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Ardent Overseas Education Consultants in Vijayawada is a start-up focussed to help you make a brilliant career in the country of your choice, along with personalized counseling, University Admission, Visa Processing & Pre-departure services. AOEC was born with a vision of becoming one of the pioneer recruiting agents for all the world-class global universities by expanding its reach across India, Srilanka, and Nepal.

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We have strong connections with prestigious institutions across the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada & Europe.

For anybody who is aspiring to Study Abroad should definitely connect with our trusted experts.

Our experts are well-versed with the pain points of students who are ambitious but lack proper guidance.

With our top-level education & experience we make the study abroad process simple, effortless, and hassle-free this makes AOEC one of the best abroad consultancy in Vijayawada.

Though there are many consultancies in Vijayawada we have been able to achieve the name of being the best consultancy in Vijayawada for MS with the reference of our students.

When any of our existing student’s friends or relatives think of studying abroad AOEC will be their first choice due to the quality of the services we have provided.

At AOEC with its six-step strategy, we make the study abroad process accessible to anybody irrespective of financial strength and academic background.

From identifying student-centric courses and universities to application processing to funding help to Visa and departure, we take care of every minuscule thing.

Not only this, We stretch our hands a little further by providing part-time job assistance to let students survive with ease in another country.

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Who we are

AOEC was started by a group of educational counselors who know the exact pressure points of students because somewhere even they have faced those hurdles.

The expert education team makes sure to show the path of guts to glory to each and every student who comes to them.

There are different teams of experts who are hard-core student-centric. Every student who comes to us is guided to pursue a degree that matches his/her academic background, interest, career goal, and financial capability.

This one-to-one education counseling is pretty much invasive as the talent of each and every student differs.

After strict student scrutiny, we advise about the top courses and universities.

AOEC has connected with top universities in the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand.

We have successfully placed more than 600+ students in the top global universities. Next, the faculty team assists the students in test preparation.

All this not only helps to simplify the study abroad process but also gives you more visibility to shape your future.

We get 20+queries every day. The pressure is always high as the team strongly believes in quality over quantity. There 15+ counselor team resolve these queries with a free one-to-one counseling session before moving things further.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Higher education helps to understand the world as it is more-off experimental learning. When compared to Indian universities, overseas universities offer more than 17,000 undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

These degrees are aimed to meet the demand of a highly specific market. A higher education degree from a top-class global university can help you fit in the society and make it better.

Global Exposure

Global Exposure

One of the many benefits of providing students with this international exposure is that it improves and broadens their horizons and allows students to discover and understand the global scenario from a different perspective.

Discover New Culture

Discover New Culture

Living in a new culture is like entering a whole new world where you are exposed to different aspects. At the same time, you will experience and learn amazing things about yourself and the world around you and it is worth it.

Practical Based Learning

Practical Based Learning

Unlike “theory-based learning”, hands-on learning requires the learner to learn and apply the theory in a real work environment. You combine theory and work experience with a strategic and reflexive process throughout your learning.

Create Global Network

Create Global Network

Explore the global perspective to develop your professional skills. There are more opportunities than ever before to create a globally impactful career by growing your professional circle and you can make it happen with ease

Personal Development

Personal Development

It is an essential element of a person’s success and happiness. It helps you to become best and sets you apart from others and also plays a crucial role in improving your communication skills.

Best Career Options

Best Career options

Employers look for aspirants who have studied abroad as they have something to offer. They chose them not only for their qualification, but the drive to try new things and the confidence to to go out and experience them.

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