Ecole d'ingenieurs du Cesi

Ecole D'Ingenieurs du Cesi

Ecole d’Ingenieurs du Cesi offers excellent engineering education aiming to serve as a stepping stone to the top of engineering students.

Founded Year: 1958
Institution Type: Private

93 BD DE LA SEINE. 92000

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Courses Offered

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Why choose Ecole D'Ingenieurs du Cesi

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

CESI addresses cultural diversity and equality irrespective of the student’s identity. The school establishes the welcoming space for disable students with the mission to integrate and offer inclusive atmosphere.

Innovative Learning Environment

Ecole D’Ingenieurs du Cesi is an academic institution that provides traditional classroom learning while setting the multimedia meeting rooms. This provides the diverse furniture and digital resources facilitating collaboration between professionals and students.

Ecole D’Ingenieurs du Cesi is offers the road map to engineering professionals with innovation and warm community support.

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Ecole D'Ingenieurs du Cesi Accreditations

Being internationally famous and accredited, Ecole D’Ingenieurs du Cesi (CESI) is a recognized engineering education.

Quality and Assurance: The essence of CESI

CESI is recognized by the CTI representing the Engineering Accreditation Board certifying the quality educational engineering programs.

Ecole D'Ingenieurs du Cesi Scholarships

Being a charter signatory of Erasmus+, Ecole D’Ingenieurs du Cesi offers multiple opportunities of scholarships to broaden the students horizons by contributing to overcome the barrier of international community.

Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarships

CESI scholarships are granted for student’s mobility under program-specific parameters.


CESI Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is for excellent non-EU international students selected by the national jury committee determined by their academic performance.


Excellence-Major Scholarships

This scholarship is granted by the French government to international school graduates to attract them to enroll in the school.

Eiffel Scholarship

Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs facilitates this scholarship in collaboration with French higher education institutions.

Ecole D’Ingenieurs du Cesi provides various scholarships to provide social help from European Union countries.

Ecole D'Ingenieurs du Cesi Placements

Major Advantages of International Study

  • Enhancement of intercultural, language, technical and professional skills
  • Educating, self-awareness, and increasing independence and flexibility while providing supportive framework.

International Mobility

Work-studies programs in the industrial engineering, civil engineering, construction, and embedded system offers real-world experience while building a strong foundation for future careers.

Dual Degree Opportunities

Students can enrich their academic portfolios by taking advantage of a dual course offering double degree with the world’s most renowned institutions.

Secure Own Placements

Although schools annually provide the internship opportunities to the students, it encourages its students to find placements on their own.

Student Services Offered by Ecole D'Ingenieurs du Cesi

Ecole d’ingenieurs du Cesi offers superior and holistic students’ experience while providing training and support staff to know the principles and concepts. This provides a wide range of programs to its international students’ success and adapt to the new place.

A Comprehensive Support System: ‘CESI For Me,’ is an institutional program providing worldwide support by offering multilevel services like psychological, administrative, legal, social, financial and professional aid to the students.

Cultural and Language Integration: Healthcare professionals offer health insurance to the students while covering the cost of preventive services, primary care, medical prescriptions, chronic condition management, and mental health services.

Peer Support: CESI builds buddy system to provide basic contact among the students.

Accessibility and Support: Disability services

CESI facilities access for disabled people offering specialized achievement of the students.

Student Life at Ecole d'ingenieurs du Cesi

Ecole D’Ingenieurs du Cesi plays an important role in an active community by contributing various activities in all semesters.

CESI Community Life

BDE (Students’ Union) and BDS (Students’ Sports Association) builds better CESI life by organizing social events while providing activities in the groups, and interact with peers.

Students are encouraged to attend extracurricular activities like gaming, car racing or handball.

Through CESI, all students are facilitated with social change, gender equality, sustainable development, and cultural diversity.

Erasmus Days

The Erasmus+ day is celebrated in October to welcome international students to share insights with the CESI community.

Ecole D'Ingenieurs du Cesi Rankings

According to the latest rankings by L’Etudiant, CESI Graduate School of Engineering has achieved its best performance by raising its position to the 54th position from 72nd position in the last year.

Ranking Categories for Ecole D’Ingenieurs du Cesi

Ranked in the 4th place in ‘Reaching to new audiences’

Stood at the 25th position of ‘Proximity to business’

Ranks at 109th place in the ‘Free access to the environment.’

According to ‘U.S. News & WOrld Report’, the school ranks at the 136th position in “Academic excellence” category.

CESI stands 1st for “Students on work-study programs” while integrating students into the real job environment.

“Share of students admitted via alternative admissions” CESI ranks 2nd in the diverse admissions.

CESI ranks 4th in the BAC Diploma for High school students, STI2D and vocational BTS, DUT University Diploma.

CESI holds 4th place in the “Number of alumni on LinkedIn”.

CESI takes 1st position in the work-study programs and employment

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