Université de Franche-Comté - Besançon

Universite de Franche Comte

Universite de Franche Comte – Besancon was founded in 1287 and the University of Franche-Comte was later established in 1423 which is persistent in providing its quality education.

Located in the heart of France city it marks its intellectual and progressive stand. It is one of the oldest universities which is enriching with change in the people’s mind and their living sense.

Founded Year: 1423
Institution Type: Public

1 Rue Claude Goudimel, 25000 Besançon, France

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Courses Offered

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Why Choose Universite de Franche Comte - Besancon

Impressive Courses and Products

Courses at the Universite de Franche Comte have been changing with time and are in line with its disciplines in science as well as discoveries. There are numerous faculties that are from sciences, arts and theological to offer every single student to learn and do that he or she desires.

Committed to Women and Minority Status

The University of Franche-Comte takes commendable steps to promote equality and diversity:

  • Features success stories of women scientists through videos or interviews.
  • Engages its students with the common interaction with the university researchers.
  • “100 Women and Thousands More” initiative engages women in traditionally male-only occupations.
  • The”GenreS” exposition look over the matters related to genders.
  • “50 Portraits for Diversity” focuses on diversity and gender neutrality in professions.

The Role of Future Development

The university’s training and student life monitors and eva

The university systematically monitors and evaluates each student by enhancing their knowledge about the student’s future. This also helps them to target specific programs and services which fit the context of students’ courses and their employment rate.

Take first step towards your Study Abroad Journey

Universite de Franche Comte - Besancon Scholarships

To cater to the dedicated students, the Universite de Franche Comte offers several scholarship programs and sponsors their academic tours to gear them through their desire to study master’s degree programs in the international and Latin American.

Victor-Hugo Scholarships

The Victor-Hugo scholarships target the outstanding students of Latin America who study at a partner university of the Universite de Franche Comte which is eligible for their master’s scholarship.

Foster Academic Exchanges

To specific programs are to maintain and enhance the relationship with institution in Latin America and the Caribbean by getting financial support from Grand Besancon Metropole.

Eiffel Scholarship Program

For international students interested to study their academics in the Université de Franche-Comté to obtain a Master’s degree, this comes in handy with the

Eiffel scholarship is offered from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs aiming at promote the excellence among the students in France in fields of science and knowledge and technological, human and social sciences.

These scholarships finance for the diploma students training at master’s level for 12 to 36 months and offer numerous benefits including:

  • Monthly allowance of €1,181
  • Round-trip transport to France
  • Social protection and complementary health insurance of Campus France
  • Cultural activities

Universite de Franche Comte - Besancon Placements

Universite de Franche Comte offers an invaluable experience of education for international students with over 2600 international students and 3500 staff.

Considering International Students’ Needs

The university has International relations representatives in each of the university’s department have to provide extensive assistance to the easy transition of its international students. They also assist the students with their mobility and support them in various administrative processes.

Special Activities for Exchange Students

The university has Department of European, International, and Francophonie Relations (DREIF) to provide relevant information and assistance to the exchange students.

Also they offer well-organized welcoming ceremonies for international exchange students.

Individual Mobility Students

The university also supports individual mobility students through many different guidelines to offer systematic handling of the student.

Full Range Assistance for Doctoral Candidates

To support doctoral student’s professionals from foreign countries the university offers comprehensive handbooks to enhance their experience.

Financial Assistance for Movement within France

Many scholarship programs are available on Campus France and provide a list of scholarships to help the students financially.

Learning French

At this university, international students learn French language skills which can assist through the academic process.

Vibrant Student Life

International Student Association at Universite de Franche-Comte hosts student-oriented meeting, for example, ‘the Night of Students of the World’ (NEM).

Universite de Franche-Comte offers excellent academics support with an exemplary placement serviceto help them achieve their goals and become productive member of society.

Reduced Registration Fees for Non-EU Students

The Universite de Franche-Comte has a policy on registration fees where the non-EU students are eligible to opt for a partial remission regardless of their income. This ensures that the students pursue their education at the reduced costs.

Student Services Offered by Universite de Franche Comte - Besancon

Among many French Universities, Universite de Franche Comte in Besancon provides numerous services to help its students to meet their social as well as academic needs. In academic support services the university serves as a one-stop center resource to support in students academics and health.

Inviting and Helpful Student Residences

Students can access to the MDE of the Universite de Franche-Comte an access point to assist them with the relevant information needed for the student housing. The reception agent trains students for the professional supply information in categories such as financial, health, social, cultural, sports, and free time for the students. These innclude the features of the Student House like:

The project and cooperation supports the development of projects in the Student Life Office and manage the association.

Orientation-Internship-Employment Service team assists its students in vocations and placements. It also facilitates with the Montbeliard Student House- MeMO which provides comfort with a sofa, TV, and games, which are all perfect for a nice conversation.


University libraries form a network of 10 ULs that operates according to the Common Documentation Service concept:

Provide access to the digital resources like databases, e-books, and journals along with the special websites.

Health Services for Student Welfare

Universite de Franche-Comte’s SSE is a team of experienced doctors’ who service students for like nurses, dieticians, and psychologists in consultation services. This also provides update on vaccination, diet, and contraceptions.

Educational Resources for Students with Disabilities

The university also focuses on ensuring that students with disability are supported with the disability network. The university’s disability representative talks with the student about the study plan for the semester/academic year.

Student Life at Universite de Franche Comte - Besancon

Workorama: Sustainable Environments That Enhance Group Study

The Workorama is an arrangement of the university that offers work spaces with the present formal and flexible chance to deal with the projects of students. These also include:

The Student House, HUS a hall for various events, and access to technological and other support services.

The Stendhal Residence which has an open work space for 24 hours a day, with Wi-Fi connectivity and digital tools and games at the leisure.

The Lumiere University Restaurant is a place dedicated to receiving groups and a buffet/catering service along with a welcoming space.

Student Associations: Developing Diversified Concerns

Artistic and Cultural Workshops

For art lovers the university offers scenic art, visual and graphic art classes, writings and many others dedicated to learn something new or develop in a special inspiring context.

Sports and Physical Activities

The university offers the sports activities that involve sporting competitions and participation of the students to keep them fit. Through this Universite de Franche-Comte – Besançon helps its students to set higher goals for the young talents and hardworking students.

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