully accessible to people with disabilities.

As part of the IONIS Education Group, studying at EPITA means being in Paris – one of the best study destinations globally, situated in the strongest economy and largest employment area in France. The faculty at EPITA come from diverse backgrounds and industries, ensuring a well-rounded education for students.

EPITA also offers a range of extracurricular activities to enhance the learning experience from hackathons and coding competitions to clubs and organizations focused on various aspects of technology, students have ample opportunities to explore their interests and develop new skills outside of the classroom.

Founded Year: 1984
Institution Type: Private

14-16 Rue Voltaire, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Study at EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence?

EPITA in the part of IONIS Education Group, the primary private education alliance comprising more than a hundred schools and 30,00 students. EPITA aims to enhance student success by inspiring their intelligence, imagination together with vigour. The institution was founded in 1984 and has been a leader since then providing project based teaching as well as corporate internship.

Unique Teaching Approaches and Infrastructure Facilities

  • Its renowned “pool” concept is now a benchmark in IT training.
  • EPITA has a phenomenal infrastructure and technical support given by the assistants who bridges gap with students.

Diverse and International

  • There are over 60 different nationalities present on the campuses every day creating a powerful international outlook and multiculturalism.
  • EPITA encourages students to explore the globe via its expansive network of academic partners spanning five continents.

Quality of Education

  • The reputation of EPITA is built upon the quality of the Computer Science engineering programs that it offers, the high standards that it adheres to, and the amazing knowledge that its graduates exhibit in all the domains of Software Engineering.
  • In addition to the CTI-certified engineering diploma, it provides customization in education courses to satisfy the demands of different markets, regardless of the level of your degree of your professional environment.

Core Values and Objectives

  • The institution intends to establish an environment that is conducive to individual and group development and free from any form of inequity and judgment.
  • It endeavors to minimize its environmental footprint, and promotes ecological transition and the war on global warming.
  • EPITA values its reputation as an organization which instills in students important qualities such as ethics, trust, and transparency in all its facets.

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EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence Accreditations

Being a prestigious body EPITA offers certified courses of initial training for students and apprentices also continuous professional training courses. It is recognized at the state level and a diploma is certified by the French Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation, what assure the quality of provided education.

  • Engineering Master’s Degree Certification: Various Masters available in EPITA including the Engineering Master’s Degree have been recognized and approved by CTI (Commission des titres d’ingénieur) since 2007. The most recent time this certification was renewed was in 2019, meaning that program met high-quality standards and credibility justifying the 5-year max term.
  • Label EUR-ACE Certification: An additional strength that makes EPITA capable to deliver the Engineering Master’s Degree, as well as other Masters, is its possession of the Label EUR-ACE certification. This certification was renewed in 2019 for the next 5 years and it brings EPITA’s qualifications in line with the European standards of engineering education.
  • Certification RNCP: The title of diploma Expert in Computer Engineering is certified by the French national register of professional certifications RNCP – nomenclature level 1 and level 2 as a European level 7 since 1996. It, thus, reflects that the program is challenging and covers a large vista of courses, equivalent to Baccalaureate + 5 yrs. The certification was recently renewed in 2018 which holds a validity year of up to 5 years.
  • Label BADGE from CGE: The CGE labeled EPITA as delivering the professionally certified training program. This label denotes the higher diploma and confirms the provision of the skills through a synthesis of the theoretical basis with the practical one.

Scholarships offered by EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence

The international master scholarship for excellence program is a great chance for students that got admission into the EPITA international master program. This scholarship offers three merit-based stipends: The 1st place, the 2nd place, and the 3rd prize amount to €3,000, €2,000, and €1,000 correspondingly.

EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence

Alternatives and Variety of Career Routes

EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence is known for the top-notch education in computer science offering various career opportunities for its graduates. These cover a broad spectrum of jobs based on their aspirations enabling its learners to follow one of the job roles with pure technical thinking and varying career goals and the market requirements.

Instant Jobs after the Completion of the Studies

EPITA provides its excellent career opportunities for its graduates with a great responsibility to support its graduates toward the workplace with no difficulties. The job placement rates for the EPITA graduates are more than 95% within three months, 90% of the graduates find employment, and 76% sign contracts.

Broad Ranges of Engineering Jobs

Careers in computer science ranges from different sectors but EPITA graduates are capable of navigating to create a visual of the full spectrum of available professions.

EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science along with diploma serves as the boundary between the student and a promising career in the chosen area.

Student Services offered by EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence

EPITA takes good care of the students by providing them with all the necessary support they need to remain healthy throughout their academic period and help them succeed as the most competent professional.

Housing: EPITA supports realizing suitable accommodation offering the right living environment for students. This encompasses assistance in housing search, and lease agreement management.

Career Services: EPITA’s career services team is committed to work closely with the learners offering them resume writing training sessions, internships, and job placements to enable them to launch their careers well.

Healthcare: Health insurance is available at EPITA even for international students, and there is a health centre available on campus where students are given basic medical services and referred to a specialist if necessary.

Mental Health Services: EPITA values mental health and provides counselling sessions as well as support services meant to take care of any issues affecting a student’s mental well-being.

Student Clubs and Activities: With the wide of variety student clubs and other activities, which are designed to meet students’ special needs, EPITA allows students to meet each other or to make new connections, be socially active and learn fresh skills.

Sports Facilities: EPITA offers a very well-equipped sports centre complete with sports halls, swimming pool, and tennis courts amongst other things in order to provide healthy activities for students.

Student Life at EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence

EPITA student engagement goes beyond the walls of traditional academia, bringing together cultural exposure with academic challenges massaged for professional development. Clubs and organizations that reflect student’s interests from technological innovations to language study, entrepreneurial ventures through community service are encouraged. These additional non-technical extracurricular skills compliment their technical skillset and develop these valuable life lessons such as teamwork, leadership, etc.

Seven Campuses Nationwide: EPITA has a multi campus network across France which is in both French and English.

Partnership with Forest Hill: The students studying at EPITA have the partnership with a Sports complex in Forest Hill there by involving on various sports.

Aqua Boulevard Access: The campus’s connection offers student’s access to Aqua Boulevard, the unique water-based amusement park in Europe.

Life in Paris: The city is renowned for having a high standard of lifestyle and the education that does provide unmatched academic environment.

Besides the curriculum, EPITA students are active members of the organizations where they can learn about responsibility, creativity, and mutual respect.

AEDD: A group towards the maintenance, education and action over environmental degradation.

Antre: EPITA offer perfect opportunity for the students who love role-playing games by offering many different themed games and events.

Cycom: This group aims to encourage e-sports, organization of tournaments on a regular basis.

Combining Fun and Learning

Ep’ink: A club with the theme of a tattoo and body art.

Epi’delices: A Gastronomic Association to satisfy food lovers.

Omega One: The Cine-Club offers the combination of education and entertainment as it nourishes the thirst for cinema.

EPITA Engineering School in Computer Intelligence Rankings

EPITA has distinguished itself with impressive placements in various rankings:

Le Figaro’s Entrepreneurship Ranking: From the results of the LinkedIn profile, EPITA ranked number 4 among Engineering schools in the Paris.

Le Figaro Etudiant’s IT Engineering Schools Ranking: EPITA reached 6th position by offering tremendous job placement for the students.

L’Etudiant’s Ranking: EPITA, stood 2nd among the top private schools by recruiting highly qualified post-baccalaureates and post-preparatory students matching in highest graduate salaries by Efrei and ISEP.

L’Usine Nouvelle’s Ranking: EPITA got 2nd position by teaching 40% of its course by the business experts.

Recognition by Challenges Magazine

According to Challenges Magazine EPITA has ranked one of the top 10 engineering schools in the country with the 3-stars.

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