ISTEC Business School

ISTEC Business School

ISTEC Paris is the notation venue for business that launches students to explore all challenges with its high standards of education, rich cultural and academic diversity and broader alumni network. The university definitely stands as the desirable universities for the students coming from the abroad.

Founded Year: 1961
Institution Type: Private

128 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France

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Courses Offered

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Reasons to Choose ISTEC Paris

World-Class Education Programs

ISTEC Paris teaches global and complex business operations in today’s world, making tough demands on modern business activities. It sets the educational framework providing practical programs to meet any critical complexity along with career services.

International Exposure

The University has an international network of around 80+ affiliated institutions over 30 countries providing outstanding global business studies for students to experience real international business operations.

Experiential Learning

ISTEC Paris focuses on learning experience that encourages the global connection in the society. By participating in such projects students develop relevant skills to become internationally literate in today’s fast changing world.

Cultural Diversity

Students come in this University from a number of countries with different cultural environment consequently constitute to the cultural learning in the process of exchange and sharing, which is the unique and exciting environment enriching this diversity.

Strong Alumni Network

Many Alumni of ISTEC found the successful career paths through the various professions over 30 countries. They still can find opportunities to find internships and job after the completion of their studies.

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ISTEC Paris Accreditations

A Proof or ISTEC Paris and its Outstanding Statements of Accreditation is a result of its quality and recognition in the Business school. Moreover, ISTEC is improving to retain its prominent number of accreditations and awards nationally as well as on the global scale.

The quality and recognition of a business school is a result from its accreditations. Moreover, ISTEC Paris is retaining and improving its prominence on domestic and global scale by means of its numerous accreditations and awards. These accreditations affirm the superior quality of the school’s education, research and entire strategy.

National Recognition: CEFDG and the State-Accredited GED Program

ISTEC Paris has a CEFDG accreditation (Commission for the Evaluation and Guarantee of Higher Education Leadership and Management) that audits and guarantees the highest level of business programs in commerce and management. The validity of the CEFDG visa is adjustable depending on the type of the program or degree.

Issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education Research, ISTEC has national diplomas.

ISTEC belongs to the CGE, a French association which is state-accredited engineering, management, and post-university school.

Global Memberships: EFMD associate AACSB

ISTEC Paris is ambitioned to expanding its global presence by starting the accreditation process by seeking accreditation with the international nonprofit organization (EFMD). The combo concentrates on getting effectively training and responsible leaders for the society as well as to develop connections across the globe.

In addition, ISTEC Paris is also involved in AACSB accreditation process which started in the same year of 2022. It is the most recent and leading accreditation agency in the business school community in the United States recognizes AACSB as the most authoritative and elite evaluating standards of management education around the world.

As ISTEC Paris is an accredited member of the well-known institutions, maintaining its top position of the elite business school, both on the national and the international level.

ISTEC Paris Scholarships

Below are some of the different scholarships and grants that ISTEC students are eligible for:

State Scholarships

Being accredited by the state, ISTEC caters its benefit from scholarship funding starting from March 23 and complete them not later than May 15, 2023.

Visale Student

Visale solution is to ease the burden of young renters who has problems meeting their housing costs.

Local government grants

ISTEC students are eligible to access the municipal, departmental, and regional funds along with their education from the local public authority.

ISTEC Paris Placements

ISTEC Paris Placements is the Gateway to a Successful Career!

ISTEC Paris distinctly provides employment assistance to students, new graduates, and even seasoned alumni to explore the fresh career paths. The Alumni Association’s career service is active, indubitable and responsive.

 Vision and Actions

The key aim of the ISTEC Paris is to increase in the number of internships, job offers or even work study possibilities from the graduates, corporations or hiring agencies, providing 3000 placements in every year.

Interested alumni can interact and hire fresh ISTEicians as their company employees from the job fair conducted by ISTEC Paris.

ISTEP is partnered with The Association for The Employment of Executives (APEC) to provide the improved services to the students and alumni’s.

Career Guidance & Support

ISTEC along with the recruitment expert Aleth Saglier help students for career growth.

Students can contact face-to-face or remotely to the Alumni Association’s career coach and book as session that can last from 1 to 1.5 hours each.

Student Services Offered by ISTEC Paris

ISTEC Paris – Revealing the Possibilities of Students via the Fine-Tuning of the Educational System

ISTEC traces its roots back from 1961(when it was built) offering education for 1500 students whilst producing over 7000 graduates in partnership with 3500 companies.

Package of School Programs Covering a Large Areas

ISTEC Paris offers a rich variety of educational programs catered to students’ diverse needs

  • Bachelor in Management: ISTEC offers a wide range of curricula in the third year providing work-study, for a semester.
  • Grande Ecole Program: It is a course with 3 semesters and subjects in Intermediate, Work and Study, and International giving students the chance of attend half year or a full year abroad.
  • MBA Programs: That comes with four distinct routes including – Initial, Work-study and Online that is offered in either English or French.


ISTEC Paris organizes regular events in partnership with the Humanism & Management.

Student Life at ISTEC Paris

Student Life at ISTEC Paris: Uniquely Encompassing and Capturing Experience

Along with dynamic social college life, ISTEC provides guaranteed top class academic achievements to the students.

An adventure on the string of lives at ISTEC

From their first year to the fifth, students at ISTEC embark unique journey of engaging with school’s association life:

Year 1: Students get to know BDA members and receive their guidance through their course work.

Year 2: Interested students can prepare presentation in BDE campaign Student campaign to get elected as a member.

Year 3: The students use the learned knowledge and take up projects that they can lead and delegate.

Year 4: Here, coaches pass their wisdom to the new students to ensure that the new generation follows the proper track.

Year 5: The last year of college aim to interact with the previous year’s students to share the information.

The Associative Commitment

With the involvement in associations at ISTEC students get personal and professional experience. Total of 300 students have learned through 25 clubs to develop their individuality.

The Variety of Associations

ISTEC is a hub of numerous groups representing culture and sports associations, with professional networks, and social reform associations. They also include Gala Association that is responsible for the big graduation ceremony where BDE also associates.

Life in Paris

Life at ISTEC Paris: Joint Experience of Leading Business Education and Parisian Culture.

ISTEC Paris is well-esteemed for its outstanding business school programs offering special experience to its students.

The most significant two advantages of studying here that differentiate it from others

Enriched Business Management Education

Primarily, the school’s excellent reputation as a leading business school remains undisturbed by offering more experience in business education for students who want to pursue a specialized education.

They aim to provide the students with a completely developed and in-depth study material to bring out the best in them which help them compete in the market.

Living in the City of Light

The second advantage of ISTEC Paris is it is located at the center of geographical characteristic experiencing its diversity in both culture and activities.

Paris is considered as a universal center leading in the artistic and the cultural field, along with the students’ development in the professional field, and in cultural enrichment.

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