Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business

In the beautiful city of Dijon in France, Burgundy School of Business BSB is a prestigious institution that delivers prime education and professional development to students all over Europe. Founded in 1899, BSB has a rich tradition of academic achievement and dedication to the personal development of future leaders. BSB merges tradition with innovation as it takes pride in its modern infrastructure, the highly qualified faculty members and industry-driven programs.

At BSB, there is an assortment of programs available for students with different scholastic and career goals. The school also provides undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate programs in business administration, international businesses, marketing finance entrepreneurship among other areas. In the emphasis on experiential learning, students acquire beneficial skills through internships and case studies or real-world projects preparing them for tackling challenges that will be presented in their professional careers. Further, BSB keeps tight relations to the business sector that can offer students highlights from well-known industry practitioners and practical practices relevant for their further employment.

Founded Year: 1899
Institution Type: Private

29 Rue Sambin, 21000 Dijon, France


Courses Offered

Why Study at Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business is a famous school that provides high-quality education in business and management. The various programs under the school are aimed at preparing students for success in corporate life by providing them with relevant skills and knowledge. Students are connected to real-life business problems through case studies, internships, and industry projects thanks to a high emphasis on practical learning.

This hands on approach makes students ready for the dynamic and changing business environment that awaits them post-graduation. Burgundy School of Business faculty is composed of professionals and experts in the industry who have a vast knowledge base that they bring to class. They not only educate but also mentor and counsel students, sharing useful tips and advice based on their own life experiences. Moreover, the school has strong alumni network, partnerships with industries and guest lecturers that ensures constant exposure to students on developments in trends within the industry. This, in turn, enables them to stay ahead of the curve and increases their overall learning experience.

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Burgundy School of Business Accreditations

Burgundy School of Business has several prestigious accreditations that confirm the level at which this school is dedicated to delivering quality education and preparing students for successful business careers. One of the most recognized accreditations is by AACSB or Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This recognition indicates that the school corresponds to high-quality academic skills and constantly strives at improving their programs’ quality.

Burgundy School of Business is also accredited by the European Quality Improvement System EQUIS. EQUIS is a worldwide applied measurement standard for business schools, and its authorization signifies that the school has international orientation, superior teaching and researches as well as corporate involvement. Through this accreditation, Burgundy School of Business demonstrates its commitment to delivering a global and relevant education to all students.

In addition to these accreditations Burgundy School of Business is also a member these associations improve the school’s reputation and allow it to engage in a circle of top business schools, promoting interaction and sharing best practices.

The number of accreditations, memberships and affiliations that Burgundy School of Business has given the institution an image as a reliable school dedicated to providing quality education for their students. These guarantee that students are getting a valued education by employers and those in the industry.

Scholarships Offered by Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business attaches great importance to the academic development and provides its students with an opportunity to further their study without anxiety about financial troubles. In this respect, the school offers various types of scholarships to deserving as well as talented youngsters so that they can develop their academic career.

Burgundy School of Business offers scholarships to different student groups and in various areas. One scholarship that can reward bright students with excellent academic performances is a Merit Scholarship. For this scholarship, it is more than just recognizing the hard work and determination of students but also providing financial support so that they can go to school.

The Diversity Scholarship aims to promote diversity and equality by assisting students irrespective of their backgrounds. That is, this scholarship helps in making the environment of learning enriched and diverse so that students feel global orientation. Other scholarships are the Need-based Scholarship that offers financial assistance for students managing to prove genuine need and the Leadership scholarship which comes along with supporting highly-promoted leaders.

BSB offers over 60 scholarships from 25% to 50% reduction on the 1st year of studies for talented international students.

In order to guarantee a fair allocation, scholarships will be assigned based on the merit and the geographic area whereas the candidate has obtained the last degree.


All students admitted to BSB will be considered eligible for a scholarship.
There is no further process for competing for a scholarship.

The BSB Scholarships will be awarded by the Expert Committee to the most talented students admitted to BSB programs.

  • February 15 th, 2021
    60% of the scholarships will be assigned to international students who applied by February 15 th, 2021
  • March 30 th, 2021
    40% of the scholarships will be assigned to international students who applied by March 30 th, 2021
  • July 1 st , 2021
    The remaining scholarships, if any, will be distributed by the last application deadline which is on July 1 st , 2021

Burgundy School of Business Placements

The Burgundy School of Business boasts a strong placement program for its students, which enables them to start building their professional careers on stable ground. They have developed great connections with leading firms in all kinds of industries, both locally and internationally so that its graduates can get many jobs opportunities open to them.

These partnerships are continuously cultivated and nurtured that students become accessible to a huge set of possible employers.

Placement Office of the school plays a significant role in assisting students with their career development. They provide personal recommendations and help to students, helping them find job opportunities that align with their interests as well as goals. The Placement Office also organizes recruitment events and job fairs where students are able directly to interact with recruiting personnel.

Student Services Offered by Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business student service focuses on building a comprehensive support structure for students while they are in school. One of the unique services offered is academic advising where students can be assisted in terms of course selection, scheduling and dealing with any issues they may encounter throughout their studies.

Advertisers of Burgundy School of Business are likely to be advertisement professionals who also know this program very well and their suggestion can help in guiding students on what course they should take that would benefit them better.

Career services are also provided by the Burgundy School of Business alongside academic advising. The career services team members assist students consider various careers, refine their job seeking strategies and improve professional skills. They organize different activities including job fairs, networking and workshops through which students can connect with prospective employers to increase chances of getting jobs. The career services team at Burgundy School of Business, with their industry knowledge and connections assist students to reach the goals they set out for themselves.

Student Life at Burgundy School of Business

Student life at Burgundy School of Business is exciting and offers plenty of opportunities for growth on a personal as well as professional level. The campus is equipped with a variety of facilities and services to meet the various demands of its students. From state-of-the art classrooms and libraries to modern sports facilities and recreation centers, the school makes sure that students can find everything they need for their studies.

Furthermore, the school arranges different co-curricular activities and events thus building up a community spirit among students thereby helping them in honing their social skills.

These include clubs and societies that focus on different interest, including entrepreneurship marketing finance among others. Students can participate in these clubs to not only follow their interests, but also connect with other fans and representatives of the industry. Furthermore, the school regularly invites guest speakers to share valuable information and career advice from different fields. As an academic institution with such a dynamic and spirited student life, Burgundy School of Business creates surroundings in which students can achieve their educational potential to the fullest.

Burgundy School of Business Rankings

Top 15 of the Grandes Écoles Management degrees in France
Rising 5 places in 7 years in the SIGEM rankings (2019)
Top 3 of the Grandes Écoles where students are the happiest (Happy at School ranking 2020)

Burgundy School of Business Statistics

An international alumni network of 17,000+ professionals

BSB’s global network of 200 partner institutions enables you to explore the world and further enhance your international experience.

BSB has 12 programmes which are fully taught in English and 39% of our professors are international. Every year we organise the Weeks of Excellence, during which 40 prestigious speakers come to give more than 50 course modules. These speakers represent renowned international universities such as:

  • Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (USA);
  • University of North Texas (USA);
  • Brock University (Canada);
  • Curtin University of Technology (Australia);
  • University of Stellenbosch Business School (South Africa).
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