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IMT atlantique has a pure mission to promote the engineer’s educational development to handle the challenges and create the world of tomorrow. It is run by the Ministry of Industry and Digital Technologies, with the infrastructure for the campus research labs.

Founded Year: 2017
Institution Type: Public

4 Rue Alfred Kastler, 44300 Nantes, France

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Courses Offered

** Fees mentioned here are approximate and are per year, Unless specified otherwise

Why choose IMT atlantique

IMT atlantique is a university of innovation and research. The school shows its uniqueness by focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • International Exposure: IMT atlantique holds around 33% of international students from more than 60 different countries with a multicultural academic environment.
  • Unique Collaborations: IMT atlantique has industry links with small to large-scale businesses. This provides hands-on experience for a direct opportunity to deal with current and cutting-edge issues in a real orientation toward work practices.
  • Diverse and Internationally Recognized Programs: This establishes the spaces where students can interact, and socialize with one another in the globally-recognized, multifaceted research laboratories. IMT atlantique offers Master’s degrees and Post-Master programs as well.

IMT atlantique, consists a faculty of 250 teachers and researchers, functioning as a leader in tech entrepreneurship and global energy transition, such as automation and digitalization.

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IMT atlantique Accreditations

IMT atlantique provides two main important evidences for its status.

Accreditation and Key Partnerships

  • Alliance Industrie du Futur: As one of the founding members of Alliance Industrie du Futur, IMT atlantique is actively working towards achieving making France a leader in Global industry.
  • German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future: IMT atlantique engages actively for the German- French Academy with the global approach.
  • EULiST: Being a member of EULiST reconfirms the IMT atlantique aim to modernize higher education in Europe in the technology and the innovation in the educational.

The present ranking and accreditations lift IMT atlantique’s educational standard to a higher level.

IMT atlantique Scholarships

IMT atlantique support International Students who are in need to financial assistance and offers scholarships. It offers numerous financial assistance opportunities for students worldwide:

Excellence Scholarships: 50% of tuition fee is waived for top applicants who are wishing to pursue MSc program at IMT Atlantique.

Tuition Fee Waiver: The students who come from the EU as double degree students or from student exchange programs may receive a full exemption from the tuition fee with a possible contribution to the participation costs.

Partial Tuition Fee Waiver: Students with EU citizenship who are studying at partner universities of IMT Atlantique are eligible for partial tuition fee waivers.

Early-bird Discount: Students interested in MSc courses can avail this discount with the early registration.

IMT atlantique Placements

When it comes to placements, IMT atlantique received 3rd place among the top 300 institutions of the world from many companies for its graduates.

With its strong teaching, research, international diversity, and financial flexibility, The Round University Ranking of 2022, ranked the IMT atlantique 124th in the world. IMT atlantique is renowned education institutions, leveraging high-skilled workforce to cultivate high-tech developers for the digital universe. There are diversified opportunities available at IMT Atlantique.

Internships: IMT atlantique gives priority to the students who like practical activities, approach of real and not imaginary projects. It inspires students to try internships programs to experience the depth of a corporate culture, and its vast open-space to start expanding their network.

Work-Study Programs: Students at IMT atlantique have opportunities to learn different skills while mixing their education with work life. It helps to take first step to get industrial-level awareness.

IMT atlantique is not only the tech industry of education but also implements an internship program together with MBA students, according to the company’s culture and values to find competent and talented professionals.

Student Services Offered by IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique is a well reputed educational institution with a range of facilities available for students which would enable them have the best environment when learning as well as developing. The institution understands the significance of a comfortable study environment since it favours learning. Hence, IMT Atlantique has created a myriad of spaces to facilitate effective learning:

Quiet Spaces: Intended for reading or doing any work which needs undisturbed concentration and focus.

Relaxation Areas: Ideal places to take a break between working hard on your assignments or lectures.

Collaborative Rooms: Most suitable for group discussions in small groups, whether in a classroom setting or through teleconferencing or video conferencing.

Discussion Zones: Discretely designed for fun conversations and productive meetings and brainstorm sessions.

Free Access Computer Zones: There is no need to bring a laptop, the computers as a resource are freely available in these zones.

Creative Spaces: These areas are suitable for nurturing as well as letting out creativity.

All these spaces are public and can be used freely, although it is possible to make a reservation so that no other group will have access to them during the agreed time. The new set of tangible, telepresence robots even enables the students to ‘go’ to other campuses.

Besides these, IMT Atlantique realizes the importance of sporting activities as a part of physical fitness that enhances mental performance, IMT Atlantique encourages sporting events in its campuses all year round. Their sporting facilities are top-notch and include:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Rugby and soccer pitches
  • Weight training and cardio-training equipment.
  • Outdoor courts and indoor courts
  • A mountain bike track
  • Small and large boats, starting with the kayak and ending with regatta sailing boats

Student Life at IMT atlantique

Campus Life

Campuses of Brest, Nantes and Rennes are available with a great diversity of life and career experiences including personal and professional development ensuring interactive learning with the relevant mix of work and play.

Extracurricular Activities

IMT atlantique holds one aspect of participation in a diverse set of extra-curricular activities through:

  • Students Union, with more than a hundred, clubs and associations in the office.
  • Lots of sports and leisurely places across the campus
  • Libraries and classrooms to study and build team learning.

A student’s journey at IMT atlantique from studying to playing sports or joining a club provides all-round experience in building the confidence to reach out the world.

IMT Atlantique Rankings

University ranking of IMT atlantique’s depends on the factors such as – research outputs, teaching standards, funding, and international presence, university ranking.

International Ranking in Academics

  • The organization is among the 500 best universities in the world (Times Higher Education 2024’s ranking it as 11th place in the 49 French schools).
  • In THE Impact 2023 indicators, IMT atlantique ranks one of the top 100 for 7 of SDGs, scoring high in terms of United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals )
  • According to Times Higher Education Young University ranking (THE YUR) IMT stands in the 60th position in the world with those institutions below 50 years old.

Further, in 2023 it stood 20th place among 81 universities all around the world.

National Academic Ranking

IMT atlantique also shines within the national academic sphere,

In 2023 Guideline of the Institutions of L’Etudiant ranked IMT in 4th position as the engineering educational institution.

Ranked 14th among 87 schools in Figaro Étudiant’s 2024

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